Self Care

A Letter to All Moms: It’s Ok To Take Time For You

You Deserve It.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Moms are superwomen. They wear many hats (or should we say capes). From the early sleep-deprived newborn phase to the often chaotic toddler years, the years of school drop-offs and sports practices and games, and all of the in-between — moms do it all. Without pause, we often put everyone else’s needs in front of our own, and whether intentional or not, this often means that our own needs are put on the back burner. We figure that our own doctor’s appointments can wait another month, or we’re quick to cancel that hair appointment that’s been on the calendar for months because something else came up.

So, today and every day, we’re taking a moment to acknowledge all moms — we see you. After all, we were started by a mom. Juggling work, life, and wanting to find a way to fit in fitness. We get just how hard it is to take time for you. 

Here’s your reminder that it’s ok to take time for yourself. Filling your own cup (without literally reaching for that third cup of coffee) is one of the most self-preserving things you can do. And, when you take care of yourself, you can better show up as the best version of yourself for those kiddos who are lucky to call you mom. 

Gentle Reminder: Taking “Me Time” Isn’t Selfish: It’s Essential 

As moms know, it can be hard to find a moment of peace and quiet for what seems like the entire day, and we acknowledge the fact that everyone’s schedule is completely different. Only you are going to know your schedule well enough to see where some self-care activities can fit into your life, and during times you can feel relaxed enough to enjoy them! 

For some mamas, this may look like every day, while others may be in a season of life where “me time” is only happening once a week. However much time you set aside to dedicate to yourself, don’t put so much pressure on it — start small. Just start with one thing and schedule it on your least busy day this week. See how it leaves you feeling, and decide on when your next self-care activity will be. The more you get into the habit of taking time for yourself, the more you’ll see the benefits of prioritizing you and the easier it will be to make it a priority in your busy life. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to put aside time for yourself, fill your own cup, and celebrate you. 

11 Ways to Celebrate YOU Every Single Day  

#1 Find Time For Movement (Even If It’s Just 10 Minutes)


We all know how important exercise is for physical health, but it’s a huge way to support mental wellness too. Just think about the last time you pressed play on a workout or got outside for a walk. How did you feel afterward? Likely much better than before you started, proving just how powerful exercise is for our overall mood and stress. So, commit to even just 10 minutes of daily movement. Your mind and body will thank you! 

As a mama herself, we asked FitOn trainer Bree Koegel for some tips on finding time for movement as a busy mom. Here’s what she said. 

Tip #1: Try to incorporate your workout during their tummy time/playtime. This way, you can get on the floor and play with them if needed, and also, their nap time can be your chill time.

Tip #2: Get outside. Though I love a good walk around the neighborhood, sometimes your child will be content with a change in scenery. This can buy you time to get a 10 min sweat in while they explore nature. 

Tip #3: Strollers do more than just walking. They can become your barre for pulses or your uphill sled push! Think outside the box. 

Tip #4: Sometimes self care means not moving a whole lot. If at all. Sit with your child, be present in this moment. One day, you’ll remember these times longingly. 

#2 Join The FitOn Like a Mom Challenge

Speaking of exercise, want to join a fitness challenge designed specifically for busy moms? Consider joining the FitOn Like a Mom Challenge. This challenge was designed to fit into even your craziest days to give you the self-care you need to power through your never-ending to-do list, have the energy you need to keep up with your kids, and refill your cup without reaching for another cup of coffee. Work out with the moms of FitOn, and get the kiddos in on a Family Flow. 

#3 Fit In 20 Minutes of Quiet Time 

Doesn’t that sound luxurious? While quiet time may be hard to come by, think about how you can make it happen. Can you squeeze 20 minutes of me-time in after your kids go to bed to meditate, followed by reading a book while sipping on some tea? Or maybe you can find 20 minutes during nap time (if your kids still nap) to kick your feet up and chill out with a heating pad, your favorite snack, and while listening to an inspirational podcast. 

This “quiet time” doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but scheduling in this time daily will give you something to look forward to when you’re in the thick of the chaos of the day. 

