Melt Stress Away With These Mood-boosting Workouts

You may be one workout away from a better mood.

By: Chelsea Frank

With so much going on in the world, we’re in the market for some mood-boosting workouts that’ll help melt our worries away. While all exercise has tons of physical and mental health benefits, some forms of exercise are especially great for having a positive effect on your mood. 

Want to feel like a million bucks and get shapely legs? Here are five mood-boosting workouts that’ll keep you lean and toned, while simultaneously helping you to reduce stress!

5 Mood-boosting Workouts to Consider Fitting Into Your Workout Schedule 

#1 Jogging

Studies suggest that aerobic exercises like running and jogging may ease feelings of anxiety. Set yourself up with a great cardio playlist that makes you feel happy and upbeat, and try a new jogging path in a visually stimulating area (like along the beach, for example). You’ll be melting stress away and getting lean (win, win!) 


High-intensity interval training, is a form of interval training where you have short bursts of high-intensity exercise that gets your heart pumping followed by short periods of rest. 

Research suggests that HIIT may boost overall mood, making it one of our go-to mood-boosting workouts when we’re in need of a mood pick me up!

Ready to get started with some HIIT training? Here are some fun and sweat-dripping FitOn classes to try: 

#3 Hiking

Studies have shown a strong connection between spending time in nature with some positive mood-boosting effects. Try finding a hiking trail in a beautiful, scenic location surrounded by trees and natural beauty! That fresh air will do you good. 

If you aren’t able to hike or don’t have access to hiking trails at the moment, you can also bring nature indoors by listening to sounds of waves crashing or birds chirping while you complete your workout! 

If you can get outside, try bringing your yoga mat out and do a centering FitOn yoga routine to bring on some serious inner Zen. 

Here are some great classes to get started with. 

#4 Dance

Time to hit the (living room) club! Dance has been shown to positively impact mood, and is a totally fun way to burn some cals! Try FitOn’s Dance or Barre classes like Take Flight Dance with Sydney Benner to get you moving, grooving, and getting in shape while releasing those mood-boosting endorphins!

#5 Yoga

There’s probably a reason yogis are so chill. Yoga has been shown to help reduce feelings of anxiety and have a positive effect on the brain, so if you’re looking for a more low-impact, and relaxing , yoga is a great pick! 

Plus, yoga is great for stress reduction, muscle toning, and injury prevention, while also being one of our favorite mood-boosting workouts!

Stress Less, Work Out More

While exercise is great for weight loss and overall cardiovascular health, the mental health benefits and stress reduction are some of the best benefits of establishing a solid exercise regime. 

Above all else, engaging in workouts you love and enjoy doing will have the most profound impact on your mood, so what are you waiting for? Get going on those mood-boosting workouts and soak up that endorphin rush now!