Take Care of Your Heart in This 17 Minute Walking Workout

Dance your way to better heart health with every step.

By: Lexy Parsons

In an era dominated by high-intensity workouts and intense exercise regimes, walking has entered the chat as a refreshing, slower-paced, low-impact alternative that not only accommodates individuals of all fitness levels, but also brings forth numerous health and fitness benefits. Its simplicity, ease, and accessibility are among the many reasons walking has gained global recognition from social media and researchers alike, especially when it comes to busting stress, aiding weight management, and supporting cardiovascular health! And while lacing up your sneakers and heading outside can offer so many good-for-you benefits (particularly for your heart), this FitOn follow-along routine is the best heart-healthy walking workout when you want to exercise at home without feeling like you’re really working out. 

Benefits of Walking for Heart Health

Based on research, walking has been shown to support cardiovascular health by:

  • Improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Aiding cholesterol management by increasing HDL (“good” cholesterol) and lowering LDL (“bad” cholesterol)
  • Enhancing weight management
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Improving Insulin sensitivity
  • Reducing chronic stress 
  • Enhancing mood and mental health

What to Expect in The Walking Fitness Workout With FitOn Trainer Bree Koegel

In less than 20 minutes, expect to elevate your heart rate and walk it out with a series of movements that make you feel like you’re dancing! Bring out your groovy side and unleash your inner swagger as you perform low-impact movements like side steps, standing crunches, shoulder rolls, and even grapevines. You’ll stay moving the entire time and feel so good that you’ll be happy to do so — you might even decide to hit play on this workout for a second go-around! Seamlessly incorporating arms and activating your core, you’ll work your whole body in this heart-healthy workout that is fast, fun, and beyond effective. 

How to Modify Based On Your Fitness Level

If You Need To Slow It Down

While accessible to all fitness levels, this standing low-impact workout will definitely work up a sweat. If you need to tone it down a notch, here’s how to modify based on your fitness level:

  • Start with a 5-10 minute walking warm-up, walking in place or slowly around the house.
  • Take a water break at any time. 
  • Slow down the pace if needed, focusing on form (it’s okay if that means fewer reps!)
  • Use walking in place as your home base. If any movement feels too challenging, come back to this. 

If You Need To Amp Up the Intensity

Need to up the intensity? No problem! Try these simple modifications:

  • Add resistance by incorporating a pair of ankle weights or light dumbbells.
  • When walking in place, try a light jog.
  • Rather than step into the movement (such as in side steps), consider adding a high-intensity jump (such as skaters).
  • Extend your session and perform the workout a second time!
  • Increase your speed to incorporate more reps. 

Walk Your Way to Better Heart Health

This heart-healthy walking workout with FitOn Trainer Bree Koegel proves walking for fitness is not only fun, but it’s also effective! With its seamless integration of low-impact movements (that mimic dancing), this routine becomes a go-to way to prioritize our heart health and smile while doing it. Whether you choose to slow it down or amp up the intensity, the flexibility of this workout is perfect for all fitness levels. So, lace up your sneakers and join us in embracing a heart-healthy journey — one step at a time!