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8 At Home Workouts For Moms on The Go

Think you don’t have time to work out? We have you covered with options for even the busiest moms.

By: FitOn

As a mom, you probably put everyone’s needs before your own. You’re always on the go, getting kids ready for school, finishing that report for your boss, and baking cupcakes for the PTA meeting. How on earth can you make time to take care of yourself?

You need to find time for self-care in order to maintain the stamina it takes to keep juggling all of your obligations. You need to eat right, sleep well, and get some exercise at least a few days per week.

Here are ten tips for at home workouts which can help you stay strong and sane as you live the life of a busy professional woman, mother, and all around Superwoman.

8 At Home Workouts For Even The Busiest Moms

#1 Go for a Walk

A brisk walk with the dog or a walk home from escorting the children to the bus stop can get your heart beating enough for a cardio session. Try to take at least 20 minutes to maintain that level of exercise, even if it means an extra circle around the block.

By choosing to walk reasonable distances instead of taking the car or a taxi, you can also get in a workout while accomplishing other tasks as well. Now, that’s a mom win.

#2 In-Home Gym Equipment

It can be tempting to use the stationary bike as a clothing rack, so try placing it in a room where you will need to actually use it instead of by the clothes closet.  By making a corner of your basement or attic into a gym, you are dedicating that space to taking care of yourself on a regular basis.

Set up a TV or music system so you can keep yourself informed or entertained while you work up a sweat. Add a few hand weights for toning, and a mat to get down on the floor for stretching and sit-ups.

#3 Work Out with Family

Exercise does not need to be a solitary activity. Set a good example for your kids and get them to join in on the morning run. Or challenge them to pull-ups on a bar hung in the garage.

Maybe you can persuade your spouse to get up with you in the morning for a twenty minute Pilates session. It’s a fun way to bond and get some quality time together before the hectic day begins.

Playtime is not only fun but can provide much-needed movement at the end of a long desk-bound day. Why not set up a basketball hoop behind the house and organize a pick-up game with the family? Or throw a football around on the weekends.

By incorporating movement into your family activities, you get away from the computer and instill healthy habits in everyone.

#4 Fitness Apps

It’s hard to stay accountable and stick to a consistent workout schedule when you are a busy professional. Try a fitness app like FitOn to help you stay on track, especially for those at home workouts.

This app can provide data like how many calories you are burning and your daily heart rate.  You can set it to include friends and family, for some healthy competition.

#5 Off Hours Exercise

Many women find that the wee hours of the morning are when they can get lots of things done. Before the kids wake up, and while hubby is still snoring, you have the peace and quiet to focus on you.

Why not set the clock an hour earlier three mornings a week, and start a yoga practice while everyone is still resting?

Or, if you are a night owl, try a workout after everyone has hit the sack! It will clear your mind and tire out your body. With many fitness apps, you can take a remote class at the time that is convenient for you – even in the middle of the night!

#6 Use the Stairs!

Even if you can’t get to the gym in your own home, you can use everyday alternatives to add some movement to your day. Instead of taking the elevator to your office, use the stairs! Or try doing sprints up and down the stairs in your own home to work up a sweat.

Climbing stairs leverages gravity and burns maximum calories. It works out problem areas like thighs, butt, and stomach. It builds bone strength and is low impact, so it does not put undue pressure on joints.

#7 Yoga

Exercise is not just about burning fat. The body needs sustained stretching for agility and flexibility, traits that are even more crucial as we age.

By keeping your body limber, you may protect yourself from injuries later in life. It also feels good and provides relaxation.

Yoga has been used for thousands of years to heal the body and soul. If you have a stressful life, taking a few minutes out of your day for this mindful exercise and meditation can solve many ills.

If you are unacquainted with the principles of yoga and don’t have time to take a class IRL (aka, in real life,), try a remote class via an app.  Many great teachers reach a wide audience by delivering their instruction digitally.

#8 HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training is an amazingly effective way to get in a lot of exercise in a short amount of time.  If you can only spare a few minutes a day, a carefully sequenced series of moves including planks, medicine balls, and cardio is a fast route to fitness.

HIIT is based on the concept of short, intense bursts of energy, which kick up metabolism to burn calories and shred muscle groups. With a few pieces of equipment in your basement workout room, you can get the results you seek with a short intense session every other day.

Working Out At Home: You Can Do it!

No matter what your fitness level or schedule, it is possible to design some at home workouts to help you stay healthy and happy no matter how busy your life is. Take advantage of the technological advances which allow you to enjoy customized fitness classes in the comfort of your own home, or simply integrate more movement into your family time. You will be glad you did it!