5 Energizing Workouts to Replace Your Afternoon Caffeine Boost

We’ve got your perfect pick-me-up.

By: Emily Freeman

Imagine what you could do with an extra two hours in your day. Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to make your day 26 hours long. We wish, right?! No, no, we’re talking about those two hours between about 3 and 5 p.m. where you spend more time than you’d like to admit thinking about how tired you are while scrolling through Instagram. Imagine if you could continue to power through the afternoon with enthusiasm and even more energy to spare without the side effects of caffeine. Sure, the 2 p.m. iced coffee could do the trick. But then it messes with your sleep, and you find yourself just as lethargic the next day. Whew, let’s ditch this vicious cycle. We have something so much better in store for you — energizing workouts!

It may sound counterintuitive, but the secret to staying energized is moving more. Of course, doing too much of a good thing can backfire. But the right type of workouts can give you the added boost you need to conquer the afternoon slump. Why? We thought you’d never ask!

4 Ways Exercise Gives You Energy  

#1 Enhances Blood Flow Carrying Oxygen and Nutrients to Muscle Tissue to Help Improve Energy Production

When you’re stuck sitting at your desk for too long, your circulation decreases. With less blood flow going to your muscles, you start to feel lethargic. The fix? Easy, get moving!

#2 Release Endorphins to Give You The Happy Feels

Endorphins are produced by the central nervous system and the pituitary glands and act on the opiate receptors in the brain. They reduce pain and increase those happy feelings that keep you motivated during a long day. The more you move, the more you produce. 

#3 Improves Sleep, So You Feel More Rested

Without your afternoon caffeine boost, there’s a good chance you’ll already start sleeping better. Adding in a good ‘ole sweat session and you’ll be out like a baby. Exercise increases your body temperature, and the drop in temperature you get afterward may help you fall asleep

#4 Helps Manage Stress, So You Have More Bandwidth For Good Thoughts

Along with improving your feel-good chemicals (see #3), exercise also reduces the amount of stress hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol, in your body. This is the perfect natural cocktail to help you clear your mind so you can stay focused. 

5 Energizing Workouts To Give You A Pep In Your Step

When should you press play on these energizing workouts? If you know, you tend to hit a wall around 3 p.m., plan your workout for around 1:30 or 2 p.m. If it varies, simply get up and get your sweat on when you start to notice your productivity decrease.  

#1 6-Minute Energizer Stretch with Caroline Pearce 

When you only have a few minutes in between your afternoon meetings, this is the perfect go-to workout to keep you on your A-game. The dynamic stretches in this workout will increase your blood circulation, fire up your muscles, and unlock any tight muscles cramping your style. 

#2 13-Minute Cardio Pilates with Cassey Ho 

This low-impact workout will get your heart rate up enough so you’ll release the endorphins needed to push through the rest of your day without completely wearing you out. Not only will you feel amazing, but it’s also a great addition to any fitness routine to help strengthen and tone.  

#3 22-Minute Full Body Yoga with Sydney Benner

Research has shown that yoga may help ease feelings of anxiety and create a more positive mood, which is a huge part of supporting better energy levels. Give this total body workout a try that focuses on poses and sequences that work the body, mind, and heart. 

#4 20-Minute Cardio Body Blitz with Brendon Ayanbadejo 

When you want a good mid-day sweat, get your blood pumping and endorphins soaring in this non-stop, full-body cardio workout. This one will give you that post-workout glow to get you through the rest of your busy schedule. 

#5 18-Minute Dance Cardio Kickbox with JJ Dancer

What do you get when you combine kickboxing, hip hop, and strength exercises? One seriously energizing workout. Having fun and doing a workout you love is one of the best ways to get an energy and confidence boost. This routine will definitely get you feeling like a total boss. 

Being Energized Comes From Doing What You Love 

The best way to naturally perk up? Finding movement that lights you up. When you have a workout to look forward to that you have a ton of fun doing, the amazing energy boost you get from exercise becomes that much greater. So whether it’s dancing to Beyonce in your living room, kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, Pilates, or any other type of workout, ditch the coffee, get your sweat on, and notice how you go from “bleh” to “let’s conquer the world!”