The Greatest Mental Health Habits We’re Taking Into 2023

Plus, the newest 2023 mental health trends to watch for!

By: Lexy Parsons

Although we’ve got a long way to go, mental health awareness has improved over the years. 

We’re seeing increased mental health awareness, steps toward reducing the mental health stigma, and a rise in brands and products that support mental health. As mental health continues to become a popular and pressing topic of conversation, we’re taking a look at all of the successful mental health habits to take into 2023! From mental health mocktails to exercising for mental health, we’re sharing the top trends you need in the year ahead. Plus, a look at the newest trends you can expect to see!

9 Mental Health Trends That Are Here to Stay

Setting Healthy Boundaries 

After many years of people-pleasing, over-committing to plans, and saying yes when we really want to say no, we’re finally learning to set healthy boundaries. Maybe you’re saying yes to avoid conflict, spare someone’s feelings, or lend a helping hand. But, if you’re saying yes at the expense of your physical, mental, or emotional health, you’re really saying “no” to yourself. This could be in your professional life, personal life, or social life! 

The good news? We’re seeing a push for a better work-life balance and more and more people getting on board with boundary setting

Exercising for Mental Health

In the past, exercise was largely focused on body image, burning calories, and torching fat. Plus, a common myth was that a ‘real’ or ‘good’ workout meant exercising for hours on end. Thankfully, we’re seeing a huge shift in mentality — rather than working out to lose weight or look a certain way, more and more people are exercising for mental health! 

Considering movement plays a vital role in mental health, boosting mood and energy, and reducing stress, we’re huge advocates of making movement a daily part of your routine, but in a fun and sustainable way. 

Browse the For You category in the FitOn app for workout suggestions, or try a new workout experience to spice things up a bit! From workouts with celebrities like Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union to Vuori and BANDIER workouts, there’s something for everyone. 

Eating For Nourishment 

Similar to exercise, our goals for healthy eating have shifted. Rather than count calories, we’re counting nutrients and colors! The latest health food trends are centered around eating minimally processed whole foods, clean ingredient labels, and obtaining our foods from local and sustainable sources. What a welcomed mindset shift! Rather than restrictive eating, we’re seeing an emphasis on eating for nourishment and mental health. This includes boosting our diet with superfoods and brain-supportive nutrients, minimizing processed foods and sugars, and steering away from diet culture. More of this for 2023!

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Taking a Social Media Hiatus

While social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, more and more people have reduced their social media usage over the past year — some have even taken a break from social media altogether. As social media has been shown to increase anxiety, depression, loneliness, and addictive behaviors (thanks to the hit of dopamine we get every time we get a ‘like’ or refresh our feed), taking a social media hiatus is one of the top mental health habits we’re taking into the new year.

While you don’t have to call it quits on social media forever, consider taking a break on a regular basis. This could be signing off for the weekend, going tech-free at a certain time every night, or doing a long-duration log-off every now and then. Your mental health will thank you!

Virtual Therapy & Digital Mental Health Support

According to recent consumer data, 62% of healthcare consumers prefer telehealth consultations and virtual healthcare options. It’s more accessible and convenient. As the need for mental health support becomes more apparent, we’re seeing growing virtual options (from apps to telehealth), increased accessibility (with 24/7 access to professional support), and more individualized and specialized care. And good news —  virtual therapy is here to stay!

Mental Health in the Workplace

With heightened levels of employee stress, burnout, and feelings of overwhelm, mental health in the workplace has become a major topic of conversation. Employers are expanding mental health support at work with more flexible schedules, remote work options, accessible and affordable resources, and improved boundaries for a better work-life balance.

As mental health continues to be a top priority in the workplace, we’re certainly continuing this conversation well into the new year! 

Less is More Mentality

Pre-pandemic, we lived in a hustle culture. We worshiped the idea of working ourselves ragged and snubbed the idea of self-care. Think: intense and long-lasting workouts, working around the clock, filling our calendars from dawn till dusk, and running on little to no sleep. Thankfully, we’re starting to see that being busy is not always better, and more is not always more! In fact, we’ve started to adopt a less is more mentality. This means flexible work schedules with a healthy work-life balance, shorter-duration workouts (that have proven to be equally if not more effective), prioritizing sleep care and self-care, and being *more than* okay with doing less.

Not only are we seeing benefits in mental health (with reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety, and burnout), but we’re seeing improved overall health! You bet we’ll be focusing on this mental health mentality in 2023.

Social & Sober  

The sober curiosity movement, in which people ditch alcohol for mental health benefits, has taken the world by storm. Non-alcoholic drinks and buzz-less beverages have been steadily trending, causing tons of social drinkers to rethink their relationship with alcohol.  

Not only has this become a socially-welcomed healthy alternative, but it’s helped break the stigma against a sober lifestyle. And you don’t have to be struggling with an addiction to jump on this trend either. We’re seeing both adults and younger individuals opt for healthy mocktails over cocktails due to the mental health benefits, and brands are fully supporting this lifestyle shift! Botanical and functional beverages, non-alcoholic beers, and superfood-boosted bubbly beverages (made with the additions of brain-boosting adaptogens and nootropics) are all the rage. Bars and restaurants are even adding them to the menu, making it easy to stay sober and social! Definitely a mental health trend we’re taking into 2023.

More Time Outdoors

There’s no denying the fact that fresh air and sunshine is good for our mood! Whether it’s taking your workouts outside or taking a quick walk during your lunch break, we’re taking the habit of getting more fresh air into 2023. 

And it doesn’t have to be anything drastic! Studies show that even 120 minutes of time outside per week can positively benefit health and well-being. So just like we know we need to be moving our bodies regularly and eating wholesome, nourishing food, consider adding a bit of nature time to your daily routine to support both physical and mental wellness this year!

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2023 Mental Health Trends to Watch For

Mental Health Awareness in Mainstream Media

As the mental health crisis continues, expect to see the mental health conversation carry on at a national and global level. Whether it’s through news articles and media features, mental health programs at Universities and Colleges, or brand awareness and campaigns, there needs to be a widespread effort among brands and outlets that have a far-reaching audience. 

Accessible Treatment and Support Resources

From apps to products to virtual mental health resources, there’s a growing number of ways to seek support. Expect to see a rise in treatment options (both virtual and in-person), preventative mental health modalities, and new and expanded-upon interventions.

This includes improved technology, too! Think: wearable technology that monitors your mood and tracks your meditation, improved meditation and mindfulness apps, and quick and cost-effective face-to-face consults with medical professionals.

Individualized Care

Like most things, there’s no one-size-all solution. This is especially true for mental health! Even if you have the same diagnosis as someone else, your symptoms and treatment needs may look completely different. In 2023, we’ll start to see more individualized treatment options with more available interventions (both alternative and traditional). 

Making Mental Health A Movement in 2023

Mental health is a serious and growing concern. While there are so many ways to boost your mental health and improve your overall well-being, it’s nothing to take lightly! Ignoring this important and prevalent topic will only exacerbate the already far-reaching mental health pandemic at hand. Luckily, we’ve seen a lot of promising progress over the past year, and we’re excited to see what’s in store for 2023. Here’s to another year of mental health progress!