Jacquelyn Umof

Yoga| Stretch


Jacquelyn Umof began as a ballerina, then turned Laker Girl. She’s been teaching group fitness and training private clients for 10 years and loves sharing her passion for exercise, healthy living, and self-love practices. Jacquelyn is well known for her flexibility program, Get Stretchy, and has helped thousands of people become more flexible and comfortable in their bodies.

Jacquelyn Umof’s FitOn Classes

Jacquelyn Umof teaches a variety of FitOn yoga and stretch classes and has an option for every fitness level. From Yoga Strong to Get Stretchy, Jacquelyn has a class for everyone.

A strong yoga flow designed to lengthen and stretch the entire body.

This beginner yoga flow will open the chest, arms and shoulders to create length and expand the heart’s energy.

This beginner flexibility yoga flow is a signature workout that will stretch your entire body. Breathe and stretch into deep spaciousness as you hit each pose.

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