JJ Dancer

Barre | Dance | Kickboxing


Jennifer “JJ Dancer” is a certified personal trainer, professional dancer & choreographer, and the “it girl” of hip-hop dance cardio workouts. JJ has trained many high profile clients including Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan & Nicole Scherzinger and is also the creator of the hip-hop dance cardio fitness program, JJ Dancer Method. JJ’s love for her work is infectious and makes training extremely FUN for all fitness levels.

JJ’s FitOn Classes

JJ Dancer teaches a variety of FitOn classes, including dance, barre, and kickboxing workouts. JJ offers classes for all fitness levels.

This is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Combining ballet, barre, dance and strength training – you will tone, define and chisel your entire body. Be prepared for an occasional twerk or body roll to spice things up!

Dancing is one of the best ways to keep your body toned and your cardiovascular system in-check. Bring your sexy as you mix plyometric exercises with fun, easy-to-follow dance moves.

See what happens when you mash kickboxing, hip-hop, and strength moves into one sweat-dripping groove. This fusion routine will firm every inch and give your workout the one-two punch it needs to melt mega calories in less time.

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