Meet The Trainer: Amanda Gilbert

Meet Amanda! A modern-day teacher, guide, and facilitator in meditation and mindfulness.

By: FitOn

As part of our meet the trainer series, we’re excited to introduce Amanda Gilbert to the FitOn family! Amanda is a modern day teacher, guide, and facilitator in meditation and mindfulness that has been practicing for over 15 years. Her passion for sharing meditation comes from her own life experience, where meditation not only healed her from a traumatic life event but catapulted her into living a life filled with meaning, purpose, optimal health, joy, and awakening.

Here’s more about Amanda, including what positivity meditation and healthy living have brought into her life and what her tips and tricks are for helping you fit meditation into your daily routine. 

Amanda Q & A 

#1 What Brought You Into The Wellness Industry?

I have been a meditator for seventeen years and was first introduced to it in high school. Even then, I could tell it was one of the most helpful things I had ever done. Years later, I found myself researching meditation and mindfulness at one of the world’s top science centers for stress reduction and health psychology. As I worked in research, people around me started to ask me to teach them “what it is I did each day to make me who I was.” I eventually figured out, they were asking me about my meditation practice because meditation had made me who I had become: someone present, kind, thoughtful, and graceful under pressure and stress. 

After many friends and coworkers asking me to teach them about meditation, I started to focus on meditation as a vocation and career. I went and did several year-long trainings in meditation, went on long meditation retreats, and made it my purpose to share meditation with the world. 

#2 What Positivity Has Fitness and Healthy Living Brought to Your Life?

Meditation has made me who I am. There really is no separation between who I am and the practice of mindfulness meditation. Every single thing that happens during my day gives me an opportunity to practice kindness, present moment awareness, and being a loving compassionate person. 

Meditation has helped me transform a lot of really hard, painful life events into a framework for growth, wisdom, and resilience. I really credit meditation with teaching me how to be my most authentic self and to being able to let go of pain and trauma from the past.

#3 What is One Challenge You Have Had to Overcome in Your Life and How Did Health & Fitness Help You Do So?

Along with meditation helping me overcome some of life’s hardest of moments, it has also helped me become way more self-confident and self-assured. Growing up, I used to have major decision fatigue and second guess every single choice and decision I would make. Meditating helped me get in tune with my inner authentic wisdom and guidance. I learned to trust myself more and have more clarity and respect for my feelings and what I want versus what others want for me. 

#4 What’s Your Favorite Motivational Quote/Positive Affirmation?

“Meditation is the art of returning and beginning again. We can always begin again.” – Sharon Salzberg 

#5 What Are Your Top 3 (free) Self-Care Tips?

#1 Make your mind-body practice a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. Movement and meditation are essential to good mental health. If you prioritize even 5-10 minutes of meditation each day, it will change your life. Period. 

#2 Start to form a kind relationship with yourself. In other words, practice being a good friend to yourself. This can be monitoring the way you talk to yourself and making sure you are compassionate towards yourself when you are under stress or have made a mistake. Or just generally, cheerleading yourself on and not letting your inner-critic and judgment mind run the show.

#3 Have a wind-down period each night before bed. Add in super nourishing, relaxing, and mindful activities that will help the body and mind prepare for a good night’s sleep ahead. 

#6 What Does Your Daily Meditation Routine Look Like?

My daily meditation routine is this: I get up, have a glass of lemon water, and a cup of morning tea. Then, I often read a few pages of meditation teachings, which really inspire and deepen my practice. After some tea and readings, I meditate for anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Followed by reflecting on what I am grateful for over a piece of paleo toast with almond butter, and then, I walk and exercise. This daily practice is my foundation for being the person I want to be in the world, each and every day.

#7 What Tips Would You Give to People to Help Them Plan Their Meditations?

Start small and add your meditation in either before or after something you are already doing each day. Like your FitOn workouts! Tacking on a 5-10 minute meditation before or after your exercise routine will help you effortlessly start to build a daily habit of meditation. 

#8 What Are Your Favorite Ways to Stay Motivated to Meditate?

My favorite way to stay motivated to meditate is by remembering my intention for why I want to meditate. When I connect to my purpose and reason for meditating, it then becomes apparent that meditating really is the only option to choose. 

#9 What Are Your Tips For Exercising When You Feel Like You’re Too Busy to Meditate?

Make meditation simple. Even practicing 1-3 minutes of meditation is a win and will significantly matter in the context of your full day. Also, don’t get hung up about making your meditation routine perfect. I see the most success for daily meditators who are starting up a regular meditation practice when they fit in their meditation at a time that works the best for them within each day’s unique schedule. 

#10 If You Could Do One Meditation Practice For The Rest of Your Life, What Would You Do?

If there is one meditation practice I would do for the rest of my life, it is breath meditation. Why? The breath can teach us so much about how to live our lives with mindfulness, happiness, and letting go. With each breath, we breathe in the very present moment we’re in, which points us to the innate fulfillment found within each moment. And with each breath out, we learn to let go of the moment that has just passed. 

The breath also helps calm and focus the mind, which can make us feel very good. By following the breath for a few minutes in meditation, you can energize your body for the day and set the mind up for a successful and productive day. A simple breath meditation is never to be underrated, in my opinion. There is a lot of power in the simple basics of breath meditation. 

#11 What is Another One of Your Passions Outside of Meditation?

I love jazz. To me, it is a living expression of living in the present moment and an art that transmutes pain into love. 

#12 What is Your Favorite Food?

Matcha — in my world, this counts as a food!

#13 What’s One Tip You Have For Parents Meditating With Kids/Kid-Friendly Meditation Advice? 

Your kids and pets will soon get used to you meditating. Promise! They may even “join” you for your daily meditation time by picking up on your calmness and centeredness and doing something that is calming and soothing for them. 

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