#4 Prioritize Sleep


We talk a lot about sleep around here — it’s one of the pillars of wellness. When we don’t sleep, nothing works as well as it should, and as moms, we often learn how to function, running on fumes. From the phases of Motherhood where you think you’ll never sleep through the night again to the years where the kids are sleeping, but we stay up way later than we should just to catch up on things… the truth is that we don’t always get the sleep we need. 

So, whether it’s today or on a day where you’ll have time this week, think about how you can start to prioritize sleep just a bit more. If you have little ones that nap can you squeeze in a 20-minute nap yourself, even if it’s only on the weekends? Can you get to bed 30 minutes earlier? 

The more you sleep, the better you’ll feel, so don’t overlook something as simple as sleep stacking up to be one of the most powerful forms of self-care. 

#5 Treat Yourself 

As moms, we’re always gifting things to others, but when’s the last time you treated yourself to something? Gift yourself something, whether that’s a new pair of workout leggings, that clean beauty product you’ve had your eyes on, a new potted plant for your desk, or even a new book. Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for some serious inspiration! 

#6 Enjoy Your Favorite Meal 

No, you don’t have to cook it, unless cooking brings you joy, of course. But, if you would rather kick it back and order takeout, do it. Nourish yourself with your favorite meal from the restaurant of your choice and put on your favorite movie or binge-worthy TV series. 

#7 Plan Out a New Morning Routine 

Chances are, you’ve heard about the power of a morning routine, and if mornings just aren’t your thing — WE GET IT! Mornings are hard, especially for busy moms who have not only themselves to get ready for the busy day, but their kids too. 

Today, think about how much your daily life could improve if you started to set aside some time for yourself every single morning. Think about getting up one hour earlier each morning before the rest of the house is up. What would you get done? Your workout? Drinking your cup of coffee in peace while it’s actually still hot? Gratitude journaling? Making a nourishing breakfast and meditating? Look at what that morning routine could look like for a minute — looks pretty good, huh? 

Putting some time aside in the morning that’s dedicated to your own needs is a powerful way to kickstart your day, refill your cup, and allow yourself to show up as your best self for your kids!  So could you make it happen?

Maybe an hour isn’t realistic, but what about a half-hour, or even starting with just fifteen minutes where you can meditate and do a quick stretch. Think about how some me time in the morning could fit into your life and give it a try. It may be a total gamechanger. 

Here’s how FitOn CEO Lindsay Cook finds time for self-care in her morning routine. 

I fit in a FitOn workout first thing in the morning before my kids get out of bed. It is what I call “me time” and I feel dramatically better the days when I get the chance to work out. 

#8 Try Something New 

As moms, it’s easy to get too busy to try new things, but variety is the spice of life, right? Think about something you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe that’s a pottery class, a new restaurant to go to with your friends, or a new moms group you’ve wanted to join. Whatever it is, get it on your calendar!  

#9 Tell Yourself You Are Amazing

Because it’s true — you are. But today, we invite you to start adding a daily affirmation practice to your daily routine. This could be something like “I am strong,” “I am beautiful,” “I am worthy.”  Repeat what you need to hear today and if you need a little guidance, try this Daily Affirmation practice with Kenta. 

#10 Give Yourself Grace 

As moms, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves. Whether we’re stay-at-home mothers or working mothers, we put expectations on ourselves and oftentimes have this perfection mindset that causes unnecessary stress. 

Striving for perfection is exhausting, so here’s your invitation to drop any pressure you have around doing all the things and doing them all perfectly. You are doing your best, and that’s enough. Give yourself some grace today and every single day. 

#11 Find The Magic in All The Little Moments  

Lastly, don’t forget to find those moments of magic in each day. All mamas know just how true this saying is — the days are long, but the years are short — and with the business of everyday life, it can be easy to miss those moments of magic in each day. 

So stop and find the magic and the joy in those morning cuddles with your kiddos, the meals together, and the comfort you bring your child with a hug and a nighttime story at the end of a long day. There’s magic in all of those moments, so don’t underestimate the little things. You, mama, are amazing. 

Today and Every Day, We’re Celebrating YOU

To all the amazing moms out there, thank you! Take a moment to celebrate yourself today and do something for you! As Lindsay Cook, FitOn CEO, says — “taking care of yourself is so important to helping you take care of the others you love.” 

So, here’s your reminder that it’s ok to take time for you. You deserve it.