Why Resistance Bands Can Completely Transform Your Workout Routine

Little bands, big impact. Try it out!

By: Rebecca Jacobs

If you’re looking to level up your workout — any workout — there’s one you’ll want to add to your routine: resistance bands. Yep, whether looking to get toned and lean, build strength, or increase flexibility and balance, resistance bands can help you achieve your goals — no weights needed. As a lightweight and compact workout tool, resistance bands are ideal for at-home workouts, small at-home gym set-ups, and for anyone who travels a lot and wants to bring their workouts with them on the go. Plus, they’re cost-effective, easy to use, and a safe and low-impact option for all types of exercisers. 

Clearly, they come with many benefits! Including looking cute — yep, our functional FitOn resistance bands even make a trendy gym accessory. So, if you want to learn how to tone your entire body (and look good while doing it) without lifting a single weight, read on.

What are Resistance Bands?

New to resistance bands? Here’s what you need to know. 

Just as it sounds, resistance bands are large elastic bands that add varying levels of resistance to your workouts. They come in different shapes, sizes, and levels of resistance (i.e., heaviness or difficulty) to accommodate various muscle groups and exercise needs. 

They can be:

  • Flat or looped
  • Thick or thin 
  • Equipped with handles or no handles

But most importantly, they add resistance without you actually having to use weights. This works great when you are trying to tone your arms and legs or just get some total-body definition.

Knowing the different kinds and their different uses can be helpful in planning your workouts! For example, if you’re looking to build lower body strength and turn up the intensity, you may want to reach for a heavier band to engage your lower body and glutes. But if you’re looking to sculpt and tone your arms or build upper body strength, a light and stretchy band is the way to go!

Benefits of Resistance Bands for Exercise

Ok, so what are the benefits? Besides the fact that they can be used in place of weights for those who may not have the space to store bulky exercise equipment, or those who would just prefer them, there are so many other great things about them.

Here are some of our top reasons we love using resistance bands in our FitOn workouts.

Travel-friendly: Toss them in your suitcase to use on the go when traveling.

Great for all Fitness Levels: No matter where you are in your fitness journey, resistance bands can be a great addition to your fitness routine. Start with a lighter resistance if you are just starting out, and pick a heavier resistance for a greater challenge.

Great For Total Body Toning: Target your back, biceps, triceps, chest, legs, glutes — they are pretty much awesome for total body toning. 

Small-space Friendly: Don’t want to clutter your home with lots of weights? They are great because you can toss them into a cute basket as a simple way to store them, and no one would ever know they were there. Resistance bands are also perfect for apartment living.

Safe & Low-Impact: Whether you’re recovering from an injury or are less mobile due to health restrictions, resistance bands are a great low-impact exercise tool. Plus, they’re safe for personal use –—unlike weight training, there’s no need for a trainer, gym buddy, or ‘spotter’.

Ramp Up the Resistance With these 6 Banded Workouts

Convinced yet? We think you should give resistance bands a try and see how they can improve your workout routine. Here are some workout ideas to help get you started.

  • Incorporate them into your FitOn workouts
  • Bicep curls
  • Bent-over rows
  • Chest press & chest flys
  • Lat pull-downs
  • Squats
  • Glute kickbacks

Ready to turn up the heat (and resistance) on your workouts? Head to the FitOn app and give these resistance band workouts a go! 

#1 Band Burn

Ready to feel the burn? This Band Burn workout with Caroline Pearce will target your inner thighs and booty for a lower body burn that will help strengthen, tone, and tighten!

#2 Cardio Booty Burn

The addition of a booty band in this Cardio Booty Burn with Lex Fischer takes cardio Pilates to a whole new level. Roll out your mat and get ready to sweat, sculpt, and shake!

#3 Beautiful Booty Lift

The fastest way to achieve that Beautiful Booty Lift? Press play on this Pilates workout with Cassey Ho and activate those glutes with the addition of a resistance band! 

#4 Total Body Bands

Want to tone and tighten your whole body without weights? This Total Body Band workout with Danielle Pascente is the perfect solution! In just 20 minutes, work your upper body, lower body, and core — all you need is your mat and resistance band.

#5 Band Blitz Tabata

Get your heart pumping and muscles firing with this Band Blitz Tabata workout with Danielle Pascente. This full-body banded workout is the perfect way to sweat it out when you want an efficient and effective workout with minimal equipment.

#6 Band Body

Who knew one band could turn up the intensity this much? With added resistance, get ready to leave it all on the mat in this Band Body workout with Bree Koegel.

The Bottom Line

The options with resistance bands are endless. Whenever you would use a weight, you can swap with a resistance band when needed. So go ahead and treat yourself to a pack of bands with various levels of resistance, and try them out! You may be shocked to see just how quickly these bands can help give you that toned and defined look you are after.