FitOn’s Spring Wellness Guide

We’ve rounded up what’s trending this season, including individualized fitness, booze-free beverages, and top workouts for spring.

By: Lexy Parsons

No matter if you’ve been crushing your winter workouts or stuck in a seasonal rut, spring is the perfect time to revisit your health and wellness goals. With warm weather, Vitamin D, and longer days, use the fresh energy of spring as motivation to recommit to your health!

Not sure how to get started? No worries — our 2022 spring wellness guide is here to inspire you every step of the way. From seasonal spring produce to sleep care and self-care, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’re sharing some tips on refreshing your fitness routine for the new season! 

Let’s dive in and see how this guide can help you develop your own wellness plan this spring. 

Individualized Fitness

Fitness has majorly shifted over the past few years and dare we say, for the better. The glorification of a fast-paced society filled with intense workouts, busy schedules, overstimulation, and constant connection lead to one thing: burnout. The good news is that individualized workouts are trending and it’s been a game-changer for both our mind and body. 

Rather than trying to be the best or busiest, fitness goers are adopting a healthier approach to working out — listening to their body. Think: shorter, more mindful workouts, focusing on feeling good instead of looking good, tracking health stats instead of calories burned, and making fitness a permanent part of a healthy daily routine!

Ahead, our 2022 spring wellness guide is breaking down the best ways to move as we spring forward into a new season. 

Low-Impact Workouts 

Low-impact exercises such as Pilates and yoga are here to stay in the 2022 Spring wellness season. Aside from sculpting long, lean muscles and reducing the risk for injury, low-intensity workouts like Pilates and yoga also come with another major benefit: supporting mental health. That’s right — the benefits aren’t just physical! Studies suggest yoga and Pilates can calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety

Plus, if you don’t feel like hitting a studio, you can get a booty-kicking burn from the comfort of your own home! Both require little equipment or space, making them the perfect at-home workouts for anyone looking for an effective and efficient workout routine. 

Add these low-impact FitOn workouts to your routine to benefit both your mind and body:

This flow is designed to heat up the body from head to toe. It focuses on building heat, strength, and love through every inch of your body.

Get some cardio in without overworking your joints. This low-impact cardio workout will elevate your heart rate and help you burn calories while still protecting your joints.

Recovery Treatments

Whether you’re hitting the wellness spa for a sauna sesh, stretching it out at the gym, or creating an at-home recovery-inspired oasis, prioritizing rest and restorative wellness is key.

Restorative movements and an emphasis on stretching and mobility can help speed recovery and take your fitness goals to the next level. Maybe you cool down with a 10-minute home yoga class or maybe you invest in recovery modalities like massage guns or compression boots. It’s all about finding what works best for you! 

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Spring Into Better Sleep Habits

Our beauty rest is not only sacred, but it’s essential. Sleep provides us with energy, reduces our stress levels, lowers the risk of sickness and illness, and even helps us achieve our weight loss goals. So, bring on the sleepwear, essential oils, and bedroom essentials and prepare to snooze your way into the Spring 2022 wellness season sleeping like a baby. 

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Develop An Evening Routine

Developing an evening routine can help reduce stress and switch off your brain. Here are some of our favorite rituals to incorporate! 

Journal: We like to call this a brain dump. Reflecting on your day helps to release any lingering thoughts and emotions on paper that may keep your mind wandering at night.

Power Down Devices: Steer clear of blue light devices and stimulating electronics that may increase cortisol levels and disrupt your sleep.

Skincare as Selfcare: Now is the time to pamper yourself with a simple skincare routine! Why not enhance the beauty sleep experience with the addition of your favorite anti-aging face serum?

Sip On An Evening Nightcap: Enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of a creamy golden milk latte as you sip your way to a soothing sleep. 

Evening Meditation & Stretch: Practice mindfulness with an evening stretch or meditation. Browse the FitOn before bed category for guided stretches. 

Create a Sleep Sanctuary 

Want to wake up feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day? Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Think: a tech-free zone that’s cozy, quiet, and cool in temp. And of course, be sure to include some of our favorite 2022 spring wellness sleep essentials like a slumber-supporting sleep mask, and a soothing essential oil blend.

