No Time to Eat Breakfast? Here’s Your Go-to Guide For Eating a Healthy Breakfast On The Go

Breakfast on the go doesn’t have to be boring!

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Do you feel like sitting down and enjoying a healthy breakfast is just a distant memory? For many of us, the mornings come with a mad rush. We have kids to get up, get ready and feed. We also have ourselves to get dressed and ready for work. And if we’re lucky, we have a few spare moments to brew that very important cup of coffee. So, where in the world are we supposed to find time to prep breakfast?

We’re here to let you in on five tips on making a healthy breakfast and enjoying breakfast on the go. Because here’s the thing, we know just how important proper nutrition is and how eating the right foods is an act of self-care.

So, no more excuses as to why you can’t get a quick and healthy breakfast in. We are going to show you how you can do that even on the busiest days.

5 Ways to Get a Healthy Breakfast in On the Go

#1 Preparation is Key

Prep, prep, prep. This is the key to success when it comes to having time to enjoy a healthy breakfast on the go. If you find just a half hour on the days you aren’t completely overwhelmed, and you put a little time into prepping breakfast for the week, you will thank yourself come Monday morning.

Try setting aside as much spare time as you have on a weekend day. If that doesn’t work for you, just do it whenever you have time! Prep some frozen fruits in resealable bags and toss them in the freezer. This way, you can just toss them into your blender for a quick on-the-go smoothie. Pre-measure your oats, store them in mason-style jars, and put all your items in the front of your fridge. Doing so will allow you to see exactly what you have to eat when things get blurry during that morning rush.

The more you prep, the lower your stress when it comes time to figuring out what the heck you are going to eat before the craziness of the day begins.

#2 Wake up 10-Minutes Earlier

If waking up any earlier than you already do sounds like a totally painful idea, trust us, we get it. This can be especially difficult for mommas who feel like they’re barely getting enough sleep to function. The same can be said for busy working women out there who are completely exhausted from everyday life. However, here’s the thing. Getting up and fueling your body before your day begins may be your secret weapon to more energy throughout the day. So, while you may cut your much needed sleep by 10-minutes, it may be very worthwhile.

We can’t underestimate the power of nutrition when it comes to helping us feel our best. Try setting that alarm 10-minutes earlier to feed yourself something nutritious and delish. If you need a little extra motivation to get out of bed, make sure your breakfast is extra yummy! You can enjoy a healthy breakfast and have it taste good, so try adding some raw cacao nibs to a smoothie or bowl of oatmeal, or add an extra scoop of almond butter to that piece of toast. Do what you need to do to get excited about breakfast (while being healthy of course!)

#3 Stock up on the Right Storage Containers

If you find the only way you get a solid breakfast in each day is to eat on the go, that’s totally cool and hey, it’s better than not eating anything at all. But, to make your life easier, so you aren’t dripping almond butter, or spilling your morning smoothie all over the car seat, invest in some on-the-go storage containers. Things like Mason jars, glass Tupperware, and reusable straws will all make your mornings ten times easier. And bonus points if you skip the plastic and choose glass or stainless steel! You can make your mornings easy while also cutting back on environmental waste. It’s a total win, win.

#4 Make it Work-Friendly

Still finding it hard to squeeze in a healthy breakfast between getting the kids fed, dropping them off at school, and getting yourself to work on time? We get it, and can totally relate. But, don’t make this your excuse not to take care of you and feed your body what it needs to feel your best. Instead, try taking breakfast on the go to a whole new level by packing it up and making it work-friendly. Pack a bowl of oatmeal that can be reheated or a protein shake in a stainless steel bottle that will keep cool before you enjoy it at your desk. This can be an invaluable tool on mornings where you don’t have a spare second to even think about breakfast.

#5 Make it the Night Before

Have a few minutes to spare after the kids go to bed or in between The Bachelor commercial breaks? Get that healthy breakfast prepped and ready to go the night before. Try making overnight oats, or getting your fruit and nuts all packed and ready to go. If you can make breakfast and have it ready to grab and go in the morning, you have no excuse to not eat breakfast.

The Takeaway

Don’t let the morning rush be your excuse for not eating breakfast. By taking a few minutes to prep on the days you happen to have some spare time, buying the right storage containers to chow down on the go, and packing your lunch for work (if needed) are all ways to make sure you get your breakfast in and your day started off on the right foot.