FitOn’s 2021 Spring Wellness Guide

We’ve saved you time and stress with options for family fitness, a beverage you must try, and how to adapt to Aries and Taurus season, and much more.

By: Lexy Parsons

After a long winter, we’re welcoming warm weather, sunshine, and a fresh opportunity to kickstart our wellness goals. It’s time to come out from hibernation and embrace the spring season — hello, Vitamin D, we’ve missed you! 

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of prioritizing health and wellness. So, we’re slowing it down this spring and taking care of both our mind and our body. 

Our 2021 spring wellness guide is here to help you navigate the upcoming health and wellness trends, revitalize your routine, and take self-care to the next level. This season is all about restorative wellness, family-oriented fitness, and of course, all of the self-care. Plus, with new zodiac seasons approaching, we’ve got the best hacks and workouts to channel all that fiery Aries energy and ground down with Taurus. Let’s dive in and see how this guide can help you develop your own wellness plan this season.

Restorative Fitness: Mind and Body 

Fitness has majorly shifted over the past year and dare we say, for the better. The glorification of a fast-paced society filled with intense workouts, busy schedules, overstimulation, and constant connection lead to one thing: burnout. The abrupt halt in our fitness routine (and lifestyle) served as a much-needed wake-up call, forcing many to slow down and reevaluate their lifestyle. 

Good news — as we spring forward into a new season, our 2021 spring wellness guide is keeping the attention on restorative fitness and a slow-paced mentality. Expect to see a growth in meditation, active recovery, and low-impact workouts as the 2021 spring season approaches. 

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Low-Impact Workouts 

Low-impact exercises such as Pilates and yoga are looking like the top trending 2021 spring wellness workouts. Both require little equipment or space, making them the perfect at-home workouts for anyone looking for an effective and efficient workout routine. 

The benefits aren’t just physical, either. Studies suggest yoga and Pilates can calm your mind and reduce stress.

Add these low-impact FitOn workouts to your routine to benefit both your mind and body:

This flow is designed to heat up the body from head to toe. It focuses on building heat, strength, and love through every inch of your body.

Get some cardio in without overworking your joints. This low-impact cardio workout will elevate your heart rate and help you burn calories while still protecting your joints.

Recovery Treatments

While recovery spas equipped with infrared saunas, cryotherapy treatments, and floatation tanks are on the rise, more and more people are investing in their health and creating an at-home oasis. 

Needless to say, recovery is a high priority on our 2021 spring wellness guide. At-home recovery modalities such as massage guns are becoming more popular than ever, helping to aid muscle soreness, increase lymphatic drainage, and destress — all at the same time. 

The takeaway? Restorative movements and an emphasis on stretching and mobility can help speed recovery and take your fitness goals to the next level. Make plenty of time for active recovery and rest days this spring season! 

Sleep Care As Self Care 

The only thing worse than being hangry is being sleep-deprived. Our beauty rest is not only sacred, but it’s essential. Thankfully, 2021 is looking like the year sleep will get the attention it deserves. According to Pinterest trends, expect sleep-care to be the new self-care — it looks like the world is finally waking up to the glorious benefits of extra shut-eye! 

So, bring on the sleepwear, essential oils, and bedroom essentials. You’ll find it all in our spring 2021 wellness guide. 

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Develop An Evening Routine

Developing an evening routine can help reduce stress and switch off your brain. Here are some of our favorite rituals to incorporate! 

Journal: We like to call this a brain dump. Reflecting on your day helps to release any lingering thoughts and emotions on paper that may keep your mind wandering at night.

Power Down Devices: Steer clear of blue light devices and stimulating electronics that may increase cortisol levels and disrupt your sleep.

Skincare as Selfcare: Now is the time to pamper yourself with a simple skincare routine! Why not enhance the beauty sleep experience with the addition of your favorite anti-aging face serum?

Sip On An Evening Nightcap: Enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of a creamy golden milk latte as you sip your way to a soothing sleep. 

Evening Meditation & Stretch: Practice mindfulness with an evening stretch or meditation. Browse the FitOn before bed category for guided stretches. 

Create a Sleep Sanctuary 

Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary and wake up feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day.  

If we’re talking sleep-care as self-care, we have a few 2021 spring wellness sleep essentials on our radar! Expect to see a rise in sleep masks, silk sleepwear, essential oil sleep diffuser blends, and nighttime tea. 

Try A Bedtime Meditation 

How could we talk about sleep-care as self-care without including an evening meditation? Our 2021 Spring Wellness Guide wouldn’t be complete without this mind-body practice, especially before bed. Research suggests meditation increases the levels of our sleep hormone, melatonin, which can help shift our body into a parasympathetic state. This means less stress and more relaxation while setting the tone for a restful night’s sleep. 

Consider making meditation part of your everyday evening routine. Try this Cotton Candy Cloud meditation to get started:

A beautiful visual meditation, including those cotton candy clouds you see during sunset.

Healthy at Home: Family Fitness and Wellness

After a year of WFH, parenting and schooling from home, and virtual fitness… we consider ourselves “at home” pros. With that being said, our family dynamics have definitely shifted. Now that operating from home is here to stay, 2021 spring wellness is all about embracing a healthy household and finding ways to amp up family fitness and self-care. 

Prioritizing Wellness and Fitness At An Early Age 

If you have children, you know — little eyes are on you at all times. Children are always watching, mimicking, and learning, so why not instill healthy habits at an early age? Teaching children mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga is not only insanely cute, but it can help children and adolescents cope with modern-day stressors and develop resilience. 

As you make your way into the spring 2021 wellness season, roll out your mat, put on a FitOn meditation or yoga flow, and encourage your kids to join you!  

Cooking at Home 

Cooking at home has become increasingly more prevalent during the pandemic, where American adults report having more fun in the kitchen and experimenting with new ingredients. 

