Find Your Favorite FitOn Accessories at Target

FitOn finds you don’t want to miss!

By: Lexy Parsons

This just in — FitOn accessories are now available online at! You heard right, FitOn accessories at Target… a dream come true, for so many reasons! First, FitOn accessories can provide you with everything you need to get started with your fitness journey. Think: yoga mats suitable for both high and low-impact workouts, resistance bands of varying intensities, and recovery rollers to soothe sore muscles. Plus, they can help motivate or elevate your fitness regime, no matter where you are in your journey. And because they’re available online at Target, you can browse and purchase our exclusive products with ease as you shop for all your favorite Target goodies! 

While these accessories are not available in stores, you can explore and purchase everything you need here, from the comfort of your own home. What’s better than that? If you’re ready to fill your cart, here’s what’s available at

Shop For FitOn Accessories At Target

FitOn Recovery Foam Roller

Our compact FitOn foam roller is the perfect travel-friendly companion that helps soothe sore muscles and increase blood flow to hard-to-target areas like your glutes, hamstrings, neck, and back. Ideal for post-workout recovery, soothing self-massage, and on-the-go relief during travel.

FitOn Yoga Mat

A foundational fitness staple made for exercises of all kinds. Whether you’re a yogi, Pilates lover, or strength training enthusiast, elevate your fitness routine (at home or on the go) with the comfort and support of the FitOn Yoga Mat. 

FitOn Resistance Bands — Set of 3

Whether you’re advanced or brand new to working out, our FitOn resistance band set provides the perfect customizable challenge to lengthen, tone, and build strength. Equipped with light (15-25lbs), medium (25-35 pounds), and heavy (35-45 pounds) intensities and a convenient mesh pouch for easy travel! 

Get Your FitOn Kit

Finally, a workout kit that includes everything you need to move, even when on the move. This exclusive set includes a Get Your FitOn Mat, Sculpt Resistance Bands Set, and a sustainable Hydrate Me Water Bottle. Available in both Northern Lights and Summer Sunset colors!

FitOn Core Sliders

Our dynamic core sliders are designed to smoothly glide on various surfaces (including hardwood and even the carpet), providing a challenging yet effective workout for your core and stabilizing muscles. From planks to side lunges to mountain climbers, this FitOn must-have accessory will help to sculpt and strengthen your core and elevate any exercise.

FitOn Get Your Tone On Kit

If toning is your goal, this two-piece travel-friendly bundle will help set you up for success, no matter where you squeeze in movement. Compact enough to slip into your purse, carry-on, or travel bag, the Get Your Tone on Kit offers convenience without compromising on effectiveness. It’s equipped with sliders and sculpt resistance bands — a small but mighty duo.

Your Target Cart Just Got a FitOn Accessory Upgrade!

Now that your favorite FitOn accessories are available online at Target, there’s no better time to give your fitness equipment a FitOn upgrade. From resistance bands to yoga mats, browse the collection at and let the excitement of your new purchase fuel your motivation to move.