Sydney Benner

Stretch | Toning | Yoga | Barre | Dance


Sydney Benner has devoted her life to connecting people through movement. She has created the popular program TAKE FLIGHT FITNESS, a non-stop workout fusing yoga and dance which has taken off worldwide. In addition to writing for multiple fitness publications, Sydney has been featured in many fitness videos, summits, and series for companies and influencers.

Sydney’s FitOn Classes

Sydney Benner teaches a variety of FitOn classes, including toning and dance classes, as well as yoga and barre. No matter what your fitness level, Sydney has a feel-good class for you.

Take your yoga practice to the next level by adding weights to your flow. Yoga Sculpt is about building both strength and balance to your body while keeping up your mindful yoga practice.

Implement this flow into your daily routine to develop more flexibility, strength, and power.

Looking for a booty like your favorite celebrity? We’ve got you covered. In this Booty Barre Blast you will be zeroing in on glutes and leg specific exercises that are both fun and effective.

Sydney’s Top Tips

In the FitOn app, you’ll also find some of Sydney’s top tips, including tips for elevating your mood, the importance of exercise, and tips on how to be more comfortable with yoga.

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