8 No Pressure Ways to Convince Yourself To Exercise

Because when you don’t feel like it is usually when you need it the most.

By: Emily Freeman

Believe it or not, even some of the fittest people out there have days they do not feel like exercising. There’s a lot of life that can get in the way of workout motivation — work stress, family-time, socializing, etc. It’s so important to leave space to feel whatever it is you’re feeling and listen to your body. But most of the time, a workout and a quick meditation will clear your head and get you back to feeling like yourself much quicker than binging your favorite Netflix series. But when we’ve lost our groove, figuring out how to get motivated to work out isn’t always easy. So how do you convince yourself to exercise when you’re feeling subpar?

Read on for eight zero-pressure ways to reignite your workout motivation, plus one of the biggest motivating factors of all — the benefits of exercise for mental health.

Mental Benefits of Exercise 

Should you exercise if you’re not feeling it? Well, beyond meeting your fitness goals, the benefits of exercise go far beyond physical benefits. Exercise can do wonders for your mental health, like improving self-esteem, boosting cognitive function, increasing energy and mental alertness, improving sleep quality and producing all the happy vibes (hello serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine). This is motivation enough to squeeze some movement into your day! 

8 Fun Ways to Convince Yourself to Exercise 

You want to be extra kind to yourself when you’re in your feelings and just not wanting to exercise. Skip the negative self-talk that never actually works, and instead, try and make it playful and inspiring with these eight fun ways to spark a little inspiration when you’re lacking motivation. 

#1 Find Your Competitive Edge and Join a Fitness Challenge 

Some friendly competition never hurt anyone, and the gratification of checking off each day you meet your challenge goal can far outweigh the desire to stay in bed. Not sure it’s working? The more days you complete your challenge, the more heightened your sense of gratification. You got this!

Start by joining the FitOn monthly challenge or start your own and invite your family and friends to join! 

#2 Make it Social and Call a Friend (or two)

They say misery loves company. We say it’s hard to be miserable when you’re in good company! Studies have also shown that the emotional support you feel while working out with a friend increases the frequency of exercise. We all feed off of each other’s energies, and engaging with people who love you unconditionally is like an instant mood lifter. Plus, knowing a friend is relying on you to show up for your workout can be just the motivation you need to stick to your workout plans. 

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#3 Invest in Workout Clothes That Make You Feel Great

Sometimes knowing you get to put on your favorite workout gear is enough to convince yourself to exercise and get excited about it! Find some athletic clothes that make you feel amazing! If this isn’t enough, put them on a couple of hours before your workout as a cue that sweats about to go down. 

#4 Make Your Workouts Bite-Sized

Trying to fit an hour-long workout into your day when you’re just not having it can be tricky. Instead, break your workout up into smaller chunks. Studies have shown that breaking up your workout into smaller segments throughout the day is just as effective as one long bout of exercise. This could be a 15-minute morning walk before you start your day, a 10-minute HIIT workout around lunchtime, and a 15-minute Yoga routine to wind down after your long day. 

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#5 Reward Yourself 

When it comes to getting yourself to do something you just don’t want to, a little reward can go a long way. Whether it’s treating yourself to a new yoga mat, having a spa day, grabbing brunch with a friend, or getting a coffee fix from your favorite cafe, it’s okay to bribe yourself. However, just be careful your rewards align with your health and fitness goals! 

#6 Give Your Space Some Good Vibes

If your designated workout area feels like your “happy place,” you’re more likely to want to be in it.  Have some fun creating your own home gym area! Whether it’s a cool mat, colorful dumbbells, a diffuser, a beautiful view, or a monochromatic color scheme that gets you giddy, make your workout space your own. 

#7 Start With Just 10 Minutes 

Sometimes convincing yourself to work out is as easy as saying you only have to do a 10-minute FitOn video. Once you start moving, you’re more likely to want to keep going! 

#8 Make it a FitOn Party!

When we’re not feeling it, sometimes all we need is a little motivation and friendly competition with friends. Call up some of your friends, choose a FitOn workout or meditation, and do them together using FitOn Party. 

Tips to Stay Motivated During A Workout

Need a little extra workout motivation? Try these simple tips for how to get motivated to work out. 

Switch up The Scenery: Do you always stare at the same wall while doing your at-home workouts? Why not take it outside? Maybe you’ll even be tempted to exercise longer with newfound workout motivation (thanks to the cool air and a pretty view)

Recover! If you’re tired, sore, or injured, chances are workout motivation is going to be low. Prioritize rest, active recovery, and listen to your body. 

Work Out at a Different Time of Day: Routines can be helpful, but sometimes they can be boring. Switch it up every now and then! If you typically exercise after work, try squeezing in an early FitOn workout or going for a morning jog. Maybe you’ll notice an increase in energy. 

Remember Why You Started: What are your long-term goals? Sometimes finding that motivation to work out is as simple as reminding yourself of your “why”. 

Exercise to Feel Good! 

At the end of the day, exercise should leave you feeling good, so on days where your motivation is lagging, consider these eight zero-pressure ways to convince yourself to exercise. They may be exactly what you need to get moving and feeling great as you go about the rest of your day. 

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