10 Hacks That Will Stop You From Skipping A Workout

Because exercise should be one of the most exciting parts of your day.

By: Emily Freeman

It’s hard to say which is more challenging: getting started with a workout routine or staying committed! When we’re tired, busy, stressed, and every other emotion under the sun, working out can feel like a daunting task. We know how good a sweat (or even a stretch) will make us feel – mentally and emotionally – but that mental note doesn’t always muster up our motivation to move.

With that said, it doesn’t take a miracle to become fit, even when motivation is fleeting. In fact, reaching your fitness goals rarely stems from unwavering motivation. It comes from knowing that motivation will never be constant and instead, focusing on your mindset. 

Getting fit takes a shift in the way you think — you must learn to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable. You won’t feel like working out every day (we’re human, it’s just the truth). And, while the urge to hit snooze on your workout wake up call could be a sign of burnout (and may mean you need a rest day), most of the time, it indicates a negative thought loop that’s killing the rockstar mentality you’re totally capable of adapting to be fit and healthy. 

If this sounds like a complex concept, don’t fret. We are sharing ten very specific workout hacks that will shift your mindset so you can reach your goals. 

10 Workout Hacks That Will Give You An Unstoppable Mindset 

#1 Set Small Fitness Goals 

If you really want to stay committed to your workout routine, find your ‘why’. Why do you want to work out in the first place? What are your goals? Maybe you want to get leaner or stronger. Maybe you’re looking for a way to destress or boost your mood. Maybe you just want to improve your overall health! There’s no right or wrong answer here – this is about you and your personal goals. When you get clear on your own personal goals, sticking to your fitness routine becomes that much easier.

#2 Write Out Your Workout Schedule to Meet Your Goals

Speaking of goals, start writing them down! This includes both your long-term (and short-term) fitness goals, as well as your weekly workout schedule. At the end of every week, set aside time to plan for the week ahead and schedule in your workout routine. By doing so, you’re 42% more likely to reach your goals — all because you wrote them down! Crazy, right? 

Once you’ve made your workout plan, ‘favorite’ your workout picks for the week on the FitOn app, and set workout reminders for that added motivational boost when you need it the most!

#3 Set Out Your Workout Clothes The Night Before

Plan out your workout outfit the night before – your leggings, socks, sneakers, etc. And if you’re working out at a gym or studio, prep your workout bag while you’re at it! Pack anything you’ll need, like a jacket, deodorant, hairbrush, or headband – make sure you’ve got it all. 

By having your workout outfit (and bag) all ready to go, you’re removing any obstacles that could prevent you from skipping out on your workout (like stopping at home to grab your bag… because we all know where that leads).

#4 Put on Your Workout Clothes to Get in The Right Headspace 

Have you ever heard the advice to dress for the life or career you want? The same applies to your workout! Putting on your exercise clothes helps communicate to your brain that a workout will happen. If morning workouts are your thing, put on your outfit before you even brush your teeth! If you like to sweat it out later in the day, change into your outfit before you leave work (since you’ve already prepped and packed your bag). It may sound simple, but the act of getting dressed will help put you in that “I’m going to work out” mindset. 

If you’re working from home, why not wear them all day? That way, when you wrap up your last call or task, you’re ready to get a sweat in. No changing required all while looking cute and comfortable all day long. This is what #winning looks like. 

#5 Find a Fitness Buddy (With Similar Workout Goals)

While any fitness buddy is great, finding someone who shares similar goals can help inspire and motivate your movement. If you’re both working toward a similar goal, you’ll likely benefit from similar style workouts and exercise schedules. Plus, if you’re lacking motivation, your partner will be there to remind you of your goals (and vice versa!) And, there’s always the added benefit of friendly competition! 

Want to invite your friends and family to get in on the fun? Inviting friends to FitOn is easy! By going to the friends tab in the app, you can select friends from your contacts and send them an invite.

#6 Don’t Be Afraid To Make It Short 

Remember: all movement is good movement! If you don’t have the time (or energy) for your original schedule, don’t call it quits on your workout altogether – do what you can. Maybe it’s 5 minutes or maybe it’s 20. Regardless, don’t be afraid to make your workout short. And who said short workouts were insufficient, anyways!? Clearly, they’ve never done a HIIT workout… because IYKYK. With that said, don’t underestimate the benefits of a simple walk, either. The idea here is that all movement – regardless of duration or intensity – can support your goals and help keep you consistent with your fitness routine. It all counts!

#7 Maintain a Healthy Routine Outside Of Your Workout Routine 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “the secret to success is found in your daily routine.” Well, they were on to something! Because it’s true – your daily lifestyle habits outside of your workout routine have a huge impact in keeping you motivated and consistent with your workouts. Having a balanced routine and healthy lifestyle habits with things like adequate sleep, nutrient-dense foods, and stress-management techniques is key to your success. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re properly rested, hydrated, and fueled, you’re going to perform better, recover faster, and be that much more motivated.

#8 Take Mindful Rest Days to Crush Your Workouts 

Speaking of healthy habits, your recovery process is just as important as your workouts. Taking one to two scheduled rest days per week can actually enhance your goals by preventing injury and burnout. Just as its name implies, rest days give your mind and body time to rest and recover so you can head into your next workout ready to crush your goals.

However, to stay on track, don’t completely lose sight of your goals on your off-time. Remember how we talked about healthy daily habits? Those habits are important on your rest days, too! Remember to hydrate, refuel, and get a good night’s sleep. Active recovery modalities like foam rolling, yoga, and stretching can be beneficial too! 

And if you’d rather use your day to totally relax, make it a mindful rest day! Consider what you want to accomplish and create space for visualization. 

Take five to ten minutes to get comfortable, close your eyes, and visualize yourself crushing your next workout. How do you feel before? During? After? What does your body feel like? Where are you? Do you feel euphoric? Tired but motivated? Focused? 

Deciding how your workout will go before you even do it will increase your commitment to regular exercise making this one of those workout hacks that may take your fitness game to the next level.

#9 Celebrate All Wins! (yes, even the small ones)

Think about the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back. Maybe you got a promotion at work or had an amazing first date. Remember that feeling of pride? Joy? Like you were on top of the world? Those feelings are no accident. 

Aside from exercise, celebrating (such as celebrating those small wins) releases serotonin and dopamine, our happy hormones. Aside from promoting feelings of happiness and pleasure, these hormones also increase our intrinsic motivation. Dopamine, in particular, is associated with motivation and reward – the more you release, the more motivated you feel! 

And, you don’t have to wait until you reach a major milestone to feel this motivating sense of gratification. In fact, celebrating small wins has proven to make reaching the big goals more likely

Give yourself (or a friend or partner) a high-five after pushing through an exhausting set of burpees. Buy yourself a new cute workout outfit after a week of staying on track. Or plan a celebratory healthy, home-cooked meal when you choose to work out that day instead of binge-watching your favorite series. 

#10 Practice Self-compassion and Focus on Progress Over Perfection 

No one is perfect, and your fitness journey definitely won’t be either. You’re human, after all. It’s extremely important to show yourself some self-love and compassion when things don’t go as planned. 

Many well-intentioned people mistakenly think beating themselves up will motivate them to get back on track. The opposite is actually true. Keeping your mind calm and collected through the ups and downs helps you get back on track faster. 

After all, exercise is a form of self-love, and if you don’t love yourself, you’re less likely to want to work out. Think about it! 

Make Exercise a Fun Habit!

One of the easiest ways to stick to your fitness goals is to find workouts you enjoy doing. This way, exercise becomes a celebration of its own! Getting and staying fit is a lifelong process, so it’s important to enjoy the journey.