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A One-week Walking Plan That Will Help You Scorch Calories and Lose Weight

Here’s why walking is king when it comes to weight loss.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Walking is not talked about enough when it comes to its amazing health benefits. It’s not only the ideal low-impact workout to help you burn some serious calories and lose weight, but it’s great for the mind as well. There’s just something about getting out in the fresh air and going for a brisk walk that can turn your entire day around. And, even if you’re walking on the treadmill, that post cardio endorphin rush is exactly what you need for a better mood. 

If you’re ready to really fire up your workouts with some low-impact cardio, here’s a one-week workout plan to help you burn calories and lose weight.

One-Week Walking Plan for Weight Loss


Start your week off on the right foot with a brisk 20-minute walk. If it’s nice out, get outside for the first walk of the week. If it’s too cold or rainy, get on the treadmill and get a 20-minute power walk in. Make this your endurance training day to really work up a sweat and burn some calories. 


Do a little interval training with a combo of brisk walking and jogging. Follow that with two minutes of jogging followed by five minutes of brisk walking. Do this for a total of 40 minutes to really get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. 


Using the middle of the week as your day to get out for another brisk walk, but this time try 30 minutes. Move a little faster than you did on Monday, and challenge yourself! Remember that the more you challenge yourself, the more calories you burn, and the better your results. 


Do some speed walking today followed up with a cool down. Speed walk for about a minute, followed by two minutes of slow-paced walking. Do this for 20 minutes for a kick-butt cardio workout. 


End the week with a brisk walk, almost as quick as a jog. Do this for 10 minutes (or less if you need to) followed up with 10 minutes of a slower-paced cool down. 


To welcome in the weekend, do exactly what you did on Wednesday by getting a 30-minute brisk walk in. Maybe walk to the closest coffee shop and treat yourself to a latte and then take a slower pace to walk back home. Do something that will make your Saturday walk fun, because we firmly believe that exercise doesn’t have to be boring! 


Slow things down for your Sunday walk. Get the dog out for a nice walk or grab a friend to walk and chat. Use Sunday as your active recovery day by walking about a mile at a moderate, but comfortable pace. Do some gentle stretching or a FitOn yoga video after your walk to help center your mind and body before you get your week started.

Walk, Burn Calories, and Center Your Mind

Don’t underestimate the power of walking. Walking is an excellent way to really get your body moving without putting too much stress on your muscles and joints, and is something that’s free, and great for your mind as well! Plus, walking has been found to help reduce body fat and even increase cardiovascular fitness endurance. 

Get outside and get walking. You may be surprised at just how great daily walking is for weight loss and overall health.