Do This Type of Yoga Weekly to Help You Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Get zen, feel the burn, and watch the pounds melt away.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Drop the idea that yoga can’t help you lose weight. Get ready to look at yoga in a completely different way. We’re filling you in on what you need to know about how yoga can take your fitness routine to the next level and help you burn fat and lose weight. 

Trust us, you’ll be wanting to add yoga to your workout routine. And you’ll want to do so for more than just active recovery and stress relief. 

Yoga for Weight Loss

If the idea that yoga can help you burn fat and lose weight is new to you, you’re not alone. For many of us, cardio is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to weight loss. But, here’s the thing, yoga may be great for weight loss for quite a few reasons. 

Yoga Reduces Stress:

  • Let’s face it, stress is a recipe for weight gain. It is known to add weight right where we don’t want it (yup, our midsection). This all has to do with that notorious stress hormone cortisol. When released in excess amounts (like when we’re under chronic stress,) it can lead to weight gain, sugar cravings, and even irritability. Basically, it’s not a hormone any of us want out of whack. So, the best way to keep it in check? Reduce your stress! Yoga is amazing for stress reduction. And when practiced regularly, you may find that weight loss becomes just a tad easier.

Yoga Can Help Tone:

  • True yogis tend to be super toned with chiseled arms and abs from all of those upward dogs, chaturangas, and plank poses. Plus, let’s not forget about the bridge pose, and the muscle shaking chair pose we all dread in yoga class. While these may cause some serious burn, it’s doing some great things for your muscle strength and tone. Don’t underestimate how toning yoga can be. Weekly yoga can be a great way to target various muscle groups and really tone and strengthen your entire body. 

Yoga Can be Hard!

  • If you’ve ever been to a Vinyasa yoga class, then  you know that yoga can be challenging. While it’s meant to be more of a relaxing and slower-paced workout than hard-core cardio or HIIT, depending on the style of yoga, it can definitely still be a solid workout. 

Want in on our fav yoga style to help you burn fat and lose weight? Read on.

Do This Type of Yoga Weekly to Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Drum roll, please. Here’s what you really want to know. The style of yoga that may actually help you burn fat and lose weight. 

Our top pick is Vinyasa. You know, the style of yoga that requires you to go through various poses like downward dog, to Chaturanga, and upward dog all while using your breath as you go from one exercise to the next? All that movement can really work up a sweat and burn some serious calories. 

It’s one of our favorites because not only are you getting a good burn it, but you are also encouraged to use your breathe and decrease stress. It’s pretty much a win, win for weight loss, so get a good Vinyasa yoga workout in at least once per week. 

Get Your Yoga on

Go ahead and get your yoga on. Grab your mat, press play on one of our FitOn yoga workouts with FitOn trainers Vytas or Jacquelyn right from the comfort of your own home. They are sure to help you get zen all while heating up the body, burning some calories and doing some amazing things for your parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga does it all, and we think we all could benefit from adding a little more yoga to our weekly workout schedule.