Halloween’s Ultra Rare Full Moon Brings a Treat to the Sky

Things just got spooky!

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino

As if 2020 couldn’t get wilder, we’ve got a full moon on All Hallow’s Eve this year! 🌕

This is pretty rare on two accounts. For one, there are only six full moons on Halloween in the 21st century (including this one); it happens every 18 to 19 years, and we won’t see another one until 2039. And secondly, this moon is referred to as a “blue moon” because it’s the second full moon in a calendar month (but this has no bearing astrologically… just a fun fact to point out its double rarity!). 

Ahead, a little more into what you need to know about this unique Halloween full moon. 

Here’s What You Need to Know About This Halloween Full Moon 

If you’re into astrology at all, you’re aware that we’ve had some seriously insane astrological weather this year, particularly in the past few months. Between Saturn in Capricorn squaring Mars in Aries (a retrograde Mars… cool), Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and some other challenging aspects and transitions, many of us have been feeling it lately. Drained energy, shorter tempers, edgy moods, and more. But it’s not all bad — and we are, in fact, headed for some lighter times (read: when Saturn moves into Aquarius in December). 

But back to Halloween! You may already know that there’s a lot of cross-cultural symbolism between the dates of October 31 and November 2. From the Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico to All Saints and All Souls Day in Catholicism, to Samhain in Gaelic culture — all these centuries-old celebrations are centered on the communion with souls, spirits, and saints. And honestly, not really in a spooky way, but in a connecting-with-ancestors-and-loved-ones kind of way.

There are for sure the tropes around full moons being spooky — historically within faith cultures, folklore, and mythology, full moons have been believed to invoke erratic, insane behavior (hence the word: lunatic, stemming from Latin “luna” for the moon). And of course, there’s the whole thing with werewolves … 

That said, this could be more of a tie to loved ones long lost or ancestral spirits versus the Oogie boogie man. There’s an astrological tie-in here, too. According to astrologer Shannon Aganza of Moon Gathering, full moons make everything “more potent”. And, full moons are also notoriously known for being a good time to reflect on projects we may have started during the new moon phase (feeling the need for a grounding and centering meditation, anyone?)

So, whether you’re into the whole astrology thing or not or just need another excuse to get into the Halloween spirit, grab your picnic blanket and look up at the sky for some spooktacular stargazing this Halloween — and don’t forget to admire the treat this “blue moon” is sure to bring to the sky! 

A Very Spooktacular Halloween 

Oh, and if you’re into astrology, then you may already know that Mercury and Mars will both still be in retrograde on this day (same with Uranus and Neptune), so this, in combination with the full moon, could make for a very, very interesting October 31. 👻

Happy Halloween!