4 Signs That You’re Not Doing Enough Cardio + 5 Killer Cardio Workouts

It’s not always about strength training gains. Cardio matters too.


If you’re a total fitness rockstar, but wondering if you have the right mix of cross-training in your current fitness routine, we got you covered. We’re talking all about how to know if you aren’t getting enough cardio, plus five cardio workouts to burn calories. 

Here are the four telltale signs that you may not be working up that cardio sweat enough. 

4 Signs That You Aren’t Getting Enough Cardio Into Your Fitness Routine 

#1 You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau 

So, this is likely one of the most obvious signs you aren’t amping up your workouts with enough cardio. While strength training also helps aid weight loss, there’s nothing quite like getting those cardio workouts that burn calories into your current fitness routine. 

So, if you have suddenly stopped losing weight, it may be time to up your cardio a bit. 

#2 You Fatigue Quickly 

If you find yourself totally wiped out after every single workout, it may be time to up your cardio game. 

Getting cardio into your fitness routine can help improve stamina, helping you power through your workouts longer. If you aren’t training your cardiovascular system, you may run the risk of running out of steam before the workout is over. 

#3 You Don’t Bounce Back After a Workout Very Quickly 

Training your cardiovascular system also helps speed up recovery. If you find yourself depleted right after your workout, and not able to exercise the next day, this could be a sign you aren’t working on your cardio fitness enough. 

#4 You Don’t See The Physical Changes You Are Looking For 

Whether your fitness goals surround weight loss or toning, not getting enough cardio may be the reason you aren’t seeing the results you want. 

And this could present in the form of a weight loss plateau, but it could also mean that you aren’t seeing the muscle growth or tone that you want. 

Getting regular cardiovascular training can help strengthen muscles, leaving us with that toned and sexy look we’re going for. Think about it—cardio training requires us to move large muscles vigorously throughout the workout. It’s not just our heart we’re training with cardio, it’s all muscles involved as well. 

5 Cardio Workouts to Scorch Calories Without Stepping Foot in the Gym 

Ready to amp up your cardio a bit with some cardio workouts to burn calories? Here are our top picks that you can find for FREE in your FitOn app. All classes are taught by our amazing celebrity trainers or are celebs themselves to not only help take your fitness goals to the next level, but to make cardio seriously fun. 

#1 HIIT & Shred

If you’re in a pinch, but want to get a quick burn in to scorch some serious cals, this workout is for you. 

Danielle Pascente takes you through a 19-minute intense total body workout, leaving you dripping in sweat and feeling like a boss.  

#2 Fat Burn Cardio 

Want to turn on your body’s fat-burning game? This Fat Burn Cardio class, taught by Kenta Seki, requires zero equipment and less than 30 minutes of your time. Burn calories and move on with your busy day! You’ll be glad you did. 

#3 The Drop 

Get ready for a fun fast-paced, high-intensity cardio workout with Breann Mitchell. This is one of those workouts that is sure to scorch calories and will leave you in a much better mood than before you started. 

#4 Full Body Blitz

Full body workouts are the bomb. You can target every muscle group and get your cardio work in with this Full Body Blitz class that’s led by Danielle Pascente. You’ll leave dripping in sweat with that post-workout energy boost to take on the rest of your day. 

#5 Cardio Core 

What’s better than being able to work on your core while also breaking a serious cardio sweat? Bree Koegel will get you through 18 minutes of intense core and cardio work to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Become a Cardio Boss 

If cardio intimidates you, you totally aren’t alone. There’s something about the intensity of these workouts that can make them seem scarier than they are. Start looking at these workouts as a way to channel your inner boss. Not only will it help you release some pent up stress, but you’ll scorch some calories at the same time. 

So, make it a goal to get at least two cardio sessions in per week if you’re looking to gain muscle, and up to five days per week, if you’re trying to lose weight. It may be the game-changer you need to start moving your fitness goals in the direction that you want.