Calling All Workout Buddies: Here are 8 Home Workout Moves You Can Do With Your BFF

Grab your BFF and do these 8 easy moves for a fun workout!

By: FitOn

With your overly busy life, it’s hard to find time for the gym. But being hard-working doesn’t have to stop you from staying healthy and motivated. Luckily for you, there’s a way to bring the two together – workout buddies!

If finding the motivation to get through a good workout isn’t easy, bring your workout to life by working out with a friend or a trainer on the FitOn app! You don’t even need to leave your house to do so. When you have those couple of minutes of downtime or even during an hour lunch break, grab your phone and get to it!

Here are eight exercises that workout buddies can do together!

8 Home Workouts You Can Do With Your BFF

1. Back-to-Back Squats

Grab your workout buddy and stand back to back. With your backs pressed up against one another, begin to slowly squat down. Continue slowly squatting until your thighs and legs are at a 90° angle.

Don’t bend your knees far enough that they reach over your feet. Hold your position for about 30 seconds. Then slowly bring yourselves back up. And repeat!

2. Butt Lift Bridge

Lay down across from your buddy with feet touching. While keeping the bottom of your shoes and the bottom of your partner’s shoes together, scoot forward until your legs are in the air and your bottoms are about one foot apart. With your feet flattened on theirs, raise both of your legs up.

Continue to raise your legs until you have both lifted your hips towards the ceiling at the same time. Slowly come back down. Then repeat!

3. High Five Push-ups

Face your workout partner while both in an upper push-up position. Complete one push-up trying not to let your body rest on the ground. When making it back to the upper push-up position, clap right hands together.

Go back down to complete another full push-up. Once back into the upper position, clap left hands. Alternate between hands each time a push-up is completed.

Repeat this for about one full minute.

4. Wheelbarrow Push-ups

For this fun exercise, one partner will start off in a high-plank position with arms straight. The other will begin by standing at the feet of the planking partner. The partner at the feet will hold the feet and pick the other partner up into a wheelbarrow position.

The planking partner will then lower herself into a push-up and the other partner will lower herself down into a squat at the same time while continuing to hold her feet. You will both slowly come back up together and repeat! Once you’ve completed a couple of rounds, switch it up!

5. Core Twist with Resistance Band

Pull out your resistance band and get to twisting! Standing next to your workout buddy shoulder to shoulder and facing the same direction, hold one side of the band while your buddy holds the other. Begin to slowly separate from one another until you feel the resistance in the band.

Once the tension is felt, keep your hips facing forward, your hands out in front, and begin to twist in the opposite direction of your partner. You will feel even more resistance in the band. Keep control of it as you twist back into the starting position.

Repeat for one minute before switching sides!

6. Single-Legged Medicine Ball Toss

How’s your balance? Does it need some work? This is a great exercise for keeping your balance and working out your obliques, abs, quads, and calves.

Stand next to your workout buddy facing the same direction. Both of you should bend your outer knees. One buddy will start out holding a medicine ball at belly button height and slightly away from their body.

The buddy with the ball will begin by twisting in the opposite direction of the partner while holding the medicine ball and keeping the outer leg lifted. Then she will twist back towards her buddy, passing the medicine ball to her. The workout buddy with the ball will now complete the same steps.

You then repeat, passing the ball back and forth!

7. Leg Lift and Throw

One partner will lie with their back flat on the floor and with their head on the other partner’s feet. They will then begin to raise up their legs until at a 90° level with the ground. The standing partner will then grab her partner’s feet and throw them back to the floor.

The partner lying down will need to stop their feet about 2-inches before touching the ground. Repeat this several times before switching places!

8. Squat Jump

For this exercise, you’ll need two resistance bands. Each partner should stand facing the other. Hold out the bands in each hand across from one another (the bands should be parallel with one another, not crossed and you should each be holding the opposite ends).

Slowly walk backward, separating from one another with arms out straight in front out you. Once you feel the tension in the bands you can stop. At the same time, both of you should begin to squat.

Once your squats are completed, jump up and softly land on your toes. Transition right into another squat and repeat!

You’ll get all the Motivation You Need When You Have Workout Buddies

Finding some awesome workout buddies is the best way to stay motivated and encouraged during a workout session. For a busy person like yourself, it’s hard to find time to make it to the gym, but now you can work out with a partner in your very own home! These partner workouts are awesome, but if your workout buddy can’t always make it to your house or vice versa, no need to worry.

The Bottom Line

You can now work out together from anywhere! With the FitOn app, you can add friends into your work out sessions and exercise together from any location. With world-class trainers at your fingertips, nothing is stopping you from an amazing workout. Download the free app today and check out what classes we can offer you!