Healthy Eating

The Most Delicious Way to Add More Fruits & Vegetables to Your Diet

While saving you tons of prep and cook time.

By: Lexy Parsons

While we’d love to set aside time to whip up delicious, healthy meals in preparation for the week, life is busy. Between work, school, kids, and everything in between, it can be hard to eat healthy, let alone get our five servings of fruits and veggies per day. Honestly, making enough time for our morning coffee can even be a struggle (and that’s saying something!) But, eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming. And, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! Enter: Daily Harvest.

Unlike most meal delivery services that sneak hidden sodium and sugars into their meals, Daily Harvest is built on real fruit and veggies. Rest assured, there are no preservatives or hidden ingredients, just real wholesome foods! The ingredients are harvested at peak ripeness and frozen within 24 hours to lock in amazing flavor and unmatched nutrition. Daily Harvest chefs and nutritionists create the most nourishing, flavorful food with everything delivered to your door. You’ll always have fresh, delicious food on hand in your freezer and ready to enjoy in minutes. Forget shopping, chopping, and hours spent prepping in the kitchen.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Daily Harvest to offer you an exclusive promotion to try their mouth-watering meals (think: creamy smoothies, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, and even plant-based frozen desserts). I had a chance to try these delicious meals for myself, and let me tell you, these recipes put my home cooking to shame (mind you, I’m an incredible plant-based cook!). To show you just how simple and delicious the Daily Harvest process is, we’re walking you through, step by step. Find out how to bring ease into your week and get an inside look into our favorite meals. 

How Daily Harvest Works 

With a variety of options, stocking your freezer full of healthy food is simple. Start by choosing how many items you’d like in your first box and how often you’d like them delivered (weekly or monthly). Next, it’s time to customize! With more than 90 different drool-worthy options, there’s something for everyone (trust us). Need to modify your order? Simple. Swap out items, skip a delivery, or change your box size. Then, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for doing something good for your health, wallet, and taste buds.

Once your order arrives (in its100% compostable or recyclable product packaging and shipping materials), simply place it in the freezer until you’re ready for a meal! We told you it was easy. 

Why Daily Harvest Makes Adding More Fruits & Vegetables to Your Diet Easy


Let’s be real, convenient food isn’t always the healthiest, and healthy food isn’t always convenient. But why sacrifice one for the other when you could have both?

Every (yes, every!) Daily Harvest is built on organic fruits and veggies with convenience and taste in mind. This makes it easy to incorporate wholesome, nutritious foods into your diet without a second thought. With a freezer stacked full of nutritious meals, there’s no need to stress about fueling up for work or running home to whip up a healthy dinner. In the midst of busy schedules and dietary restrictions, Daily Harvest makes adding more fruits and veggies to your diet easy.  

Bonus: You Can Add Daily Harvest to Your Post-Workout Routine 

If I’m going to challenge my body with a strenuous FitOn workout, you better believe I’m going to reward my muscles with a delicious post-workout meal! While I try to prioritize protein in my recovery meals, it can be tricky since my diet is primarily plant-based (I rarely even use protein powder). So you can imagine my excitement when I learned Daily Harvest makes protein-rich meals based on fruit and veggies! 

That’s right — Daily Harvest may be plant-based, but there’s no shortage of protein-rich foods (think: Banana Almond Smoothie and Broccoli + Cheeze Harvest Bowl). With 15 grams of protein made from real ingredients, fueling up after a workout has never been easier (or more delicious). Simply blend, soak, or heat according to instructions. The best part? Everything takes one step to prep, meaning your post-workout recovery meal is ready to enjoy within minutes.  

What Makes Daily Harvest Different 

With so many meal delivery services, why Daily Harvest? We’ll let the benefits speak for themselves. 


You want to eat healthy but you just don’t have the time — sound about right? Well, here’s your solution. Convenient, healthy, on-the-go meals delivered straight to your door. Forget meal planning, preparation, and clean-up — all you have to do is open the freezer. Daily Harvest gives fast food a new meaning with nutritious options for all your cravings. From breakfast foods to satiating dinners, have access to nutritious meals filled with fruits and veggies wherever you go.


