All You Need is 20 Minutes to Burn Some Serious Calories With These 5 Cardio Workouts

Let’s face it, life is too busy to have an hour to workout every day.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Got 20 minutes, we have a solution to help you burn calories. Life is busy, and finding time to exercise often falls at the bottom of our to-do list, but we are here to tell you that fitness doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So you don’t have a full hour to workout? Who cares, you can still burn some serious calories in just 20 minutes. 

How? It’s all about how you exercise. Here are the top five cardio workouts that will help you burn calories in under a half-hour of your precious spare time?

Read on because we can all find time to fit these five workouts into our busy lives. And, these will actually help you see and feel the fitness results you are after. 

5 Quick Cardio Workouts That You Can Get in With Just 20 Minutes of Your Time


#1 Treadmill Interval Training

Ok, ok we know the treadmill isn’t always all the glamorous or fun, but if the weather is crappy, and you are craving a good run hopping on the treadmill may be your best bet. You can get a hardcore cardio sesh in with 20-minutes of treadmill interval training. Try alternating between two minutes of all-out effort,, and 2 minutes of a light jog. Cool down with a brisk walk for five or so minutes. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping in less than a half-hour. Plus, you’ll burn some serious calories. 

#2 Outdoor Brisk Walk

Craving some fresh air? Why not pair the benefits of some vitamin D with some cardio? If the weather is nice, grab your dog (or a friend) and head out for a brisk walk. Many of us underestimate just how many calories we can burn with a walk, but you can get a really great cardio workout in just by walking. Plus, it’s low-impact and isn’t going to be as hard on your joints as an intense run. And not only that, but walking makes for the ideal active recovery workout, so feel free to add this into your fitness schedule to keep your endurance up but go a little less intense a couple of days per week. So, get outside for a walk as often as you can. It’s not only beneficial for your physical health, but your mental health as well. 

#3 FitOn’s Cardio Core

Work up a sweat and work on getting those chiseled abs with Bree Branker for 18 minutes with this cardio core workout to help you strengthen, tone, and work on your endurance. Core, cardio, and strength-it’s the triple threat of workouts you need to see results. 

#4 Cycling

If you’re a big spin class fan, or just enjoy getting on your bike and cycling around to work up a sweat, get on your bike for a lower-impact cardio workout. In just 20-minutes of intense cycling, you can slash some serious calories, tone, and strengthen those legs all at the same time. 

#5 FitOn’s Fighting Fit

Don’t have 20 minutes to spare? No sweat. In just 10 minutes of workout time, FitOn trainer, Caroline Pearce will help you work up a sweat with her Fighting Fit FitOn workout. This workout is a surefire way to get your workout in even when you are short on time. 

Don’t Let a Lack of Time Be the Reason You Don’t Workout

One of the biggest reasons people don’t work out regularly is the fact that life is crazy and spare time is basically non-existent. But, here’s the thing-you can find the time, even if it’s just 10-20 minutes per day. We are here to give you that little nudge you need to look at your schedule and see where you can pencil in an extra 20 minutes for self-care each day. Can you wake up 20 minutes earlier to get a kick-butt cardio workout in? Can you take 10 minutes of your lunch break or step away from your desk for 10 to press play on a FitOn workout? 

See where you can fit in the time to exercise and remember that all you really need is 20 minutes of all-out effort. Don’t worry about needing a full hour or needing to go to the gym. Here at FitOn, we are all about helping you find ways to fit in self-care and fitness any way that works for you and your schedule. 

So, go get em, girl. Get that quick cardio sesh in. We promise you will never regret the time you found to take care of yourself and get your fitness in.