3 Booty Toning Workouts to Try This Week (No Equipment Required)

All you need is bodyweight and a little space to crush these workouts.

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino

If you’re ready to take leg day up a notch by adding some serious booty work into the mix, look no further. We’re breaking down what you need to know about three of our go-to booty toning workouts. And, while we’d definitely recommend some FitOn lower body workouts to get your glutes into high gear, you don’t need any equipment whatsoever (which is likely a sigh of relief for those of you on waitlists for at-home gym gear, right?).

Bodyweight and some space to move will be your best friends on this booty-burning journey. Are you ready? 

Three Butt Sculpting Booty Workouts to Try This Week

Add these into your schedule to get a serious burn (but don’t get mad at us if you’re sore!).

#1 — 18 Minutes: Your Best Booty with Cassey Ho

We made good on our promise: no bands, no weights, just your bodyweight here. This barre-inspired workout with Pilates goddess Cassey Ho uses small but incredibly challenging movements that will leave you feeeeeeling the burn. Bonus: you’ll use some core muscles at the same time, tightening up your midsection. You powerhouse, you. 

#2 — 10 Minutes: Quick HIIT Booty with Bree Koegel

Ok so this one can use bands, but you 100-percent do NOT need them in this super quick HIIT workout targeting the posterior. With classic bridges, kicks, and side steps, you’ll burn out your glutes and build strength in less time than you’d spend scrolling through Instagram on your lunch break.

#3 — 20 Minutes: Butt n’ Thighs with Luke Milton

Again — this one has optional equipment, but you don’t need any to get a solid workout for your bum (fun fact, you could totally use a wine bottle or two if you want to try weights but don’t own dumbbells). Join our favorite Aussie, Luke Milton on this lower-body sweat sesh using a variety of squats and deadlifts. 

BONUS: 27 Minutes: Booty Bootcamp with Jeanette Jenkins

Got some dumbbells? Ready to kick it up? Great. Spend a little longer sculpting your rear with the help of celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins. Don’t let the name scare you off — yes, this is a bootcamp, but no, you don’t have to be a superstar athlete to keep up with this targeted booty workout.

Smooth Moves

In the above workouts, you’ll see a lot of similarities — squats and donkey kicks are some of the top two booty moves! These are low-impact and (when done correctly) directly target the gluteus maximus, which helps with strengthening the booty and stabilizing the whole body.

Strong Glutes, Strong Life

A healthy, strong butt does more than give you a confidence boost. For starters, a healthy backside protects your back, which could prevent injury and any lower back pain (which is especially important if you sit a lot… which many of us do!).

Additionally, the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, and by working these muscles, you’re actually burning more calories and revving your metabolism

And to round it all off, you’ll be more powerful in other workouts, even with everyday functional movement like walking up the stairs or keeping yourself stable on a shaky subway ride. Ready to feel powerful? Get working on those glutes with these booty workouts!