Barre: Here’s Why This Fitness Craze May be the Secret to Toned Arms & Legs

Have you ever been awestruck by a ballerina’s strength? Here’s why.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

When you hear the word barre, what comes to mind? If it’s ballet and a more prim and proper take on the average fitness class, think again. While yes, barre uses the ballet bar to help tone those legs and glutes, anyone can do it (yes, even us ladies who prefer a more high-intensity sweat dripping type of exercise) and, we think everyone should!

We’re going to dish the deets on why barre may be a secret weapon for those toned legs, arms, and that tight booty you are after, and why it may just be that thing that takes your fitness routine to the next level.

And, heads up, barre is nothing to joke around about. By the time you are done with a workout class, you are sure to be completely maxed out and dripping in sweat as each exercise will fatigue each muscle group for optimal results. So, think you have what it takes to add some barre to your fitness routine? (We think you are!) Let’s take a look at what it is and why fitness enthusiasts are raving about it.

What is Barre?

So, what even is barre, and what makes fitness enthusiasts so excited about it? Barre incorporates movements from ballet, yoga, and Pilates (um, talk about a trifecta for total body toning!) It focuses in on lower impact but high-intensity movements to help tone and strengthen (hello toned arms and strong legs.) Basically, barre gets the muscles toned by fatiguing each muscle group with small movements that are repeated a number of times. So, all of those little squat pulses are doing some serious work toning your glutes and your legs.

Is Barre Really That Great?

Yes, we think so, and here’s why. Not only is barre the ideal workout to add to your fitness routine for strength and tone, but it’s lower impact, which is great for anyone who doesn’t enjoy higher impact workouts.

Here are some other reasons why we think all ladies should be adding it to their fitness routine at least once a week.

  • Improves balance
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves posture

How to Take a Barre Exercise Class

Convinced, and want to try adding some barre to your fitness routine for some total body toning? Good news, we have a way that you can start incorporating this in now (without needing a ballet bar.) FitOn app offers a virtual barre class taught by world-class trainer Christine Bullock that you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

The Bottom Line

Barre can be a great addition to whatever your current fitness routine looks like. It can add some balance to the cardio lovers fitness routine, and add an element of strength and muscle toning to your workout plan. So, get fancy with your workouts, and get your barre fitness on. Hey, it may just be exactly what you need to supercharge those fitness results and see those super toned and defined muscles you are after.