When You’re Too Busy to Work Out, Try This

Easy expert tricks to start today.

By: Emily Freeman

It’s Sunday night, and you go to bed, grin on your face, promising yourself again that this week you will meet your workout goals. And then, you get caught in a storm of deadlines, to-do lists, errands, childcare, and/or social plans, and before you know it, it’s Thursday, and you’ve worked out… once? Maybe? Whoopsies! Well, we’ve all been there. It’s a real thing. Some days, weeks, months, we’re just too busy to work out. 

When your calendar is at its brim, there’s a few tricks of dedicated fitties (like “foodies,” but for fitness, get it?) to stay on track through the chaos. Follow these seven tips to stay healthy and fit, even when you’re too busy to work out.  

7 Expert Tips to Stay Fit When Life Gets Too Busy 

#1 Break Workouts Into Mini Sessions

Studies have shown that short bursts of exercise can be just as effective as longer sessions, so long as you build up to 30-minutes total for the day. This means that by just doing three ten-minute sessions (morning, lunch, and evening sound like a good schedule), you can stay on top of your fitness progress and reap the health benefits of exercise. Want to take it up a notch? Include HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in at least one of these sessions to amp up the calorie burn and sculpt muscles quicker. 

#2 Prepare The Night Before

That motivating visualization of fitting in exercise and feeling amazing is the first step to sticking to your goals. However, a little action is just as important to following through. The night before, set yourself up for success. Take 10 minutes to lay out your workout clothes, unlace your shoes, fill your water bottle, prep your pre and post-workout meals, and decide what exercise you’ll do the next day. 

#3 Schedule Your Workout Like a Meeting

If you have a meeting or appointment, you show up for it because you’ve blocked off the time, and you know others are holding your presence accountable. By designating certain time(s) on your calendar for exercise, you leave less room for excuses. Now, we aren’t saying something won’t come up to get in your way of your amazing intentions. If they do, move the meeting up, as you would with any other obligation. You got this!

Pro Hack: Use your FitOn app to schedule in your workouts and set workout reminders! 

#4 Reward Yourself! Mmm Yes, Gratification

Think working out is fun? (We do!) Then it’s about to get even more fun! Ensure you show up for yourself, your health, and all those affected by your mental and physical well being by setting up rewards for meeting your exercise quotas. Whether it’s your favorite healthy and yummy post-workout meal/snack, a new pair of workout pants, some more loungewear (guilty!), or a $10 oat milk latte, make it something that gets you excited and motivated to stay on track. 

#5 Wake Up Just 30-Minutes Earlier

If you really have no time to work out, waking up 30-minutes earlier and getting your sweat on first thing in the morning is your best bet. Not only are morning workouts a great, energizing way to start your day, but they’ll also free up your afternoon and evenings so you can fill them with other things that bring you joy and peace. 

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#6 Multi-Task (your meetings, phone calls, errands)

A little trick of fit people, get on your feet whenever you can. On the phone? Walk and talk. In a meeting (not on video)? Do some squats. Running errands? Always park further away and take the stairs when possible. These little moments of activity really add up and can be the difference between feeling sluggish and overwhelmed and feeling fit, energized, and on your A-game. 

#7 Be Easy On Yourself 

Life happens, and sometimes life can get too busy to work out. When this happens, show yourself some grace. One day, heck, even two, is not going to make or break your fitness progress. It’s what you do most of the time. So forgive yourself, move on, and find gratitude for being able to move the next day!

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