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Simple 5-Day Guide to Detoxing From Sugar

We’re talking sugar hangovers and how to clear out the junk.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

We’re talking sugar hangovers. You know that brain fog and sluggish feeling you get after eating way too much candy? If you’re really feeling dragged down and in need of a bit of a sugar cleanse, we have you covered.

You in? Let’s get sugar detoxing. 

Five-Day Sugar Detox

Day #1: Sip on Lemon Water

On Day one of the five-day sugar detox, start with one of the easiest things you can do….sip on some lemon water! Hydrating is key to moving toxins out of your body, and when you’re stuck in a sugar coma, it’s one of the best things to do to help clear all that sugar out. All you have to do is start your day with a tall 12-ounce glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Drink that first thing, even before your morning cup of joe. The lemon will help alkalinize your body and get your body’s natural detox juices flowing. 

Heads up-our bodies detox on their own. But, sometimes we can use a little extra boost. By hydrating, and adding some lemon to your water, you can help give your body that extra push it needs to start flushing out all the sugary junk. 

Day #2: Start Your Day With a Detox Smoothie  

On day two of your five-day sugar detox, keep up with your tall glass of lemon water first thing in the AM but amp things up a bit. After you drink your morning glass of water, blend up a detox smoothie to really help flush out all the gunk. 

Blend up some berries, dark leafy greens, hemp seeds, and some collagen peptides. Use unsweetened almond or coconut milk as your base for the ultimate detox goddess smoothie. The berries will add a boost of antioxidants to help fight off inflammation, and the dark leafy greens (think kale, spinach, and collard greens) will pack in lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help move toxins out of your body (yes, please!) 

Day #3: Enjoy A Detox Salad

Next up is tossing together a detox salad. You are now on day three, so carry on with the detox tips from the previous two days. Hydrate with your lemon water in the morning, nourish your body with a detox smoothie for breakfast, and for lunch, enjoy a detox salad. 

Try tossing together some arugula, spinach, and romaine lettuce. Add some sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes, and sliced avocado. Drizzle with some olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar. Viola, you now have the perfect recipe for an alkalinizing and detox-boosting salad to help supercharge your five-day sugar detox.

Day #4: Try Cilantro 

Welcome to day four of your five-day sugar detox! After three full days of adding plenty of detox-boosting foods to your diet, you may be starting to clear some of that sugar fog. So, keep things going by adding some cilantro to your morning smoothie or detox salad. Cilantro is a detox superstar. It’s the bomb for cleansing toxins from the body. So, add a handful of fresh cilantro to one of your meals today to give your body a little more of a detox boost. 

Day #5: Move Your Body 

Yay, you have made it to the last day of the five-day sugar detox. Today, continue with your detox water, detox smoothie, salad, and adding cilantro to one of your meals. Today, add some movement into your day, as well. Physical activity is such a great way to help move toxins out of your body. And no, it’s not all about sweat. While working up a good sweat may also help you clear out some gunk, even just gentle movement like a yoga practice can be beneficial. The simple act of deep breathing has been found to help nourish our cells and promote circulation. With better circulation comes better health, and may help stimulate detox. So, even if you don’t go super hard on your workout today, strive to do some yoga or go for a brisk walk. 

You can even check out a yoga flow workout with FitOn trainer Sydney Benner or a power flow practice with Vytas to get the blood flowing and the body moving. 

Clear That Post Sugar Haze 

sugar detox

If you’re still feeling that sugar haze, it’s time for a sugar detox. For a gentle and natural way to detox your body, try this five-day sugar detox. Chances are, by day five, that sugar fog will be lifted, and your body will feel more energized.

Oh, and keep these tips in mind if you find yourself recovering from the sugar overload as well. With a little detox tune-up, it’s easy to bounce back from overdoing the sugar a little more than we may like to admit.