Try A Bedtime Meditation 

How could we talk about sleep-supporting habits without including an evening meditation? Our 2022 Spring Wellness Guide wouldn’t be complete without this mind-body practice, especially before bed. Research suggests meditation increases the levels of our sleep hormone, melatonin, which can help shift our body into a parasympathetic state. This means less stress and more relaxation while setting the tone for a restful night’s sleep. 

Consider making meditation part of your everyday evening routine. Try this Cotton Candy Cloud meditation to get started. 

A beautiful visual meditation, including those cotton candy clouds you see during sunset.

365 Health & Wellness

Our 2022 wellness mentality? Long-term health! This means finding ways to incorporate healthy habits into our day-to-day lifestyle, 365 days a year. What does this look like? Embracing a healthy household and getting the whole family involved, prioritizing movement throughout the day, and taking measures to manage stress and implement self-care.

Prioritizing Wellness and Fitness At An Early Age 

If you have children, you know — little eyes are on you at all times. Children are always watching, mimicking, and learning, so why not instill healthy habits at an early age? Teaching children mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga is not only insanely cute, but it can help children and adolescents cope with modern-day stressors and develop resilience. 

As you make your way into the spring 2022 wellness season, roll out your mat, put on a FitOn meditation or yoga flow, and encourage your kids to join you!  

Cooking at Home 

Cooking at home is becoming increasingly more prevalent as more consumers become health-conscious. And aside from the benefits of a nourishing home-cooked meal, cooking at home is a great way to get children and family involved in the process! Have fun in the kitchen with these tips:

Get The Family Involved: Get the family involved by choosing different dinner themes (such as Meatless Monday Taco Tuesday, or Pizza Friday). 

Meal Prep: Meal Prep and designate a different recipe (or step in one recipe) to each family member. 

Try Something New: Choose a new ingredient or recipe every week. 

Add in Some Friendly Competition: Create healthy family cooking competitions.   

Keeping Our Spring Diet Fresh, Flavorful & Functional

Buzz-Free Beverages

We’re trading rooftop spritzers for boosted bubbly beverages that are totally alcohol-free, like Kin Euphorics. Made with a botanical blend of adaptogens and stress-supporting ingredients, sip your way to better health — both physically and mentally. And if you like to enjoy the occasional cocktail, not to worry — we’ve got you covered too! Although booze-free beverages are trending this Spring, there are healthy ways to enjoy alcohol while staying on track with your goals. It’s all about moderation and mindfulness. Here’s how!

If you ask us, 2022 spring wellness trends are all about toasting to good health. 

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Seasonal Spring Flavors

After a long winter full of nourishing foods, our 2022 spring wellness plate is going to be filled with all things light, fresh, and flavorful! 

Stop by the farmers market or hit the store and stock up on some seasonal produce. 

Here are some of our spring favorites:

Veggies: Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, collard greens, asparagus, spinach

Fruits: Apricots, strawberries, rhubarb, citrus, avocado, cherries

Herbs: Green onion, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, garlic, chives

Refresh Your Fitness Routine This Spring 

A new season means a fresh start, and there’s no better time than now to re-evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t when it comes to your fitness routine so far this year. 

This spring, consider adding something new to your routine. Try a YogaSix or Club Pilates FitOn experience, a self-defense class, work out with fitness legend Bob Harper or get fit with the D’Amelios. There’s always something new and exciting to try to make your fitness routine fun. 

And don’t forget to add plenty of variety! Browse the for you tab in the app and take a look around the various workout categories to weave variety into your fitness routine this spring. And on the beautiful spring days, consider taking your workouts outside! Grab your mat, open your app, and press play on your favorite FitOn workouts while soaking in some fresh air and vitamin D. 

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Spring Into Wellness With New Motivation

There you have it — the ultimate guide to all things trending in the 2022 spring wellness world. From seasonal workout inspiration, fresh and flavorful meal ideas, and an emphasis on mind-body wellness, head into the new season motivated to crush your goals. Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle has never been easier!