At-home cooking promotes healthy eating and is a great way to get children and family involved in the process. Have fun in the kitchen with these tips from our 2021 spring wellness guide 

Get The Family Involved: Get the family involved by choosing different dinner themes (such as Meatless Monday Taco Tuesday, or Pizza Friday)

Meal Prep: Meal Prep and designate a different recipe (or step in one recipe) to each family member 

Try Something New: Choose a new ingredient or recipe every week 

Add in Some Friendly Competition: Create healthy family cooking competitions. 

Sustainable Living

As sustainable living continues to rise, Whole Foods predicts we’ll be seeing more upcycled foods in 2021 in an effort to support the environment. We’re all about reducing waste and reducing our carbon footprint, which is why homegrown foods are on our 2021 spring wellness radar. 

Companies like Lettuce Grow have developed hydroponic gardens that produce everything from full-size heads of lettuce to homegrown strawberries — all in a compact model that is equally as aesthetic as it is practical. Whether you live in a city apartment or have an outdoor space, growing your own food is an easy way to live sustainably, improve your health, and teach your children to appreciate and connect with the earth!  

Boosted Bubbly Beverage Trends 

2021 spring wellness trends are looking different than years past — but, we’re here for it. Yes — we’re trading rooftop spritzers for at-home boosted bubbly beverages like Olipop, a functional beverage brand taking over the soda industry. With 9 grams of fiber per can and plant-based prebiotics, who needs sugary sodas when you can have mouth-watering flavors like Strawberry Vanilla and Orange Squeeze? Take our word, it’s like a creamsicle in a can, only filled with botanicals, prebiotics, and minimal sugar. 

If you ask us, 2021 spring wellness trends are all about toasting to good health. 

Workouts and Wellness Hacks for Aries and Taurus Season 

Spring births two powerful zodiac seasons: Aries and Taurus. Here’s what you need to know. 

Aries Season 

The 2021 spring wellness season kicks off with fiery Aries energy starting March 20th, lasting through April 21st. After a long winter, this impulsive energy may be exactly the motivation we need to tackle our never-ending to-do-lists and accomplish our goals. Aries are feisty, quick-willed, and get the job done. 

A surefire way to increase productivity and motivation? Add a little friendly competition! After all, an Aries never loses.   

Here are some wellness hacks to channel this Aries energy:

Tackle Your To-Dos: Use this newfound motivation to tackle quick tasks you’ve been putting off, such as paying bills or responding to emails.

Plan: Create a vision board, brainstorming new goals, and planning for the future.

Challenge Yourself: The competitive nature of Aries makes this a great time to face your fears and challenge yourself. What’s holding you back? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve been afraid to try? Now is the time to act! 

Aries are all about adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding movements. According to this FitOn TikTok, Aries are ruled by Mars, which gives way to their intense, competitive nature. 

So, it’s safe to say — now is the time to channel this super-charged energy into a fat-burning HIIT workout. Focus on short workouts (because patience is not a virtue, according to Aries) but up the intensity and give it all you’ve got! 

Based on the Aries astrological sign, the best workouts for Aries season are short and sweaty, like these FitOn HIIT and kickboxing workouts. 

Get in and get it done. This is your quick cardio fix for a high energy burn that keeps your metabolism revved all day long. Using the true tabata formula, you will push hard for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second break – rinse and repeat.

Workout like a champion. Learn the fundamentals of boxing with Breann in this Cardio Kickboxing class.

EMOM stands for Every Minute On The Minute, which means you will complete two exercises before the minute is up and repeat this for five minute working blocks. EMOM protocols are a great bang for your buck. They are quick, efficient, and will torch your entire body in a short amount of time.

Taurus Season 

April 21st through May 20th gives birth to Taurus Season, the stubborn yet persistent Earth sign. Taurus signs tend to be more goal-driven and grounded in nature, making this period in your 2021 spring wellness season a great time to plan, practice mindfulness, and prioritize nourishment. A Taurus takes the seeds planted by the passionate Aries and executes a plan of action. 

 Here are some Taurus-inspired wellness hacks to try during this 2021 spring wellness season:

Nourish: Focus on eating whole foods, rich in colors and nutrients to help ground down and nourish your body.

Ground: Practice mindfulness by adopting a regular meditation or journaling practice.

Connect: Start an indoor or outdoor garden, deepening your connection with the earth. 

Set Goals: Channel the task-driven attitude of a Taurus – now is a great time to create future goals and implement steps to achieve them

Taurus season is a great time to take your 2021 spring wellness routine outdoors. With warmer weather on the horizon, this grounding sign likes to connect with nature while enjoying longer (dare we say… leisurely) workouts that tone the body without over-exerting energy.  

According to this FitOn TikTok, a Taurus wants to workout *without it actually feeling like a workout* – don’t we all, Taurus, don’t we all.

Small movements that aren’t going to leave you out of breath are ideal for this strong-willed sign – feel the burn, but still look cute while doing it — kind of vibe. 

Based on Taurus astrological sign, the best workouts for Taurus season are toning and lengthening, but of course, effective.

Here are some Taurus-inspired FitOn workouts to try.

This foundational intro workout is great for beginners. If you are looking to really master form before moving to more complex combination movements, this is a great place to start.

Tone and strengthen your lower body through balletic movement. We will utilize smaller muscle groups that will make a big impact on your lower body.

First time doing Pilates? You’ve come to the right workout. We’ll explore the foundational movements and tone your body from head to toe as you master the basics.

Spring Into Wellness With New Motivation

There you have it, the ultimate guide to all things trending in the 2021 spring wellness world. While this year may not be what you expected, you can still create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Use these tips to inspire your seasonal goals and create a season worth remembering.