9 Tips on Scheduling Workouts on Busy Days

A little movement goes a long way!

By: Lexy Parsons

You know all of the benefits of working out. Plus, working out makes you feel good! You truly want to break a sweat and release those feel-good endorphins. Yet, time after time, your fitness routine falls to the wayside. So, what’s holding you back? If you said lack of time, you’re certainly not alone. Time is one of the number one excuses for not getting a workout in — and it definitely makes sense because life can get totally chaotic. Between everything we juggle on the day to day (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping…let alone work or school), it’s easy to write off our daily dose of self-care. But, here at FitOn, we want you to make yourself a priority by taking care of your mental and physical health every darn day (even if it means squeezing in a 10-minute workout). Why? Because we want you to feel your absolute best! So, we’re sharing nine tips on how to schedule in busy day workouts that will work for even the busiest schedules.

The Top 9 Tips on Scheduling Busy Day Workouts 

Tip #1: Get Serious With Scheduling

Before we start, grab your planner, and let’s get down to business. Scheduling your workout (or anything, really) is one of the best ways to stay committed and consistent with your workout routine. Even if you’re totally busy, sometimes all it takes is a few simple scheduling tweaks! Maybe you wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, hit a workout class during your lunch break, or skip the Friday evening happy hour for a sweat sesh with your friend.

Start with your must-do priorities first, and try blocking times for everything you need to do. Have a work meeting between 11 AM-12 PM? Block this time out, and do the same for your other tasks. Then, look at your schedule and see where you can squeeze in a quick workout. 

Can you take 15 minutes away from relaxing at lunch to press play on a FitOn cardio blast? When you pencil in everything you have going on, you’ll be surprised at where you can fit in a workout, even on the most hectic days. 

Tip #2 Set Your Alarm Earlier

While this may sound pretty basic, getting up earlier is one of the easiest ways to fit in that busy day workout. You can get your sweat in even before your hectic schedule gets started. And this way, if something comes up later in the day, you’ll already have completed your workout! No excuses needed. Not only will this help set the tone for a more productive day, but getting that workout in will give you that endorphin rush you need for a better mood and improved focus. Some other benefits of an A.M. sweat sesh? You’ll be more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day and you’ll have enhanced (caffeine-free) energy. There’s truly no better way to get your day started. 

Need some motivation? Set a workout notification using your FitOn app for a gentle reminder that it’s time to press play on that daily workout. 

Tip #3 Find Ways to Squeeze in Movement Into Your Work Day 

If you’re stuck at a desk all day, don’t let this hold you back! Sit on a stability ball vs. a chair for part of your day to help strengthen that core, and consider keeping some resistance bands in your desk to pull out during short breaks at work. Browse the At Work category in the FitOn app for quick guided workouts you can squeeze into your day. 

You’ll fit in some exercise (hello sneaky calorie burn), and give your eyes and neck a rest from sitting in front of a computer all day.

Don’t be afraid to find clever ways to move your body throughout the day, even if it means a walk to the restroom each hour to get the blood flowing, taking the long route *everywhere* by increasing the distance between you and your end destination, or turning your chores or to-do list into an exercise.

Need some more ideas? Try these 20 sneaky ways to move more!

Tip #4 Get the Kids Involved 

Home with the kiddos all day, or have various sports practice drop-offs after school gets out? Find ways to get the kids involved or fit in time to work out between drop-offs. 

If your kiddos are young, get them in the stroller and go for a power walk! The fresh air will do everyone some good. You can do walking lunges, hit the hill for an incline, or do some stationary squats and side-kicks. Plus, it’s a no-brainer way to schedule in a busy day workout. 

After sports practice drop-off, could you walk around the field for 20 minutes to get a cardio sweat in? Think about ways you can get moving between all the kiddo scheduling that goes on for busy mamas. You may be surprised at where you can find time to practice that daily dose of self-care through exercise. 

Tip #5 Don’t Just Stand There! 

Let’s face it —  there are many hold-ups on a day-to-day basis. From waiting in line at the grocery store to waiting for the water to boil while cooking dinner — these are all opportunities to fit in some busy day movement. 

While standing in line at the store, you can get some pretty discrete calf raises in without people raising their eyebrows too much (but who cares, really). And, while you have dinner on the stove or have 20 minutes until your slow cooker meal is ready, open your FitOn app and pick a 10-20 minute workout that you can get in while waiting. You’ll seriously be so glad you did when all you want to do at the end of the day is finally relax. 

Tip #6: Find an Accountability Buddy

Aside from motivating you during your movement (with a little friendly competition), calling on an accountability buddy can help you stay consistent with your fitness routine. If you know somebody else is counting on you, you’re much less likely to throw in the towel and call it quits on your commitment. And, having someone to confide in about your struggles is really helpful — chances are, they’re experiencing the same thing! So call your bestie, co-worker, or gym friend and ask them to join you on your fitness journey. You don’t have to make the change to your routine alone!

Want to get your friends in on the fun? Join a FitOn challenge together or create your own! 

Tip #7: Make Your Workout Schedule Realistic

If your schedule is packed and you’re super busy, find a workout routine that’s sustainable and realistic. Instead of working out 7 days per week, start with 3 or 4. Rather than planning an hour-long workout, commit to a mere 10 or 20 minutes! Then, stay consistent. If you’ve solidified this routine, then come back and reevaluate or readjust. Maybe you add another workout day into your week or bump up your workout time to 30 or 45 minutes. The takeaway? Consistency is key! Don’t be afraid to start slow and steady.

Tip #8: Keep Workout Clothes Handy! 

Keep an “emergency” workout bag packed at all times. Pack a change of workout clothes, socks, sneakers, headphones, towel, and anything else you need like deodorant and headphones. Store it in your car, keep it under your work desk, or stash it in your closet — just have it accessible and ready to use at all times! Aside from saving time, having a ready-to-go workout bag will prevent barriers from standing in the way of you and your workout.

Tip #9: Stay Nourished to Maintain a Steady Stream of Energy 

Let’s face it, if you’re tired and hangry, are you really going to make your workout a priority at the end of a long day? Probably not! That’s why it’s important to make healthy choices throughout the day and opt for foods that will keep you energized and sustained. 

Not sure what foods should fill your plate? If you’re looking to enhance satiety while reaching your health and fitness goals, focus on fiber-filled carbohydrates and protein-rich foods such as overnight oats with nut butter and fresh berries or avocado toast topped with smashed avocado and a hard-boiled egg.

Outsmart Busy Days 

There you have it. The hacks and cheat sheet workout schedule you need to fit in a workout, even on the days where you literally feel like you’ve been running on a treadmill all day.  

Don’t let a busy schedule be the reason you don’t practice one of the best acts of self-care. Find even 10 minutes per day to get your body moving. You’ll walk away feeling empowered and like a total boss.