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9 Daily Habits That Secretly Affect Your Mood

Which habits promote good feelings, and which should we drop?

By: Emma Lunsford

Who knew tiny little habits could be the cause of your rough afternoon? Our mood affects everything, from how we interact with our co-workers, how generously we tip our server to whether we smile at a stranger on the street. Never underestimate the power of a good feeling! It’s time to get into all of the nitty-gritty habits that affect mood. 

9 Daily Habits That Affect Mood 

Awareness is key, especially when it comes to sifting through the cause of our emotions. Take note of these not-so-good habits. Pick and choose which one you want to work on, and BOOM! Watch the good moods roll on. 

#1 Waking Up And Scrolling First Thing

It’s way easier to have a great day when you have a great morning. This is why scrolling social media first thing tends to do more harm. Social media is chocked full of negativity, not to mention the slew of emotions like comparison and jealousy. Not a good way to start the day! Instead, skip checking social media until you’ve checked in on yourself.  

#2 Watching The News Before Bed

We absorb a lot of negative energy daily, and it’s not just from social media. Watching the news too often can contribute to heightened stress levels, which is why watching it before bed can roughen up your sleep. Try something a little more relaxing before bed, like a warm bath and a fun book.

#3 Drinking Caffeine Before Eating

We’ve all done it — accidentally overdone our caffeine intake to where our anxiety spikes and hands shake. Whoops! This is all the more likely when you drink caffeine before eating since it can mess with your blood sugar. Hello, bad mood! Instead, make sure to eat something full of protein, fiber, or healthy fats (almonds, yogurt, fresh fruit) to set yourself up for a better day.  

#4 Not Eating Healthy Snacks Throughout The Day (Low Blood Sugar)

One of the biggest habits that affect mood is our eating. Eating enough nutrient-dense foods regularly throughout the day also sets your blood sugar up for success. And a balanced blood sugar means a better mood. Win! Make sure you’re eating when you’re hungry and going for healthy options. Some ideas include a handful of nuts and seeds with fresh fruit, a smoothie with a scoop of protein powder, or avocado toast topped with a fried egg. 

#5 Overscheduling, Leaving Little Room For Self-Care

When we don’t take enough time for ourselves, it often creates resentment and little energy. For instance, maybe you feel completely overscheduled and overwhelmed. You feel like you’re being left behind, sucked into everyone else’s needs with little time for you. No wonder you’re in a bad mood! That’s no way to live. Schedule self-care breaks into your day, so you get as much me-time as possible. 

#6 Not Taking Enough Breaks

We tend to push through work, often working 6-8 hours straight. We think it makes us more productive, but actually, we’re way more productive the more we take care of ourselves. When you power through too often, you hike up your stress levels — often causing irritability. Make sure you’re taking breaks every 1-2 hours, giving yourself a good stretch and glass of water to refresh and check in with yourself. 

#7 Living in The Future

Some find themselves in this constant limbo: obsessing over past events or preparing for future obstacles. Constantly being in this anxiety dance causes some pretty bad moods. Stay aware of your thoughts with regular meditation and try to focus on what you can control. Mindful practices like deep breathing can work wonders for staying in the present. Give this Mindful Awareness meditation a try. 

#8 Staying Inside All Day

We’re social creatures designed to spend time outdoors. Sunlight is integral to our health. So when we’re cooped up all day staring at screens, our ability to stay in a good mood dwindles. Get in the great outdoors with a quick 15-minute walk, making an intention to get lots of sunlight. It helps to regulate your circadian rhythm for better sleep, too. Perfect!

#9 Sitting For Too Long

Our bodies are designed to move! When we sit for too long, it can impact both our physical and mental health. Get up and boost those endorphins to promote a better mood! If you haven’t joined our community yet, sign up for free and get access to unlimited free workouts for all fitness levels and all kinds of schedules! Only have 10 minutes? There’s a workout for you! With a variety of free, quick workouts, there’s a workout for even the busiest days. 

Take Your Morning Mood Seriously

There are a lot of habits that affect mood changes. But not to worry! If there’s any one hack on maintaining a positive outlook, it’s starting your morning off right. For instance, think about when you start your day rushing around, trying to get everything together in time. The rest of the day seems to be stressful, too! But, when you start off calm and relaxed, it’s way easier to keep that momentum going. So, start here, weave in the other habit tweaks you need, and do things that make you happy! Your mood will thank you.