7 Trainers Share The One Move They Could Never Live Without

Their answers may surprise you.

By: Emily Freeman

Are some exercises more effective than others? Yes, but choosing the right ones for you depends on many different factors, including things like your goals, fitness level, body type, previous or current injuries, muscular imbalances, and all of the unique, and wonderful things that make you, you. 

However, we were still curious to know what our expert fitness trainers’ favorite moves are. So we asked them, “If you could only do one move for the rest of your life, what would you do and why?” If you’re thinking, I already know what the best exercises are, you’re in for an even bigger treat. We’re sharing what FitOn trainers had to say about their favorite moves, and their answers may surprise you.

The Best Exercises, According to Expert Fitness Trainers

Sydney Benner 

FitOn trainer and the founder of TAKE FLIGHT FITNESS, a non-stop workout fusing yoga and dance, Sydney knows a thing or two about getting fit. Her favorite fitness move is a classic, the squat. The squat is an age-old favorite for good reason — it’s a total body exercise that targets all the good parts. When performing a squat correctly, you’re toning your core, hips, booty, and thighs, all while getting your heart rate up and burning some major calories. The perfect staple for your lower and/or total body days!

Amanda Gilbert 

A modern-day teacher, guide, and facilitator in meditation and mindfulness for over 15 years, Amanda says breath meditation is the one practice she would do for the rest of her life. She says, “The breath can teach us so much about how to live our lives with mindfulness, happiness and letting go. With each breath, we breathe in the very present moment we’re in, which points us to the innate fulfillment… And with each breath out, we learn to let go of the moment that has just passed.” By simply focusing on your breath, you can boost your energy and focus to be more productive while also maintaining inner peace. 

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DeAndre Sinette

Yoga instructor DeAndre Sinette’s favorite move? Handstands! He says that being able to master a handstand and hold it takes patience and strength, two vital characteristics of resilient, successful, and happy people. “The full-body awareness that comes from handstands is also unparalleled in my humble opinion. It is much more than a dope party trick to impress your friends with; it is a form of meditation for me.” This is no beginner move, so make sure to try this under the supervision of a credentialed fitness professional. 

Bree Koegel 

Expert trainer Bree Koegel says, “Planks!!!” And she’s not messing around. Why? For one, it’s a total body exercise that targets all major muscle groups while improving balance and posture. It also “requires no equipment, and can be modified or progressed to fit every single body out there.” To begin building your body with planks, start by holding a plank on your forearms for 30 to 60 seconds three times per week. To modify, come down to your knees, but make sure your hips stay in line with your back, keeping one straight line. 

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Kenta Seki 

Kenta Seki says he could not live without Wheel Pose. A deep backbend and inversion found in most Yoga classes, Kenta says, “It feels so good to just bend over backward! It’s the complete opposite position that many of us are in the majority of our day.” Try adding it at the end of your workouts to release tension and build strength in your shoulders, arms, legs, glutes, and abdominals.

Caroline Pearce 

Trainer Caroline Pearce’s favorite move is called the Man-Maker. Oh yeah, this one will make a man (or woman) out of you! “It’s a sequence of moves that works the entire body. Using dumbbells, it involves: Push up, Row right, left, squat thrust to squat to overhead press – Repeat!” This one will burn. It gives you a huge bang for your buck. You’re going to burn calories, improve coordination, and sculpt nearly every muscle in your body you want toned. 


Yoga expert trainer, Vytas also said the plank is the one exercise he’d never give up. “It is a blueprint pose that activates so many deep core muscles and brings awareness to our imbalances.” If you notice that your hips dip down or raise above your shoulders in the exercise, your back is taking over when your core should be fired up. It’s a key indicator that your core needs a little more conditioning. Similarly, if you start to feel your shoulders shake or your chest dips down to the ground, and your shoulder blades protrude, you’ll know that your upper body needs a little extra love. 

The Best Exercise is the One YOU Can’t Live Without 

When it comes down to it, the best exercise for you is the one you want to do all the time. It’s the one that fires you up and gets you excited for your next sweat sesh. Consistency is always key in your fitness progress, and finding the workouts that you enjoy makes staying on track and reaching your fitness goals that much easier. 

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