How FitOn Trainers Stay Motivated to Work Out

Fitness experts weigh in on their top tips.

By: FitOn

Let’s face it — workout motivation can be fleeting. We may feel super motivated and fired up as we start a new fitness routine, but it’s really that grit and discipline that will keep that motivation flowing. Good news — if you’ve been stuck in a bit of a fitness rut lately, we have some expert tips you’re going to want in on. 

We Asked FitOn Trainers How They Stay Motivated to Work Out — Here’s What They Said

Bree Koegel 

Bree Koegel relies on music for motivation, saying that if she’s stuck in rut, she will find some of her favorite tunes to help her push through! When she feels like she’s too busy to work out, she finds that motivation by just giving herself 15 minutes, no more, no less. Bree said, “It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t have a lot of time to get sweaty.” 

DeAndre Sinette 

FitOn trainer, DeAndre’s motivation, comes from using the power of exercise so he can play for the rest of his life — “ I work out so I can play.” 

When it comes to finding fitness motivation with a busy schedule, DeAndre says that “5 minutes is better than no minutes.” And that we’re all humans, so just do what you can. 

Amanda Gilbert 

Amanda Gilbert, a modern-day teacher, guide, and facilitator in meditation and mindfulness, stays motivated to meditate by remembering her intention. “When I connect to my purpose and reason for meditating, it then becomes apparent that meditating really is the only option to choose.”

Sydney Benner 

FitOn trainer Sydney Benner says that she loves the feeling of moving over not moving, which fuels her workout motivation. If she’s too busy to work out, she gives herself 10 minutes and says that “knowing I did a little something always makes my day run smoother even with limited time.” 

Kenta Seki 

When it comes to finding workout motivation, trainer Kenta Seki says that motivation is great, but he prefers to encourage discipline over motivation — “If you focus on discipline, you’re more likely to stay on track.”

Kenta gave us his three tips on getting that workout in even when you feel like you don’t have the time. 

#1 Something is better than nothing! Get in exercise even if it’s just a few minutes.

#2 Schedule your workouts in your calendar and make them a priority!

#3 Prepare any clothing or accessories you might need for your workout, so you’re ready to go and have everything with you in advance.

Caroline Pearce 

Caroline Pearce also weighed in on how to find fitness motivation, and she likes to set goals, using these to push through even when motivation is wavering.  Caroline said that “motivation is like a muscle, and as such, it has to be trained regularly.”

Here’s how FitOn trainer Caroline Pearce suggests improving motivation on a practical level: 

#1 Have your workout clothes and training shoes out and ready for the next day. Caroline also said that having new workout shoes or clothes all add a bit more pep to her step too. 

#2 Traveling with your workout clothes and any portable equipment to ensure it’s easy to grab it and move wherever you are.

#3 Exercising with friends.

Implementing These Expert Tips On Keeping That Motivation Fired Up

You’ve heard from FitOn trainers, and some common themes for finding motivation include working out to feel good, listening to music, and setting goals. And, when short on time, something is better than nothing! Just get moving and do what you can. 

Everyone finds motivation and stays disciplined in their fitness journey a bit differently. So, if you find your motivation is off lately, try one of these expert hacks! One or two of them may be exactly what you need to stay the course and keep working on those goals.