9 Killer Equipment-free Workouts Ranked

Read this to uplevel your home workouts and results.

By: Emily Freeman

It’s time to rethink your home workouts. We’re not talking about investing in overpriced dumbbells on eBay. We’re here to show you how you can burn major calories and sculpt your muscles with equipment-free workouts. Uplevel your at-home fitness game with nothing but your own body weight (and a mat, if you have one). 

You’ll be amazed at how sore you can feel the next day after an effective home workout that hits all the right spots. Not every workout needs to be high-intensity, and your body will thank you for taking it easy every now and then. Whatever your home fitness level or goals, we got you covered. 

Get your sweat on and start seeing results with these nine equipment-free workouts ranked from hardest to easiest. 

9 FitOn Equipment-Free Workouts From Hardest to Easiest

#1 The Drop 

Crank up the intensity with this 19-minute fast-paced, full-body cardio, and strength conditioning workout. Trainer Breann Mitchell kicks your booty with a good calorie burn, leaving you breathless. Without weights, you get to focus on going through the full range of motion of effective compound exercises, which helps build more muscle for that sculpted look we all crave. 

#2 HIIT & Go

In just 17-minutes, trainer Danielle Pascente will have you sweating and shaking in this High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. With exercises like jump lunges, dynamic planks, curtsey lunges, and plank jacks, you’ll target every major muscle group while burning some major calories. 

#3 Fit on the Fly Cardio

Ready to scorch some fat from your living room? Press play on this 20-minute workout with Caroline Pearce. The secret sauce to keeping your heart rate up: five circuits of two sets of two exercises for 45 seconds with a 15-second recovery. With a combination of plyometric and low-impact cardio moves, this workout burns major calories while keeping your joints happy and reducing your chance of injury. 

#4 Butt & Thigh Blast

Get a toned and strong lower body with absolutely no equipment. Trainer Jeanette Jenkins combines traditional lower body exercises with dance-inspired movements to leave your lower body shaking in this 17-minute strength workout.

#5 Interval HIIT 

This HIIT workout will challenge your body, but since it’s only 13-minutes long, it will be easier to push through the intensity. Trainer Breann Mitchell gives you three modifications for each exercise so you can get the benefits of this workout no matter what your fitness level. By switching up your interval times, this workout keeps your body guessing for an awesome calorie burn. 

#6 Pilates Head to Toe

Get an effective total body workout that’s easy on your joints in this 23-minute workout with Pilates sensation Cassey Ho. Sculpt strong arms, a lifted booty, toned abs, and lean legs with exercises that may look easy, but trust us, these tiny, lengthening exercises are going to leave you so sore. O-M-G! 

#7 Metabolic Ab Smash

Don’t get it twisted — this core workout is not 20-minutes of crunches. Trainer Jeanette Jenkins takes you through a fun cardio and sculpting routine that will help tone your entire midsection by burning calories with cardio intervals and sculpt your ab muscles with focused core work. 

#8 Starter HIIT 

Want to try HIIT but not quite ready for full intensity? Give equipment-free workouts like This 20-minute beginner workout with trainer Breanne Mitchell a try to help ease you into all the amazing calorie-torching and muscle-building benefits of HIIT. With exercises like joggers, push-ups to mountain climbers, inchworms, and jump squats, you’ll get a total body workout that will leave you wanting more. 

#9 Long and Lean

Need a lighter workout that still sculpts all your major muscle groups? Trainer Caroline Pearce takes you through a 10-minute Pilates-esque workout that builds long and lean muscles. Perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to move on an active rest day. 

Elevate Your Home Fitness Results With Equipment-Free Workouts

With the right training regimen and mindset, you can see amazing results from equipment-free workouts. When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, consistency is of the utmost importance. These home workouts will give you the mental and physical boost you need to stay focused on your fitness, even from your living room.