Read This if Morning Workouts Just Aren’t Your Thing

The benefits of being an early riser may make your AM workout something you’ll look forward to.

By: Nicole Teitler

Are you a morning person? If not, you’re definitely not alone — hitting that snooze button tempts all us when that morning wake up call goes off. But, here’s the thing — waking up early comes with some serious rewards. 

Being an early riser has hard to beat benefits such as increased productivity, and it gives us some much-needed quality “me time.” And that’s from simply waking up! Throw in some physical activity, and the rewards double. Scheduling in a morning workout creates additional satisfaction that aids overall well-being. 

Here are some of the benefits of getting your sweat sesh in before tackling the rest of your to-dos.

4 Motivating Reasons to Make Morning Workouts a Healthy Habit 

#1 You Won’t Be Interrupted

Let’s start with the most obvious fact: mornings are quieter. That means more time to focus on yourself and less time focusing on the outside world. And morning workouts can be the first thing on your to-do list. Before the distraction of social media, the text messages, emails, or even pet feeding, getting in your exercise first thing eliminates many of life’s daily interruptions. You don’t need to carve out time for it later, or hope that work call doesn’t run over because it’ll already be done.

#2 You’ll Eat Better Later

When we workout, we make better snacking choices. Studies have shown that when we engage in an active lifestyle, our bodies naturally crave certain types of food to replenish calories lost and aid in muscle recovery (hint: healthier options). Proteins, carbs, fruits. It’s because your body is sending signals to your brain on the specific nutrients it needs. 

That means a morning workout can set the hunger tone for the remainder of the day. Ever notice how hungry you are immediately post-exercise? It’s nearly impossible to ignore, nor should you. Notice the food choices you’re craving and how you feel full faster and longer. 

#3 You’ll Have More Energy

If you’re looking to wane off your caffeine fix, morning workouts could be your solution. Research has shown that for every hour we sleep past 7:30 AM, there’s a drop in physical activity. Exercising in the morning can give you the energy needed throughout the day and provide a more deep sleep by the time its lights out.

#4 You’ll Be In A Better Mood

Want an instant mood enhancement? Those morning workouts could help you tackle problems a lot easier. The post-exercise benefits start to kick in within five minutes of completing a workout. We feel stronger and more confident, a natural side-effect of the endorphins that are released.

So, when you get bombarded with tasks or come across someone who’s having a bad day, you’ll be more inclined to handle it with a positive attitude. Sure, you’ll have this same feeling no matter when you choose to exercise, but wouldn’t it be great to feel good all day long, not just before bed?

Here Are Some Tips on How to Make Morning Exercises Easier & Even More Fun

To get started, set your alarm 10 – 15 minutes earlier each day until you hit your desired wake-up time. It’ll help you adjust and make the change seem less dramatic.

Have your workout clothes ready the night before. You’ll spend less time focusing on what to wear in the morning.

Prepare your workout ahead of time. You can use the FitOn app to set reminders and schedule your workouts.

Come up with a reward. You just crushed your morning workout, now it’s time to celebrate that small success! Enjoy that almond milk matcha, or take 5 minutes of downtime to relax with your pet or a book.

Prepare a delicious breakfast the night before, or even right before your workout, this way, you have something to look forward to when it’s done (and not have to worry about cooking).

Remind yourself how beautiful sunrise is, or how quiet morning can be. Those moments are worth the extra effort. 

But, If You Can’t Squeeze in an AM Workout, Don’t Sweat it

If you can’t fit in a morning workout, don’t stress about it. Some people function better later in the day, and that’s completely fine. The takeaway is making exercise a part of your daily or weekly schedule. We all have our own unique rhythms, so at the end of the day, it’s really about what works best for you.