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Manuka Honey: Why it’s Your Beauty Routines Secret Weapon For Healthier & Glowing Skin

Did you even know there were different kinds of honey?

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Manuka honey is getting a ton of popular press lately, and despite its high price point, there’s is nothing but great things to say about how it can help support overall health. And, not only that but manuka honey is seriously your beauty routine’s secret weapon for healthier more radiant skin.

So, if you’re super into starting a natural beauty routine, or are into this craze, read on to learn ways this secret weapon can supercharge your beauty routine.

What is Manuka Honey?

Hold up a sec-let’s talk about what manuka honey is, and why the heck it is so popular right now. It’s produced from the nectar of the manuka tree found in New Zealand and blows regular honey out of the water when it comes to its antimicrobial properties. Plus, it also packs in a powerful dose of antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties pretty much making it the perfect superfood to add to your diet (and skincare routine.)

Manuka Honey For Hair & Skin

Ok, so we get that it’s amazing, but what can it do for your beauty routine? We’re going to spill the beans on why it can help support healthier looking skin and hair as well as some ways you can start using it in your beauty routine.

First, let’s get the deets on why it’s so great for our skin.

For Your Skin

Manuka honey is excellent for repairing skin and it’s even commonly used to help promote wound healing in hospitals (how cool, huh?). But, if you want to use it for everyday skin care, that totally works too as it can also help clear up acne due to its powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it can help keep your skin super moisturized. Moisturized clean skin also means radiant and glowing skin (we’ll take it!)

For Your Hair

If adding honey to your hair care routine sounds strange to you, you’re not alone, but you may want to get on the bandwagon to reap all of the awesome benefits. Manuka honey can help with dry hair, fight off dandruff, and may be the secret to that shiny and bouncy hair we all desire. And, don’t worry, we have a trick to help you use it in your hair without making your hair a sticky mess.

How to Add Manuka Honey to Your Beauty Routine

  • Shampoo: Ok, so we know manuka honey can help promote shinier and healthier looking hair, but how exactly do you get it in your hair while avoiding a pretty sticky situation? Enter shampoo. You can get a shampoo (the brand SheaMoisture is great) or make your own! To make your own, all you need is raw honey, some essential oils, and water. We love this DIY shampoo shared by Dr. Axe.
  • Mask: Ditch the store-bought masks, and make your own mask with manuka honey and turmeric like this one created by Root and Revel. With this mask you can help keep acne at bay and fight off an inflammation keep your skin healthy and radiant.
  • Use it as a Spot Treatment: Not into the idea of a full-on manuka honey mask, but want to reap all of its amazing skin-boosting benefits? Try using it as a spot treatment by dabbing some onto a pimple and letting the magical manuka honey properties go to work!

The Final Word

If natural remedies are your jam, then we totally recommend adding manuka honey to your beauty routine. Not only is it the ideal superfood to add to your diet to help support radiant skin from the inside out, but applying it directly to both your hair and your skin can supercharge your beauty routine even more. So, go on and get yourself a jar of manuka honey, you definitely won’t regret it.