With 90 options across 9 different collections, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Kickstart your morning with a healthy meal, fuel up after a workout, or indulge in a late-night treat — with foods for all dietary preferences and times of the day — Daily Harvest is there for whatever you’re craving. 

Dietary Flexibility

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet, so why should there be a one-size-fits-all meal delivery service? With gluten-free, keto, and paleo options, it’s easy to customize your order based on your dietary needs. Plus, all Daily Harvest meals are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free, meaning one less factor to consider when ordering!


The Daily Harvest promise? No gums, fillers, refined sugars, preservatives, or artificial anything. Just wholesome, nutritious foods built on fruits and veggies. Daily Harvest recipes are always plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and made with 95% organic ingredients. Plus, they work directly with farmers to source and harvest foods at peak season and freeze within 24 hours — this means maximum quality, taste, and nutrition.

Our Daily Harvest Favorites 

Truthfully, we’ve yet to meet a Daily Harvest recipe we didn’t love. But here are some of our favorites!

Harvest Bowl: Gigante Bean + Savory Cabbage

Imagine a nourishing home-cooked meal that packs the flavor and nutrition, while being light yet satiating. Now imagine whipping up this meal in minutes with no grocery shopping or prep-time. Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so, too, until I tried the Gigante Bean + Savory Cabbage Harvest Bowl. Dreams do come true!! 

Whether you consider yourself a culinary pro or can’t seem to cook a meal without setting off the smoke detector, this process is fool-proof. I opted for stove-top cooking (there’s a microwavable option available too) and had a ready-to-eat meal within 5 minutes. I followed the step-by-step instructions on the back, which read: pour into a pan and cook over medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes — I didn’t even need the optional liquid! 

In just five minutes, my plate was filled with Gigante beans, savoy cabbage, spinach, Brussels sprouts, red onion, parsnip, spinach, and a mix of spices — and it had me feeling like a pro chef. Thanks to the variety of veggies, this bowl is full of calcium, a much-needed nutrient for bone health, not to mention the rich levels of potassium and iron that filled our plate. Want to bump up the protein? Easy! Toss in some chicken or tempeh for your  post-workout meal. 

Flatbread: Kale + Sweet Potato

We tried the flatbread and… WOW. Think: sweet potato toast, but better. When you’re craving comfort food, this Kale + Sweet Potato Flatbread will be your new BFF. Skip the refined carbs for a gluten-free crust made from ingredients like sweet potato, cauliflower, flax, and hemp. As a pizza-lover who can never find the perfect balance of healthy and tasty, this flatbread was everything I never knew I needed. It’s the kind of meal that makes you feel like you’re indulging, but every bite is really just a mouthful of nutrients. As a vegan, I’m always looking for ways to boost my iron and calcium. It’s safe to say I was pleasantly surprised to learn this flatbread is rich in both!  

All you have to do is toss it in the oven and let it crisp up to perfection! Every bite contains the perfect ratio of crunchy crust to crispy toppings. And, with 832 mg of potassium plus 7 grams of plant-based protein, this meal is a yummy way to refuel and replenish electrolytes after a sweaty workout. Your busy weeknights just got a lot easier and tastier. 

Scoops: Cold Brew + Roasted Espresso Bean Chip & Pistachio + Toasty Buttery Hazelnut Crunch


We were wildly impressed by Daily Harvest’s Cold Brew + Roasted Espresso Bean Chip Scoops  It has the full flavor profile of beloved dairy-filled frozen dessert  (rich, creamy, and decadent) without the chalky, artificial taste of most plant-based blends. Though, this came as no surprise, as all Daily Harvest recipes are free from artificial ingredients and sweeteners (desserts included!). 

Aside from the indulgent taste, there’s more. Thanks to the 21 mg of plant-based iron, this sweet treat contains 120% of your daily iron needs — an important nutrient for oxygen transport and energy metabolism. Plus, every bite supplies you with a mouthful of anti-inflammatory antioxidants (we’re looking at you chocolate, espresso, and Chaga mushroom). 

In case you were wondering, the other flavors like their Pistachio + Toasty Buttery Hazelnut Crunch are equally as melt-in-your-mouth delicious. So, grab your spoon and get ready to indulge. Guilt-free. 

