Struggling to Burn Belly Fat? Do These Two HIIT Workouts Weekly

Think you can’t burn belly fat in 20 minutes? Think again!

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Let’s talk belly fat. It’s the type of fat that none of us want, and it can be downright stubborn to get rid of. If you’ve been hitting the gym hard, cleaning up your diet, and still struggling to shed that stubborn belly fat, you are so not alone. We get it. It’s frustrating when you think you’re doing all the right things, but not getting the results you want. 

But, here’s the thing. It may not be as much about what you are doing wrong as much as it’s about what your workout routine is missing. Enter HIIT, aka high-intensity interval training. HIIT is a total fat blaster, and you can get a kick-butt workout in with just 20 minutes. 

So, ready to really target that belly fat and get those toned and tight abs we all dream of? We’re sharing how toned abs are within reach with doing HIIT weekly. Plus, we’re letting you in on our top two favorite HIIT workouts. 

Our Top Two Favorite HIIT Workouts to Burn Belly Fat 

#1 Whittle the Middle

FitOn trainer, Breann Mitchell will help you crush a 12-minute core workout with this whittle the middle high-intensity workout. You’ll be working on shredding fat with interval ab workouts to help you sculpt your abs and entire midsection. In just 12 minutes of intense ab work, you will walk away feeling that much stronger. Paired with weekly commitment and healthy eating, you may start to see the results you are after. 

#2 HIIT Legs & Abs

Bree Branker will help you break a sweat in just over 20 minutes of high-intensity exercise. During this HIIT workout, you’ll target lower body and abs, helping you tone and strengthen all at the same time. So, get your favorite playlist going, grab your dumbbells and press play on this combo HIIT workout weekly.

The Benefits & HIIT to Burn Belly Fat 

So, what makes HIIT so great for burning fat? A quick burst helps you expend a ton of energy and burn a ton of calories fast. This is ideal for all of us busy gals out there who don’t have time to commit to an hour a day. 

Getting a good sweat in and actually fit it into your crazy schedule is half the battle. You will feel less overwhelmed by the idea of exercise, and actually press play on that HIIT workout. 

Another big fat-burning benefit of HIIT is that studies have shown that high-intensity interval training can increase your metabolic rate even after you’re done sweating it out. Pretty cool, right? Getting just 20 minutes of exercise could really benefit your calorie blazing abilities for the rest of your day. 

Get Fit With Weekly HIIT 

Trying to to tone, burn belly fat, and improve your endurance? You may want to get serious about adding some HIIT into your fitness routine. While it’s a quick workout, HIIT helps you target specific muscle groups and go all out. 20 Minutes might be all it takes to burn more calories, and see results faster than an entire hour in gym. Those 20 minutes will be packed full of high-intensity exercises to get you the results you crave. 

So, press play on one of our fav HIIT workouts and watch the belly fat melt away.