Self Care

9 Ways to Love Your Body The Way it is Right Now

Including tips from FitOn trainer Cassey Ho.

By: Nicole Teitler

Many of us are on a journey towards betterment. We want to improve ourselves in some way, shape, or form. While bettering oneself is always an admirable goal, and one we encourage, it’s also important to love ourselves the way we are in this moment. Without a sense of self-love, attainable goals look a lot more like obstacles, something to overcome rather than achieve. And part of self-love is body love.

Your body is beautiful. Yes, the one you have right now. How do we know that? Because everybody is unique, and that is a truly beautiful thing. So, why are so many of us struggling with body love? Despite the changing media landscape that aims to empower all body types (we’ve come a long way), social media and the like is still supersaturated with unrealistic ideals. Only now, rather than being on a billboard or in a magazine, these images are directly on our phones.

We say no. No to the pressure and no to the standards. But we also say yes. Yes, to becoming the best version of ourselves and yes, a healthy lifestyle. If you’re struggling in your transition from ‘no’ to ‘yes,’ here are nine ways to love your body the way it is right now.

9 Ways to Show Your Body Some Love 

#1 Understand Your Body Is a Journey

Understand that your body is a journey, not a destination. It will constantly evolve and change with time. It’s natural. Embrace the ride.

FitOn Trainer Cassey Ho recently shared with us her tips on body love.

She said, “Whether you are looking to gain weight, lose weight, lose fat, get stronger, gain muscle, whatever your goal is, remember that there is going to be ups and downs. And that’s okay. You got to love your body in the ups as well as the downs.”

#2 Look Into a Mirror

Cassey Ho said it best, “Wherever you are today, I want you to look in the mirror and accept yourself from head to toe…… The more anger you put towards your body, the less it’s going to listen to you…. Changing that mindset will allow you to love your body on your fitness journey.”

A mirror can seem like the last place to begin body love, but it’s actually the first. Grab a full-length mirror and truly look at yourself. Embrace every freckle, every scar, every curve. It might make you uncomfortable at first, but your body is your greatest gift. It allows you to do some incredible things. Own it! Look at a mirror every day and choose to love the being looking back at you because we only get one reflection. 

#3 Create a Body Positive Mantra

As you look at yourself in the mirror, start to create a body love mantra. It can be something you’ve read or one you create for yourself. Then, repeat it to yourself daily. Use that mantra as a reminder of how beautiful and empowered you are, even on lazy days. Eventually, that mantra will shift your mindset from one of uncertainty to that of confidence.

#4 Start a Self-Care Ritual

Now that you’ve got a daily mantra, create a body love self-care ritual. Some suggestions are:

  • Put on your favorite scent
  • Wash your face every morning/night
  • Meditate or stretch
  • Make coffee, tea, or breakfast

Self-care is simply the act of preserving your own health. So, a self-care ritual is anything done on a daily basis that brings happiness to your life because when you feel good, you look good. 

#5 Restore Yourself

While a self-care ritual aims to enforce body love on a daily basis, sometimes we just need to hit that reset button when life feels overwhelming. 

Here are ideas on ways to restore yourself:

  • Go for a walk
  • Schedule regular massages or spa time
  • Read a book or journal
  • Have a conversation with friends
  • Indulge in your favorite meal

Whatever your restorative practice is, make sure it’s something for you. It’s okay to be selfish when you create these moments. Then, whenever you’re stressed or feeling down, you can turn to it and immediately boost your mood and mindset.

#6 Upgrade Your Social Media

As you hit that reset button and built up your body love, it’s time to reevaluate what’s flooding your social feed. Are you following accounts that bring joy to your life? Do the messages uplift you and make your day better? Don’t let others’ ideals or journeys get in the way of yours. Just like in-person relationships, surround your digital self with accounts that serve your happiness, not detract from it. 

#7 Choose a Go-To Exercise

In building up your body love, find those workouts that excite you! Choose the workouts that you’ll look forward to pressing play on — those workout classes that do both the mind and body good. 

#8 Set Aside a Go-To Outfit

Not feeling your best self today but still need to show up to that meeting or family function? We have all been there, and overcoming a body love slump can really ruin a day. But life doesn’t pause for bad moods. Luckily, there’s a way around that. Set aside a go-to outfit, one that makes you feel your best self. Don’t worry about how it fits or how it looks to others. Don’t even worry about how often you wear it. All that matters is that you feel like an all-star in it!

#9 Choose To Be Thankful

Finally, actively choose to be thankful for the body you have every day. When you show yourself love and appreciation, you create a new standard of what it means to look good and feel good. Be your own cheerleader by practicing self gratitude. 

Bonus Tip: Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

Create Your Body Love Community

As you follow the nine tips above, invite others to join in with you. Create a community of body love positivity, others who share the same values, and focus on betterment. When we surround ourselves with positive people, our world becomes a place of inner peace and outward appreciation.