Kenta Seki

Strength | HIIT | Circuits |Cardio |Stretch | Toning


Kenta Seki has helped guide & inspire hundreds of thousands of people on their health & fitness journeys. He has starred in over 100 fitness DVDs and has worked closely with some of the fitness industry’s leading brands. His positive personality, fit physique, and fun yet challenging workouts have also connected him with many celebrity clients. He passionately encourages people to lead healthy, happy, and sexy lifestyles.

Kenta Seki’s FitOn Classes

Kenta Seki teaches a variety of FitOn classes, including HIIT, cardio, circuits, toning, and strength-focused workouts. Whether you’re a beginner or are looking for a more advanced option, Kenta has a class for every fitness level.

Get ready to say hello new abs with this quick but effective bodyweight ab workout.

Let’s load up with some dumbbells and work your Push muscles, which include your chest, triceps, shoulders & quads.

Grab a few sets of dumbbells and get ready to tone and strengthen your arms.

Kenta’s Top Tips

In the FitOn app, you’ll also find some of Kenta’s top tips, including tips on self-love and confidence.

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