Banana + Almond 

Stop whatever you’re doing and order this protein-packed Banana + Almond smoothie stat. I’ve had a LOT of smoothies in my day, and I think this new Daily Harvest blend is dare I say… the best I’ve ever had!! Coming from a smoothie-obsessed vegan, this is a statement. It was the perfect ratio of creamy, and decadent, without being too heavy or too sweet. And I’m pretty particular about my smoothie bowls. If I’m being honest it was so good that I actually called a friend (ok, several) to tell them why they needed to stock their freezer with this Daily Harvest blend. 

For starters, it’s filled with 15 grams of plant-based protein. And not your average scoop of vegan protein powder. No, no — the protein-rich ingredients are made from a blend of flax seeds, nuts (like almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, and sunflower seeds), and a unique almond protein blend formulated by the Daily Harvest team. This in-house blend has 15 grams of plant-based protein thanks to the flax seeds, nut butter (made only from hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, and sunflower seeds), and their very own almond protein, where the oil is pressed out of the ground almonds, leaving a higher protein content and less fat. And you’d never know by its sweet taste, but this smoothie even contains parsnips, a seasonal fall root veggie.

I have an insatiable sweet tooth so I turned this smoothie into a thick smoothie bowl. All I had to do was blend up the frozen contents of this cup with a splash of oat milk and two of Daily Harvest’s frozen Almond Mylk blends (frozen blends made from 100% almonds, vanilla, and sea salt). Highly recommend it!! But if you want to make it more of a smoothie consistency, skip the ice cubes and add a bit more liquid. Then blend it up and viola! Your one-step prep smoothie awaits.

Passion Fruit + Pineapple 

This new Passion Fruit + Pineapple Smoothie is the perfect way to savor the last sips of summer flavors while keeping immunity high (something we all need, especially as we transition into the fall season). This fruity smoothie is made with tropical fruits like pineapple, coconut, passionfruit, and soursop, a fiber-rich fruit with some serious digestive benefits. It was light, refreshing, and felt like I was taking my taste buds on a mini-vacation. Honestly, I would trade a frozen poolside cocktail for this Daily Harvest blend any day! I’d prefer to skip the hangover and sugar rush and sip my way to good health, thank you very much!

Plus, it contains one of the most potent vitamin C-rich foods (camu camu) and other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies like carrots and mango. And, it took less than a minute to whip up this blend and to mentally transport myself to paradise. All I did was head to the freezer, add a splash of oat milk to the cup, and blend up the contents into a tropical slice of heaven. 

Smoothie: Mint + Cacao

While we love a mint chip moment, we’d rather avoid the artificial sugars, and dyes that give most mint shakes their vibrant green hue. Luckily, Daily Harvest smoothies aren’t like most. 

This Mint + Cacao Smoothie is filled with potassium, iron, and vitamin D and is everything you’d want in terms of taste and ingredients. Imagine creamy banana and cashew butter combined with cool peppermint, rich cacao, and sweet notes of vanilla bean. If it wasn’t for its deep green flavor, you’d never know this smoothie is just as healthy as it is delicious. Chlorella is the nutrient-dense freshwater algae responsible for the deep green color — it contains both vitamin D and B12, two nutrients typically lacking in a plant-based diet. Support bone health, immunity, and metabolism with every delicious bite! 

Even the chocolatey bites are healthy. Instead of sugar-filled, processed chocolate, Daily Harvest packs this smoothie full of cacao nibs — antioxidant-rich compounds filled with polyphenols and flavonoids. While this shake tastes indulgent, it’s a perfectly healthy breakfast or snack packed with fruits, veggies, and superfoods. We can confirm: every single drop was enjoyed. Yes, even the blender was licked clean!

Daily Harvest: Fast Fuel Made Healthy

Daily Harvest truly gives fast fuel a new meaning with nutrient-dense options for any craving, dietary preference, or meal. No need to sacrifice quality for taste when you can have the best of both worlds. 

Take advantage of our special offer brought to you by FitOn X Daily Harvest and get up to $40 off your first box with the code FITON. Click here to get started and fuel your busy life with ease.