These Energy-Boosting Tips May Work Better Than Your Morning Cup of Joe

Sorry coffee, but we may need a break.

By: Emmy Schneider-Green

Tired AF? We feel you. With the normal hustle and bustle of a busy schedule, not to mention the stressors in the world around us these days, you’re not alone if you could use all the energy-boosting tips you can get. 

If you’re like most, reaching for a cup of joe is a must for getting your day started and boosting your energy. Maybe you’re sippin’ all day long! In fact, the average American is chugging an average of 3 cups a day — and sometimes more!

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with coffee (breathe easy — we’re not telling you that you have to kick the habit altogether), loading up on caffeine can definitely come with some unwanted side effects. Think jitters, mid-day crashes, or unpleasant digestive woes. 

Luckily, loading up on coffee is totally not required when it comes to boosting those energy levels we all crave.

Hear us out — while you might swear that you need that morning coffee to function, there are plenty of easy, natural, and best of all, crazy effective energy-boosting tips to try instead of automatically reaching for the java. 

Here are just some of our faves to try anytime you need an energy boost. 

Put Down The Caffeine — These Energy-Boosting Tips Might Work Even Better!

Try them out and see for yourself!

#1 Take a Cold Shower In The AM 

We all know how soothing a hot shower or bath can be, but turn the dial to cold for a true wake up call that will boost your energy levels! Not only does a cold shower (anything below 70 degrees) invigorate you, but research suggests that cold water may also help increase metabolism, improve circulation, and may even help support the body’s immune response.  

If the idea of a freezing shower sounds like death — ease your way in by slowing adjusting the dial for less of a shock.

#2 Hydrate with Good Old H20

An 8 oz glass of plain old water is a miracle worker for improving our energy levels. Don’t believe us? The majority of us walk around dehydrated all the time, which can absolutely zap energy levels and focus.  Even mild dehydration can affect brain function, so drink up and stay hydrated before assuming you need that coffee or energy drink.

Terrible at hydration? Here are some tips to help use this as one of those energy-boosting tips that also helps support overall wellness:

  • Start the day with water to set the tone (before coffee, always!)
  • Keep a large bottle near you, so you don’t have to keep filling up
  • Set reminders in your phone to go off throughout the day
  • Make it a habit to drink water before you eat a snack or meal

#3 Do an Energizing Yoga Flow

You might think of yoga as primarily an option for calming down and centering the mind and body, but it can also be an amazing energy-boosting tip to try out! By increasing blood flow, forcing you to focus on deep breathing, and getting endorphins flowing, you’ll feel invigorated and alert. Browse the yoga category in the FitOn app to find a yoga flow that gets you energized! 

#4 Pump Some Iron

Lifting weights can also be super invigorating and can be one of those energy-boosting tips you do first thing in the morning or later in the day.

A good lifting sesh can not only make you feel like a total rockstar, but that energy can carry with you throughout the day. 

Everyone’s different, so pay attention to both your yoga and weightlifting sessions to see which is the best energy-boosting option for your body!

#5 Try Alternate Nostril Breathing

The vast majority of us go through our day, paying little to no attention to our breath. When was the last time you truly got a deep breath that made it all the way down to the bottom of our lungs? Perhaps the most overlooked and easy energy-boosting hack we can all get better at is our breathing since this controls the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our blood — essential for energy! 

Yogis and meditators have known it forever, but you don’t have to be either to breathe in a way that will invigorate your body and mind.

At any time when you’re feeling sluggish, or to start your day, try alternate nostril breathing. 

On an inhale, close down your left nostril, breathing in through your right only. On the exhale, switch, and breathe out through your left. Alternate this for a series of 10 or so breaths. 

You may even feel the difference in your energy, mental clarity, and groundedness right away!

Can’t Quit the Coffee? Give it a Healthier Makeover, At the Least!

We get it — habits are hard to break! AND not all need breaking. Feel free to try adding these energy-boosting tips in, rather thinking you have to swear off coffee forever— plus, it’s easier to focus on addition vs. what you’re subtracting, and it can be a lot more effective and less daunting when making any lifestyle change.

If you plan on keeping coffee around as part of your day (or occasionally), the following tips go a long way in making your coffee healthier. Because after all, if you’re going to do something daily, it’s always worth giving a once-over to make sure it’s boosting your health!

  • Choose organic coffee if at all possible — conventionally grown coffee beans are regularly doused in pesticides.
  • Avoid creamers with long lists of artificial sweeteners and flavors.
  • For a zero-calorie and totally natural sweetener, use stevia, in drop or powder form.
  • For a healthy boost, add in powdered cacao or even turmeric. 
  • Chill on the calorie-bomb add-ins like whipped cream or sugary syrups. That cup of coffee should be coffee with a bit of the extra stuff, not the other way around.

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Energy-Boosting Tips To The Rescue!

Dragging through your day? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Life is a lot more fun when we’re feeling alert, sharp, and ready to tackle anything. 

Take what you need from this list of energy-boosting tips, try them out, and see how your energy levels rise — no caffeine crash required!