5 Things Every Beginner Needs to Know About Transforming Your Body

This will get you off to a super positive start.

By: Chelsea Frank

So you’re ready to begin your transformation. How exciting! Maybe you want to lose some weight, feel more confident in your clothes, or maybe you simply want to be an all-around happier and more positive person. Whatever your reasoning is, it’s awesome that you want to embark on this journey of self-improvement! 

Since you may be just getting started, we thought we might show you around. Here are five things every beginner should know when beginning their healthy lifestyle transformation! 

5 Things Every Beginner Needs to Know About Taking on a New Healthy Lifestyle 

#1 It Takes Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your perfect handstand isn’t going to happen immediately either (and that’s totally fine!) It can be difficult to have patience when you’re desperate to fit into those pants or look good for that event, but by shifting your focus from pounds lost to small successes, it’ll be much easier to maintain your patience. 

For example, instead of finishing a workout and checking the scale right away, write down how you feel. 

Try some positive pep talk like:

  • “I feel strong,” 
  • “I was feeling sluggish this morning, and I’m proud of myself for getting that workout in anyway.” 
  • “It felt so great to be able to hold that wall sit for an extra 30 seconds!” 

You’ll be amazed at what a simple shift can do for your motivation to keep pushing forward. 

#2 You Need A Strong ‘Why’

Research shows that successful transformation requires a strong “why.” Before you begin on your transformation journey, take some time to identify why you want to change your behavior or lifestyle. 

  • Is it for your family? 
  • Is it for your self-esteem? 
  • Do you want to have better moods and a more positive outlook on life? 

Make it meaningful and personal to you, so that when you have off days or times you feel like giving up, you can come back to your “why” and remember what those last ten reps are really for.

#3 It Will Get Easier

We’re not trying to fool you — transformation is difficult! If it was easy, everyone would do it. But just because it’s tough in the beginning, doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get easier with time. 

Your body will change, grow, and get stronger with consistency and commitment. Once you’re rocking 50 consecutive push-ups, you’ll look back at Beginner You with pride! (Speaking from someone who can’t do one decent push-up, here!)

#4 Don’t Compare Yourself, Everyone Is Different 

It sounds cliché, but restraining from comparing yourself to others can sometimes be harder to stick to than the actual workouts! If you’re planning on starting your transformation with a friend or buddy, remember that every body is different and unique. 

Studies show that results usually take around eight weeks to begin showing, but don’t compare yourself to others’ weight loss or achievements. 

You’re doing you, and that’s awesome. Set your own goals, celebrate your own wins, and compete against yourself. 

#5 Transformation Never Stops

You’re never “done” when it comes to transformation. Self-improvement is a lifelong journey and a lifestyle, so get used to your new friend! 

Sure, the goals may change, and your body might require different things at different times (and ages), but there’s no time limit on becoming the best You. 

You’re Already Off to a Great Start

Remember: the fact that you’ve even begun this transformation journey is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations on unlocking the first level of achievement — the start of a healthier, happier, and more energetic you.