10 Quick & Effective Equipment-Free Workouts You Can Do From Home

Read this to uplevel your home workouts and results.

By: Lexy Parsons

If you ask us, home workouts are seriously underrated. For starters, you don’t have to account for travel time (or mileage… we’re looking at you, gas prices). And, you get to work out from the comfort of your own home. No need for a fancy gym (or pricey gym membership) either! In fact, you don’t even need equipment. With the FitOn app, you have access to a whole category of equipment-free workouts that can be performed any time, any place. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, office, or backyard, realistically, you can sweat it out from anywhere! 

And truthfully, you’ll be amazed at how sore you can feel the next day after an effective home workout that hits all the right spots. From low-impact sculpting workouts to sweaty HIIT exercises, there’s something for everyone. Whatever your home fitness level or goals, we got you covered. So, are you ready to burn some major calories and sculpt your muscles? Muster up some self-motivation, press play on the FitOn app, and get ready to see results. 

Sweat It Out at Home With These 10 Equipment-Free Workouts 

#1 Rapid Fire 

Prepare to torch some major calories and release those feel-good endorphins! This low-impact cardio kickbox workout with Kenta Seki will get your heart rate pumping without stressing your joints. No equipment (or kickbox experience) needed! All levels are welcome. Hit play on the FitOn app and prepare to sweat it out with this full-body workout. All you need is 14 minutes!

#2 Smash Strength

Who said you need weights to build strength? Using only your own body weight, Breann Mitchell will guide you through this 22-minute total body workout to help you increase your strength and build lean muscle mass — without an ounce of equipment. Challenge your muscles and prepare to get shaky! 

#3 Bodyweight Sculpt

Activate all those slow-twitch muscle fibers and burn it out with this 17-minute Bodyweight Sculpt exercise. Bree Koegel takes you through a circuit routine that will target the whole body and sculpt those long, lean lines. Low impact, but high burn!

#4 Fast HIIT

This Fast HIIT Cardio workout with Caroline Pearce will challenge your body and your mind as you push through the intensity! With just 12 exercises, 1 finisher, and 17 minutes, this high-intensity workout was designed for maximal benefit in minimal time! It will be over before you know it, but the post-workout effects will be long-lasting! 

#5 Abs & Booty

Sculpt your abs, lift your booty, and strengthen your whole body with this no-equipment Pilates workout. Cassey Ho will guide you through this 23-minute Abs & Booty workout that will deliver total body results. The perfect at-home workout! 

#6 Metabolic Ab Smash

Don’t be fooled, you’re working more than just your abs in this 20-minute strength Metabolic Ab Smash workout! While you’ll undoubtedly sculpt and chisel the muscles of your core, Jeanette Jenkins really puts you to the test with added intervals of cardio. Burn fat, fire up your metabolism, and have fun while doing it!

#7 Meditate and Stretch

The perfect workout for rest and recovery days or anytime you want to unwind and release some mind and body tension. In this Meditate and Stretch class, DeAndre Sinette guides you through an 18-minute stretch, finishing with a calming meditation. After all, meditation is like exercise for the brain!

#8 Pilates Pump

This Pilates cardio class is the perfect combo of sculpting Pilates moves and a rush of cardio. This no-equipment class only requires 21 minutes and is sure to leave you feeling good! 

#9 Total Thigh Burner

The best moves for your inner and outer thighs in one fun and effective 15-minute workout. This zero equipment Total Thigh Burner, led by Cassey Ho, will sculpt, tighten, and tone all those hard-to-activate muscles. Your legs and booty are the primary targets, but your whole lower body will benefit! 

#10 Crunch Time

10 minutes is all you need to fire up your core and feel the burn! In this bodyweight-only ab workout, Trainer Kenta Seki guides you through an ab burner routine that will challenge and chisel your core. With no equipment needed, you can press play on the FitOn app and do this anytime, anywhere! 

Elevate Your Home Fitness Results With Equipment-Free Workouts

With the right training regimen and mindset, you can see amazing results from equipment-free workouts. When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, consistency is of the utmost importance. These home workouts will give you the mental and physical boost you need to stay focused on your fitness, even from your living room.