Quick Calorie-Burning Workouts When You’re Crunched For Time

Turn on your fat-burning and muscle-building potential in no time (or very little).

By: Emily Freeman

In the amount of time it takes you to decide what movie to stream, you could be doing something pretty darn amazing for your health (and mood!) We’re talking quick calorie-burning workouts. 

And heads up — going to the gym for hours is old news. Just in — working out the right way for even as little as ten minutes can help you reach your fitness goals. 

But wait, what will really blow your mind is that you may even see results quicker doing short, intense workouts than longer, moderate workouts. Crazy? Nope, science.  

5 Surprising Benefits of Quick Calorie-Burning Workouts

#1 Burn More Calories With Interval Training 

It sounds like fake news, right? But in a recent study, men who performed 13 minutes of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) burned more calories per minute than men who did steady-state cardio for 40 minutes. Interval training also creates an “afterburn” effect where you burn more calories for upwards of 24-hours after you’re done exercising, making 10-minutes of intense exercise better than no exercise any way you slice it. 

#2 May Help You Live Healthier For Longer

Exercising is essential for our health period. And, a study found that exercising for just 15 minutes per day increased lifespan by three years! Yep, seriously, just 15 minutes — we all can squeeze in 15 minutes of movement, right? 

#3 Increase Metabolism to Shrink Your Waistline 

Incorporating muscle-building activities gives your metabolism a nice little boost. Even just ten minutes a day can increase your muscle mass, which helps you burn more calories all day long. The secret sauce? According to this study, three days a week of strength training increased metabolic rate.   

#4 Give Your Brain a Nice Boost

Having trouble concentrating or finding your creativity? Jumpstart your brainpower with a short burst of exercise. This is no placebo — a recent study found that those who rode a stationary bike at a moderate to vigorous pace for 10 minutes were able to answer questions faster after exercising than before. Equivalent to a 14 percent increase in cognitive performance.  

#5 Like Taking a Happy Pill 

Exercise produces endorphins, which create an instant shot of feel-good vibes. Plus, studies have shown time and time again just how beneficial exercise can be for helping bust stress, giving us another good reason to prioritize even just 10-15 minutes of exercise per day. 

Five 10-Minute Calorie Burning Workouts

Want to make the most of your quick workouts? We’re dishing out our top five routines that really make the most of the ten precious minutes you have to spare. 

#1 Orangetheory: Power Hour

A powerhouse combination of strength and interval training, this ten-minute workout will have you sweating and feeling amazing. With exercises like plank jacks and squat jumps, this quickie turns on your fat-burning potential. 

#2 Quick HIIT Booty 

When you want to target your booty, hips, and thighs in as little time as possible, this is your go-to workout. Trainer Bree Koegel will lead you through exercises like hip bridges and kickbacks that target your lower body in all the right places. 

#3 Fighting Fit

Get your blood pumping with this quick calorie-burning workout. Commit to completing ten exercises at your absolute best to get the most out of this sweaty workout with FitOn trainer Caroline Pearce. 

#4 Total Arm Burn

Sculpt your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest in ten minutes flat in this strength workout with Bree Koegel. Create definition and feel the burn with effective toning exercises like isometric hold biceps curls, internal-external shoulder rotations, and single-arm rows. 

#5 Full Body Express 

This quick calorie-burning workout doesn’t waste a minute. Trainer Danielle Pascente sculpts your muscles from head-to-turn and turns up the intensity in this fat-burning sweat sesh that builds on the most effective compound movements. 

Ditch The Excuses and Get The Results You Want!

Even the busiest people can find an extra ten minutes to get their sweat on. So what’s holding you back? Finding an intrinsic “why” to motivate you to commit to daily exercise is the key to sustaining an effective exercise routine and experiencing the amazing results of being fit and healthy. You got this!