Healthy Eating

7 Foods That Rev Up Your Metabolism

Beyond the basic foods we’re all told to eat.


A healthy, revved-up metabolism is key when it comes to fat loss. You can think of metabolism as the engine in our bodies responsible for turning food into fuel and burning up calories in the process. Much of our metabolic rate and speed is regulated by our bodies, which do a beautiful job of handling this complex system all on their own, but there are also certain foods that increase metabolism, which if you’re looking to burn fat and calories, is definitely something worth paying attention to!

Here are seven superstars to chow down on.

The Top 7 Foods That Increase Metabolism 

#1 Chickpeas

Thanks to their high protein content, this versatile, healthy legume requires more energy to burn off, which makes your metabolism work harder. A nutritional powerhouse for many reasons, chickpeas are also loaded with healthy fiber and protein and keep you fuller for longer. 

#2 Brazil nuts

You’ve no doubt heard how a healthy thyroid seems to be key for just about…everything, but did you realize it’s also crucial for the metabolism? Brazil nuts are one of our favorite not so commonly talked about foods that increase the metabolism. They contain a whopping amount of selenium, a key mineral for thyroid health—more than any other food on earth, so less it more when it comes to these bad boys. Literally, one or two brazil nuts will do the trick, and they’re delish in a trail mix (more than 400 mcg/day can have negative effects.) 

#3 Chili peppers

Aye, caliente! Not only will chilis add some serious kick to your dishes, but a chemical found in chilis called capsaicin helps to help set a fire under your metabolism, in the best possible way, by sending fat-burning signals to the brain.

#4 Lentils

Another protein-rich food, lentils are a BFF for your metabolism because of the principal known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). Basically, the higher in protein, the more a food increases your metabolic rate – think a 15-30% jump, far more than that of carbs or fats

#5 Coffee 

That’s right, we’re giving you permission to not kick that morning habit…because studies have shown that the caffeine in your morning cup of joe (best to limit your caffeine intake to the morning, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep), may help you to burn body fat and extra calories throughout the day – the exact amount depends on the person. 

#6 Ginger

This warm and exotic-tasting spice earns itself a spot on many health articles for numerous health perks, but ginger makes it onto our list of foods that increase metabolism, especially when consumed prior to or with a meal. Sip on some gingery tea or simply dissolve ginger powder in water, which can help you burn an additional 40 + calories.

#7 Brown rice

A star grain and staple of many diets, brown rice helps to bump up our metabolism thanks to the fact that it’s a whole food—meaning the opposite of processed. You can tell by that yummy, chewy, texture, which requires more work on your body to break down and digest (aka more calorie-burning!) 

At the end of the day, we all want a speedy, revved-up metabolism and a body primed to burn fat.  Our genetics play a role, but our food choices also play a tremendous role in our overall health and our metabolism. Luckily, Mother Nature has our back and provides so many delicious, nutrition-packed ways we can keep our metabolisms revving and naturally healthy. 

Use Foods to Get That Metabolism Revved 

Nutrition is really key for all areas of health, and when used to your advantage, you can really make the most of the food you add to your diet. Get your metabolism fired up with these seven metabolism-boosting rockstar foods. Not only will your metabolism get a boost, but your health will too.