The Whole30 Diet: Here’s What You Need to Know

Radically change your diet and reset your body with the Whole30 Diet.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Chances are you’ve heard about the Whole30 Diet at some point over the last few years. it came swinging into the wellness field at full-force a few years ago (although the diet has been around since 2009!) People started embarking on Whole30 Diet challenges where they focused on whole and real foods for 30 days as a way to radically change their health and reset their bodies. Whole30 Diet co-creator Melissa Hartwig is pretty much a total nutrition genius as she has helped thousands of people say no to the junky, crappy foods we are inundated with today, and say yes to foods that give us exactly what we need to thrive.

Interested in learning more about Whole30? Read on.

What is the Whole30 Diet?

The general gist is all about eating real foods for 30 whole days while avoiding the harmful foods on the Whole30 “no” list. The point is to allow your body time to heal from the inflammatory foods found in the Standard American Diet. The Whole30 Diet essentially allows your body to reset and repair by avoiding the most inflammatory foods.

So, what even is “real” food anyway? We’re going to tell you! Here are the real foods you can eat during the 30-day program.

  • Liberal amounts of fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruit
  • Moderate amounts of meat, seafood, eggs
  • Lots of healthy fats (think avocados, whole eggs, ghee, clarified butter)
  • Fresh herbs & spices

And, what about the foods you want to steer clear of? Here are the foods that you won’t find on the Whole30 diet.

  • Real or artificial sugar
  • Grains
  • Legumes (except for green beans and sugar snap peas)
  • Dairy (Except for ghee & clarified butter)
  • Junk food
  • MSG
  • Sulfites
  • Carrageenan
  • Alcohol

While the Whole30 Diet means eliminating many of the foods you may be used to enjoying regularly, we have faith that you can do this for 30 days! It’s 30 days that can completely transform your health and how you think about food, so we think it is totally worth giving a go.

The Benefits of the Whole-30 Diet?

The name in and of itself tells us one of the biggest benefits of this diet. It’s about focusing on whole and nutrient dense foods and eliminating the inflammatory foods that are linked to so many chronic diseases seen today. But wait, there’s so much more! Here are some of the biggest reasons we love the Whole30 Diet around here.

  • Helps reduce sugar cravings
  • Supports the addition of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet
  • Helps promote a better relationship with food
  • Encourages healthy eating habits well past the 30 days
  • Provides balanced nutritional support
  • Feel better than you have in a long time! This one’s big. You may be shocked when symptoms of chronic pain, stomach distress, chronic skin issues, and seasonal allergies start to improve once you clean up your diet.

So, You Want to Try it? Here’s Why We Think You Should

The Whole30 Diet is an excellent diet program for anyone who needs a reboot or a healthy eating kickstart. And, one of the best parts is that most people who do Whole30 stick to this healthier way of eating way past the 30 days. It becomes more of a total lifestyle change once you start to feel a million times better than before ditching the inflammatory provoking foods.

So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself 30 days to completely transform your health. You can SO do it, girl! We are cheering you on, and can’t wait for you to harness the amazing power of nutrition to feel your absolute best.