The Game-Changing Benefits of Adding Sliders to Your Workouts

Diversify and intensify your workouts!

By: FitOn

While not all workouts require equipment, having some cost-effective, and small space friendly workout accessories on hand can help you take your workouts to the next level. Among these is a simple yet effective workout accessory: the slider. At a glance, these little discs might not seem like much, but they can elevate any workout to a whole new level. Let’s explore the game-changing benefits of incorporating sliders into your fitness routine.

8 Reasons You Should Add Sliders to Your Next Workout 

#1 Versatility and Portability

Sliders are incredibly versatile. They can be used for both upper and lower body workouts, targeting various muscle groups. Plus, their compact size and lightweight design make them portable. Whether you’re on vacation, in a hotel room, or simply want to train at home, sliders can easily fit into a small bag, enabling you to keep up with your workout routine wherever you are.

#2 Increased Core Engagement

One of the primary benefits of using sliders is the enhanced activation of core muscles. Exercises such as mountain climbers or pikes on sliders require stability, thus making your core work overtime. This not only helps in building a strong core but also aids in improving posture and reducing the risk of back-related issues.

#3 Low-Impact, High-Intensity

Sliders promote smooth, gliding movements, ensuring that your workouts are low-impact. This is particularly beneficial for those with joint concerns or those recovering from certain injuries. Despite the reduced impact, slider exercises can be incredibly challenging, ensuring that you’re still getting a solid workout.

#4 Enhances Coordination and Balance

Working with sliders challenges your coordination. The constant need to balance and stabilize during exercises fosters a mind-muscle connection, which can lead to improved overall coordination and balance in everyday activities.

#5 Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

Sliders encourage a fuller range of motion in exercises. For instance, lunges or hamstring curls using sliders can help you deepen the stretch and movement. Over time, this can lead to increased flexibility and reduced risk of strains.

#6 Variability in Routine

The inclusion of sliders can break the monotony of a regular workout routine. They offer a fresh approach to traditional exercises and allow for creativity in designing workouts, making them more engaging and less repetitive.

#7 Cost-Effective

Compared to many pieces of gym equipment, sliders are relatively inexpensive. For a minimal investment, you’re adding a tool to your workout arsenal that can maximize results.

#8 Scalability

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, sliders can be integrated into your routine. The intensity of slider exercises can be scaled up or down, making them suitable for people at various fitness levels.

Take Your Workouts to The Next Level With FitOn Sliders

Ready to optimize your workouts with sliders? For just $20, FitOn Sliders make for a cost-effective and small space friendly workout accessory that can help add variety to your fitness routine. These FitOn Sliders activate and engage your core, so you can make the most of every move. Plus, the increased cushion helps to protect your muscles and joints while gliding. 

Check out how FitOn trainer Jeni DelPozo uses the FitOn Sliders in her lower body glider workout.

Make The Most of Every Move With Sliders

Sliders are an unassuming yet powerful addition to any fitness routine. Their many benefits, ranging from enhanced core strength to improved flexibility, make them a staple for those seeking a holistic workout. If you’re looking to diversify your workout, challenge yourself in new ways, or simply introduce a versatile tool into your regimen, sliders might just be the game-changer you’re looking for.