Meet The Trainer: Sydney Belina

Get to know more about FitOn trainer Sydney Belina!

By: FitOn

As part of our meet the trainer series, we’re excited to share more about FitOn trainer Sydney Belina!  Sydney has devoted her life to connecting people through movement. She has created the popular program TAKE FLIGHT FITNESS, a non-stop workout fusing yoga and dance which has taken off worldwide. In addition to writing for multiple fitness publications, Sydney has been featured in many fitness videos, summits, and series for companies and influencers.

Here’s more about Sydney, including what positivity fitness and healthy living have brought into her life and what her tips and tricks are for helping you fit fitness into your daily routine. 

Sydney Q & A 

#1 What Brought You Into The Wellness Industry?

I attribute this to my dad.  My dad and I used to jog together throughout my childhood, and being a lifelong dancer, I loved all things movement.  When he lost his battle to cancer I found myself gravitating more to yoga and group fitness classes over the dance studio.  It took me about 10 years to flip the switch to fitness, and since then, I have never turned back.  I love what I do!

#2 What Positivity Has Fitness and Healthy Living Brought to Your Life?

The incredible connection to my body and the dearest friends and community.  

#3 What is One Challenge You Have Had to Overcome in Your Life and How Did Health & Fitness Help You Do So?

Sadly, I have had a lot of loss in my life.  I lost my dad to cancer at 14 and my mom got remarried and my stepbrother who was a childhood friend of mine lost his life to cancer 4 years later.  I deeply understand how precious EVERY SINGLE DAY is.  We are lucky to wake up healthy and I learned to listen to my body and ensure I am taking the best care of it with each new day.   

#4 What’s Your Favorite Motivational Quote/Positive Affirmation?

“You can eat the same foods and do the same workouts, and our bodies would all still beautifully unique and different.”

“Move more to feel more.”  

#5 What Are Your Top 3 (free) Self-Care Tips?

#1 Shower/Brush Teeth

#2 Breathwork

#3 Meditation 

#6 What Does Your Weekly Exercise Routine Look Like?

2 days a week my own program – FLIGHT, 1 -2 days Yoga Sculpt, 1 day Cycle or Barre, 1 day Yoga, and on my rest day I make sure to get over 10,000 steps in. 

#7 What Tips Would You Give to People to Help Them Plan Their Workouts?

Versatility and consistency are key. 

#8 What Are Your Favorite Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out?

I love the feeling of moving over the feeling of not moving. 

#9 What Are Your Tips For Exercising When You Feel Like You’re Too Busy to Work Out?

I give myself 10 minutes.  Knowing I did a little something always makes my day run smoother even with limited time.  

#10 If You Could Do One Move For The Rest of Your Life, What Would You Do?

It’s a tie between Squats and Warrior 2. 

#11 What is Another One of Your Passions Outside of Fitness?

Travel, cooking, and musical theatre. 

#12 What is Your Favorite Food?

Hands down sushi and guacamole!  Not together 🙂

#13 What’s One Tip You Have For Parents Exercising With Kids/Kid-Friendly Workout Advice? 

I’m not a mom just yet.  Although I have worked with kids and spent so much time with my friend’s kiddos.  When you make working out a habit that they can see often, they learn and watch you all the time, so allow them to jump in and be apart of it with you.

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