Meet The Trainer: DeAndre Sinette

Meet the newest member of the FitOn fam — DeAndre!

By: FitOn

Have you checked out all the latest meditations in your FitOn app? If so, then you may have already meditated or even done some yoga classes with the newest member of the FitOn fam, DeAndre Sinette!

DeAndre believes that by unlocking the body and the mind through a regular yoga practice everything else in life becomes more aligned. Whether he is upside-down in handstand or in seated meditation he is simply striving to be present. Despite his extensive yoga experience, he still considers himself to be a lifelong student of the practice and is constantly discovering new dimensions physically, mentally and spiritually.

As part of our meet the trainer series, we’re sharing a bit more about DeAndre, including his background in fitness and what positivity fitness and healthy living have brought into his life. 

DeAndre Sinette Q & A 

#1 What Positivity Has Fitness and Healthy Living Brought to Your Life?

Oh man, I sing! I taught myself how to sing by listening and imitating John Legend every day. I sing at least 10-20 minutes every day and it was my first therapy. Self-expression especially with music is one of the most potent medicines.

#2 What Brought You Into The Fitness Industry?

Childhood abuse led me to finding fitness. I had so much anger in my body and I needed an outlet to distract myself from the pain I hadn’t yet known existed. When I transferred my career from Fitness to Mindfulness and Yoga I was able to make peace with my emotions and my body. Now I approach fitness with more of a playful attitude. How can I challenge my body instead of run away from it?

#3 What is One Challenge You Have Had to Overcome in Your Life and How Did Health & Fitness Help You Do So?

The challenge of being abused my whole childhood, and not understanding why I was abused. I felt like my existence was a bother my whole life and I was told repeatedly that I was worthless and dumb. My voice was taken away from me and now I get to use my voice to help people overcome their own challenges.

#4 What Are Your Top 3 (free) Self-Care Tips?

#1 Practice self-compassion. Give yourself grace for the human you are growing into. We all make mistakes, but you must forgive yourself to move forward in your life. 

#2 Call your friends or your family and talk about anything and everything. Listen deeply.

#3 Write every morning something you are grateful for or whatever is on your heart. Just let it out!

#5 What’s Your Weekly Exercise Routine Like?

I usually wake up between 4-5 am and I go into a 5-10 minute meditation and wake up my body with some fluid movements to workout out the kinks of sleeping. I do my morning practice after that which consists of modern vinyasa and classic ashtanga. Outside of yoga, I like to do some barbell work for my legs to keep a good balance and for my pulling/upper body work, I like to train with gymnastic rings! 

#6 What Tips Would You Give to People to Help Them Plan Their Workouts?

Make it accessible. I made the mistake of overbooking my schedule with workouts that were also daunting and I would either half-ass my workouts or just skip them and make an excuse. I love that FitOn workouts are shorter but effective. Approach planning workouts like you plan goals, have big goals but break them down into achievable actions. 5-10 minutes of working out is better than one workout a week for 60 minutes. Do a little, a lot when first starting out!

#7 What Are Your Favorite Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout?

To be able to play for the rest of my life. Simple. I workout so I can play. 

#8 What Are Your Tips For Exercising When You Feel Like You’re Too Busy to Workout?

5 minutes is better than no minutes. We’re human…do what you can. 

#9 What Are The Top 3 Things You Like to Eat For Breakfast?

I love eating pancakes of course. I really love a simple healthy meal though for breakfast. Fist sized portion of Brown rice, 4 eggs, and two fist-sized portion of something green. 

I really adore french toasts too. I have a sweet tooth, oops. 

#10 What Would You Describe as Your Nutrition or Diet Philosophy?

I believe there is no superior diet. I am doing a nutrition certification right now and honestly, if people understand portions and listening to the way their body responds to certain foods, we would all be better off. Relax the pressure of clean/bad foods. Just focus on getting enough nutrient-dense foods and eat whatever makes you feel your best.

Eating a donut won’t hurt you but the way you stress about eating the donut will do so much more harm than the donut itself. Eat the damn donut. 

#11 What Book Are You Reading Now or What is One of Your All-time Favorites?

The Alchemist is my all-time favorite book. 

#12 What’s Your Favorite Motivational Quote/Positive Affirmation?

“The wound may not be your fault but the healing is your responsibility.”

#13 Any Other Interesting, Fun Facts You Would Like to Share With The FitOn Fam?

I’m nothing special, but I can sleep anywhere. I also don’t have a bed. I sleep on my yoga mat and I wake up feeling so amazing. I slept on a bed my whole life but would always wake up with pain, especially in my back. Ever since going to the ground, my back pain went away! 

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