How Sarah, a Busy Mom of Two Got Her Fresh Start

“To anyone just starting their fitness journey, I’m telling you it’s worth it.”

By: FitOn

A fresh start is something that Sarah, a 37-year-old mom of two knew she and her family needed. After the passing of her father, she knew enough was enough and that her dad would want her to get healthy. This is where her inspiring fitness journey began. 

Sarah started using FitOn as a way to fit workouts into her busy schedule. 

“Being a mom of 2 boys, I have to make time and find time to work out and with FitOn, I just knock it out even if I have 10 mins, and FitOn makes it really easy.”

While finding that “me time” for busy moms can be a challenge, Sarah quickly noticed that working out made her feel good. She experienced increased energy and better sleep — two things, so many busy moms need more of! 

“If I work out at night, I always sleep better. If I do it in the morning, I have more energy during the day.” 

When Sarah first started her fitness journey, her goal was weight loss, but now it’s much less about the weight. 

“I don’t look at the scale anymore because it’s not about weight loss it’s more about feeling strong. And enjoying looking in the mirror and enjoying what I see”. 

Sarah is a true inspiration to all, and she gave us a valuable piece of advice. 

“To anyone just starting their fitness journey, I’m telling you it’s worth it. Don’t give up on you. Once you get started, it becomes something you can’t live without. 

“I’m a 37-year-old mom of two — if I can do it, you can do it.” 

What We Learned From Sarah 

Don’t give up! Getting started is hard, but sometimes starting is the hardest part. Once you start to feel how energizing that morning workout can be or how you sleep better when you fit fitness into your daily routine, it may just become the part of your day you look forward to the most. 

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