6 Fall Fitness Tips to Help You Stay on Track

There’s no better time to reboot your routine.

By: Emily Freeman

A luxury of seasonal change? Feeling totally okay cuddling up on the couch with a soft blanket at 5:30 pm on a chilly fall evening. Believe us, we’re all for self-care nights and slowing down with the seasons, but don’t forget about your fall fitness goals! Self-care also looks like complimenting your cozy routine with some movement, which may not only help you feel more energized but may help keep the positive post-summer vibes flowing as we head into the new season. 

These six fall fitness tips will help you embrace the new season and help you stay on track during the colder and darker months of the year.  

6 Fall Fitness Tips to Help You Stay Motivated 

#1 Take Your Workout Outdoors

Since it’s not too hot and snow isn’t quite on the ground yet, it’s the perfect season to take your workouts outside. Whether it’s jogging around your neighborhood park, hitting the trails, or taking your FitOn class outside, adding fresh air and any potential sunlight to your workouts can help boost your happy hormones during a season when moods can start to shift. Who doesn’t love to look good and feel great too?

#2 Make it Social 

Fall schedules can get busy and making plans with friends or family can be a bit more challenging. Stay motivated in your fall fitness routine by asking a friend or family member to be your workout buddy! It can help you stay accountable and on track. 

Don’t have a partner in mind? Group fitness classes are a great way to socialize as you sweat. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next workout buddy! You can also invite your friends to join FitOn and work out together using FitOn Party! 

#3 Bundle Up Before You Head Outside 

You’ll feel more comfortable during your workout if you’re properly dressed, eliminating one more excuse to skip your workout that day. Make sure you have breathable layers that keep you warm while you sweat. 

And, if you’re in the mood to treat yourself, this is a great excuse to add some cute new workout clothes to your fall wardrobe!

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#4 Press Play On Your Favorite Home Workout Video

There’s no reason to let a little rain (or darkness or cold) get in the way of your fall fitness goals. When you’re in a pinch, putting on your favorite FitOn workout video will be your saving grace. 

And, knowing you’ll be listening to awesome music while being motivated by an expert trainer will have you pumped up for your next workout. 

#5 Take Advantage of Your Lunch Hour

When the mornings and evenings are darker, make your lunch hour count! Use this time wisely and fit in a quick workout. Getting in a quick HIIT workout, a jog around the neighborhood, or a fitness class can help break up your busy day, give you an energy boost, and increase your productivity. 

#6 Exercise Both Mind and Body 

After a long summer, fall is an exhilarating change of pace. And, in the midst of busy schedules and soon-to-be holiday mayhem, this change in season can be a great time to turn inward and ground down. 

Adding mindfulness workouts to your routine can help you stay fit, increase flexibility, alleviate joint pain, improve balance and find your calm in the chaos. Browse the FitOn yoga category for a variety of yoga classes you can do right from your home for free!

Make Your Fitness Routine Work For You This Fall Season

As summer vacations end and the trees start to shed their leaves, there’s excitement in the air and a collective desire to revisit routines. There’s really no better time to reboot your workouts and find a fall fitness routine that keeps you energized, fit, agile, and healthy through the colder months. Oh, and your PSL definitely tastes that much sweeter after a good sweat!