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7 Life-Changing Microhabits For Your Healthiest Year Yet

Because mini daily habits can completely transform your health

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Tis the season for wellness habits, cleaner eating, and fitness goals. The new year always comes with a fresh outlook at what we want to achieve in the new year, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we have you covered. 

We’re sharing how to reach your health and wellness goals through seven life-changing micro habits. And by micro habits, we mean small, yet very effective habits that anyone can squeeze into their day. 

Why Micro Habits?

Instead of looking at giant new year’s resolutions and feeling totally stressed, we’re all about the micro habits that are set up to be pretty darn close to fail-proof. Why? Because gone are the days where new year’s resolutions had to be overly impressive but totally not realistic. 

We want you to feel your best in 2020, so read on read on to learn about seven micro wellness habits we all can find time for, even on the most chaotic days. 

7 Micro Wellness Habits You Can Fit in Even on The Busiest Days 

#1 Make One Health Promise Per Day 

One of the most game-changing wellness habits for 2020 is all about making one health promise and committing to it each day. Make these promises very small (almost fail-proof). For example, make a commitment at the start of the day to do 20 squats—anyone can squeeze in 20 squats, right? Or, maybe you want to commit to drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day. 

Think about something small and very achievable that you can do each day—you would be shocked at what one small health commitment each day can do for your health. 

#2 Make a 5 Minute Self-Care Commitment Each Day 

Feel like self-care is out of reach? Trust us, we feel ya. A lack of time is really the number one reason self-care doesn’t happen. We get too busy taking care of everything else on our to-do list that self-care doesn’t happen. 

But, hold up—one of your daily micro wellness habits can completely turn this around. Simply commit to five minutes per day. Yup, five minutes to take care of you! Whether this means waking up five minutes earlier for a quick sweat sesh or taking five minutes to breathe and meditate before bed. Five minutes of time for YOU can completely transform your health and your mood. 

#3 Boost One Meal Per Day 

If you’re like many ladies looking to clean up their eating habits, this one’s for you. Instead of stressing about doing a total overhaul of your current eating situation, focus on one meal per day. 

This is the whole point of having micro wellness habits—instead of making things totally out of reach and just not sustainable, break your wellness habits down into health commitments you can actually stick to. When you focus on just one meal per day, you are much more likely to stick to it. And, if you eat three meals per day, and you really focus on boosting one meal with whole and nutrient-dense foods (aka foods without a label like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds). Boosting one meal per day means ⅓ of your diet is full of wholesome foods—not bad! 

In time, you may find yourself eating cleaner for two or even three meals per day. 

#4 Start Your Day With a Smoothie 

If you live a crazy busy life and breakfast just isn’t happening these days, that blender that’s been collecting dust is soon going to become your BFF. Starting your day with a smoothie is not only a great way to pack in a ton of nutritional goodness, but it’s crazy easy. Plus, smoothies are totally portable, so you can bring them on the go (win, win!) 

#5 Make One Fitness Commitment Each Day 

Don’t freak out just yet—if the idea of exercising on the daily has you sweating, seriously, don’t sweat it. Exercising shouldn’t be all or nothing. If you can’t fit an hour workout in, 15 minutes will do. 

Make one fitness commitment each day based on your schedule. Look at your day and think about what’s realistic—trust us, you’ll feel way less stressed if you allow yourself to feel accomplished with a ten-minute ab workout if the hour cardio sesh just isn’t possible. 

So, commit to some type of movement each day, even if a quick FitOn 5-Min Booty Booster with Bree Koegel is all you can fit in. 

#6 Decide on One Area to Work on Each Day 

Wellness habits can really focus on all aspects of health, so another great micro habit involves thinking about one area to work on each day. Maybe you want to cut back on sugar. If that’s the case, commit to having one less teaspoon of sugar in your morning cup of coffee. 

Just think about something to work on each day, or even something to work on for a week, and stick to it! Once you reach that goal, work on the next goal, being sure to be realistic about the new healthy habits your set. 

#7 Set Boundaries Around Electronics 

We can’t deny the fact that the digital world we live in has opened the doors for so many different convenient things right at our fingertips. But, if you find that scrolling through Insta or checking Facebook all day is interfering with your other goals, set some boundaries around electronics. 

Make a habit out of setting aside 30 minutes per day to turn off social media phone notifications. Maybe during this time, you really focus on getting a good sweat sesh in, or you crack open a book you’ve been meaning to read instead. 

Just learning how to let the distractions go, and focusing on what really needs to get done can be extremely useful in all aspects of your life. 

Set Microhabits, Not Unrealistic Resolutions This Year 

There you have it. Seven micro wellness habits that may completely transform your year. 

This year, ditch the idea that resolutions and goals have to be extravagant. Instead, focus on micro wellness habits that can make working towards your health goals easier. 

And, by following through with your daily wellness habits, not only will you feel amazing about your rock star self, but you may just crush those goals quicker than if you took on far too much at one time. 

So, go get em’ girl, tackle those health goals one micro wellness habit at a time.