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What Meal Delivery Service is Right For You?

Including the 5 variables to consider when finding the right meal subscription kit.

By: FitOn

Let’s be honest, grocery shopping and meal prepping aren’t at the top of all of our list of things we enjoy each week. Many of us want eat healthy, but we may not have a ton of time to shop, cook, and then clean up. Luckily, there are meal subscription companies out there that simplify meal prep, and after looking at quite a few, we found a great all-around solution for FitOn members. Enter HelloFresh! We reached out to HelloFresh to bring their wildly popular meals to FitOn with an exclusive offer (keep reading to snag this offer). 

If you’re interested in simplifying your life with meal prep, we’re sharing five different variables to consider when finding the right meal subscription fit for you and why HelloFresh checks all the boxes. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Meal Kit Service

#1 Variety 

One big thing to take into consideration is variety — are there enough meal options to keep you interested? For many of us, signing up for a meal subscription is a way to streamline meal planning as well as try new foods! Eating the same old thing night after night can get boring, so choosing a meal subscription that offers a wide variety of food options with many different flavors is important. 

Better yet, if you’re looking to use a meal subscription as a way to eat a more varied diet, then look for an option that also allows you to choose your own meals each week as opposed to them already being pre-selected for you. 

#2 Cost 

Who doesn’t want to cut down on their weekly grocery bill? Luckily, not only can signing up for a meal subscription reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen each week, but it may also keep some money in your pocket. The trick is to find a meal subscription that allows you to customize your meal selections based on not only your food preferences but also how often you want to receive your box. This way, you can play around with different meal frequency options if saving money on your groceries is one of the most important factors for you. One of the biggest ways HelloFresh helps you save money is by preventing you from overshopping and wasting food!

#3 Simplicity 

If you’re looking to really simplify your weekly meal prep, a meal subscription that also offers easy-to-follow recipes may be the best option for you. Only you will know how much time you have for cooking each week, and if cooking is something you don’t necessarily enjoy, the complexity of the recipes offered will also be something to consider. 

#4 Flexibility 

Another variable to consider is flexibility. Flexibility is important, especially if you want to be able to choose when your box is delivered and select the number of meals and portions in each box. Choosing a meal subscription kit that also allows you to adjust your box to fit your dietary preference is also something to keep in mind. When it comes to flexibility, you’ll also want to take a look at the cancellation policy or if there is an option for you to pause your subscription service at any time. 

#5 Sourcing & Quality 

Lastly, the sourcing and the quality of the ingredients are two other variables to consider. If this is important to you, you’ll want to understand how the ingredients are sourced, what sourcing practices are used, and the company’s quality standards. The use of fresh seasonal produce can also be something to consider when choosing what meal delivery subscription will work best for you. 

HelloFresh Checks All The Boxes

There are lots of things to consider when selecting the meal subscription that’s going to work best for you. And, in keeping all of the above five meal delivery variables in mind, we recommend HelloFresh. This meal subscription company literally checks all the boxes. 

Looking to add variety to your diet? You can select your weekly meals from a new menu every week. Looking to cut down on your weekly grocery bill? HelloFresh offers meals that are budget-friendly. And since you only get the ingredients you need, you never waste money on overshopping or forgotten leftovers. 

When it comes to flexibility, HelloFresh offers it all. You can choose when your box is delivered, how many meals and portions are in each box, and you can adjust the box to your unique dietary preference, for example, vegetarian, health-conscious, or family meals. You can also feel confident in your meal subscription choice with HelloFresh, as you can pause your subscription service at any time or cancel without facing any hidden charges. 

If the sourcing and the quality of ingredients is something that ranks high on your must-haves when choosing a meal subscription, HelloFresh offers meals that support a healthy lifestyle while keeping quality in mind. They work with trusted, experienced, and sustainable partners to ensure that you receive high-quality, seasonal, and farm-sourced produce in each box. HelloFresh also prides itself on minimizing their carbon footprint, and their meal delivery boxes help cut back on food waste. It’s safe to say that HelloFresh is our meal kit delivery go-to. 

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